What do horses eat in minecraft?

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In Minecraft, horses are passive mobs that players can tame, ride, and breed. Understanding what horses eat in the game is essential for their health, taming, and breeding. This guide will delve into the various food items horses consume and their effects.

Food Items for Horses

Horses in Minecraft have a specific diet that includes a variety of food items. These items can be used to heal, speed up growth, and facilitate taming and breeding. Here are the primary food items:

  • Wheat
  • Apples
  • Golden Apples
  • Golden Carrots
  • Sugar
  • Hay Bales


Wheat is a common crop in Minecraft, and it serves multiple purposes, including feeding horses. Here’s how wheat affects horses:

  • Healing: Restores 2 health points.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 20 seconds.
  • Taming: Increases taming chances by 3%.

Wheat is relatively easy to obtain, making it a convenient food source for maintaining your horse’s health and assisting in taming.


Apples can be occasionally found in dungeons, mineshafts, and village chests, or by breaking oak leaves. Here’s how apples affect horses:

  • Healing: Restores 3 health points.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 1 minute.
  • Taming: Increases taming chances by 3%.

While not as common as wheat, apples are still a useful food item for maintaining and taming horses.

Golden Apples

Golden Apples are a more luxurious food item, crafted using an apple and eight gold ingots. Their effects on horses are significant:

  • Healing: Restores 10 health points.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 4 minutes.
  • Taming: Increases taming chances by 10%.
  • Breeding: Initiates love mode for breeding horses.

Golden Apples are a powerful tool for those who can afford the resources, particularly useful in both healing and breeding horses.

Golden Carrots

Golden Carrots are another high-value food item, crafted with a carrot and eight gold nuggets. Their effects include:

  • Healing: Restores 4 health points.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 1 minute.
  • Taming: Increases taming chances by 5%.
  • Breeding: Initiates love mode for breeding horses.

Golden Carrots are slightly less expensive than Golden Apples but still provide substantial benefits, especially for taming and breeding.


Sugar can be easily obtained from sugar cane. Its effects on horses are as follows:

  • Healing: Restores 1 health point.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 30 seconds.
  • Taming: Increases taming chances by 3%.

Sugar is a quick and easy way to provide minor healing and taming benefits, making it a handy item to keep around.

Hay Bales

Hay Bales are blocks crafted from nine wheat. They provide substantial benefits to horses:

  • Healing: Restores 20 health points.
  • Growth: Speeds up growth by 3 minutes.

While Hay Bales do not affect taming chances, their significant healing and growth benefits make them valuable for maintaining horse health.

Feeding Mechanics

Understanding the mechanics behind feeding horses in Minecraft can help players make the most of their resources. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Right-Click: To feed a horse, simply right-click on it with the food item in hand.
  • Effects: The effects of the food item will immediately take place, whether it’s healing, growth acceleration, or increased taming chances.
  • Breeding: To breed horses, both must be fed either a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot. Both horses will enter love mode and produce a foal.

Special Considerations

While the basic understanding of what horses eat is crucial, there are special considerations to keep in mind:

  • Health Monitoring: Regularly feed your horse to maintain its health, especially after battles or long journeys.
  • Resource Management: High-value items like Golden Apples and Golden Carrots should be used judiciously, considering their resource cost.
  • Growth Strategy: For growing foals, consistently feeding them appropriate food items can speed up their maturation process.

Rarely Known Details

There are a few lesser-known details about horse feeding in Minecraft that can give players an edge:

  • Saturation: Unlike players, horses do not have a saturation mechanic, meaning they can be fed repeatedly without waiting.
  • Breeding Cooldown: After breeding, horses have a five-minute cooldown before they can breed again.
  • Bonding: Feeding a horse can help build a bond, making it more likely to follow you even without a lead.

These small details can enhance your horse-rearing experience, making you more efficient and effective in managing your equine companions.

The intricacies of horse feeding in Minecraft reveal a delicate balance between resource management and effective gameplay. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, understanding these mechanics can significantly enhance your in-game experience.

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