What to do in perth?

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Explore Kings Park and Botanic Garden

One of the largest inner-city parks in the world, Kings Park and Botanic Garden offers stunning views of the Perth skyline and Swan River. With over 400 hectares of pristine parkland, gardens, and bushland, it's a haven for both locals and tourists. Take a walk along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, which features a spectacular elevated bridge through the treetops. Alternatively, enjoy a picnic in one of the many beautifully landscaped areas, or explore the diverse native flora in the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

Visit Fremantle

A historic port city with a vibrant cultural scene, Fremantle is just a short drive or train ride from Perth. Wander through the heritage-listed Fremantle Markets, where you can find everything from fresh produce to unique arts and crafts. Don’t miss the Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage site offering fascinating tours that delve into its convict past. For a more relaxed visit, head to the bustling Cappuccino Strip, home to a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Relax at Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth's most iconic beaches, known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy shores, and vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for swimming, surfing, or simply soaking up the sun, Cottesloe Beach is a favorite among both locals and visitors. During the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, the beach transforms into an open-air gallery, showcasing large-scale contemporary sculptures from artists around the world.

Discover Rottnest Island

A short ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The island is home to the adorable quokka, a small marsupial that has become famous for its friendly demeanor and photogenic smile. Explore the island’s pristine beaches, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, or cycle around the island’s scenic trails. Rottnest Island also offers a range of accommodation options, from camping to luxury stays.

Experience the Swan Valley

Just a 25-minute drive from Perth, the Swan Valley is Western Australia's oldest wine region. Renowned for its world-class wineries, breweries, and gourmet food, the Swan Valley is a paradise for food and wine enthusiasts. Take a wine tour to sample some of the region’s best wines, enjoy a gourmet meal at one of the many fine dining establishments, or visit a local brewery for a refreshing craft beer. The Swan Valley also offers a range of family-friendly activities, including animal farms, chocolate factories, and art galleries.

Stroll Through Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is a vibrant waterfront precinct in the heart of Perth, offering a mix of dining, entertainment, and leisure activities. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, enjoy a meal at one of the many waterfront restaurants, or take a ride on the Bell Tower, an iconic landmark offering panoramic views of the city. Elizabeth Quay also hosts a range of events throughout the year, from outdoor concerts to food festivals, making it a lively destination for visitors of all ages.

Explore Perth Cultural Centre

Located in Northbridge, the Perth Cultural Centre is the city's hub for arts and culture. Home to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, and the State Library of Western Australia, the Cultural Centre offers a diverse range of exhibitions, performances, and events. Explore contemporary and indigenous art, delve into the region's natural history, or catch a live performance at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia.

Take a Trip to the Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo, situated in South Perth, is a great destination for families and animal lovers. Home to a wide variety of animals from around the world, the zoo focuses on conservation and education. Visit the African Savannah to see lions, giraffes, and rhinoceroses, or explore the Australian Bushwalk to encounter native species like kangaroos and koalas. The zoo also offers a range of interactive experiences, including behind-the-scenes tours and animal encounters.

Enjoy a Day at the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is one of the world’s oldest mints and offers an intriguing glimpse into the history of gold in Western Australia. Take a guided tour to learn about the minting process, watch a gold pouring demonstration, and marvel at the world’s largest gold coin. The Perth Mint also has a fascinating collection of gold nuggets, rare coins, and precious metal products, making it a must-visit for history buffs and collectors.

Adventure at the Pinnacles Desert

Located in Nambung National Park, about a two-hour drive north of Perth, the Pinnacles Desert is a unique and otherworldly landscape. The desert is home to thousands of limestone pillars, some of which reach up to four meters in height. Take a self-drive tour or join a guided tour to explore this natural wonder. The Pinnacles Desert is also a great spot for stargazing, offering clear skies and minimal light pollution.

Visit the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

AQWA, located in Hillarys Boat Harbour, is the largest aquarium in Western Australia and offers a fascinating journey through the state’s diverse marine environments. Walk through the underwater tunnel to see sharks, rays, and turtles up close, or explore the touch pool to interact with starfish and other marine creatures. AQWA also offers a range of immersive experiences, including snorkeling and diving with sharks for the more adventurous visitors.

Tour the Perth Hills

The Perth Hills, located just east of the city, offer a scenic escape from the urban environment. With a variety of hiking and biking trails, picturesque waterfalls, and charming villages, the Perth Hills are perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. Visit the Mundaring Weir to learn about the history of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme, or explore the lush forests of John Forrest National Park. The region is also known for its boutique wineries and local produce, making it a great destination for food and wine lovers.

Explore the Art of Street

Perth's street art scene is thriving, with vibrant murals and installations adorning walls throughout the city and its suburbs. Northbridge and Leederville are particularly known for their impressive street art, with many works created by local and international artists. Take a self-guided street art tour to discover these hidden gems and appreciate the creativity and talent on display. The annual PUBLIC festival also brings new and exciting installations to the city, further enriching Perth's urban landscape.

Indulge in Perth’s Dining Scene

Perth boasts a diverse and dynamic dining scene, offering everything from fine dining to casual eateries. For a taste of the city’s culinary prowess, head to the vibrant neighborhoods of Northbridge, Leederville, and Mount Lawley, where you’ll find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The city is also home to several acclaimed chefs and award-winning restaurants, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the fresh seafood, local produce, and innovative dishes that define Perth’s cuisine.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Perth’s nightlife offers something for everyone, from lively bars and nightclubs to cozy pubs and live music venues. Northbridge is the heart of the city’s nightlife, with a variety of venues to suit all tastes. For a more relaxed evening, head to one of the many rooftop bars offering stunning views of the city skyline. Perth also has a thriving live music scene, with numerous venues hosting local and international acts across a range of genres.

Experience the Beauty of Perth’s Parks and Gardens

Perth is home to a wealth of parks and gardens, providing green spaces for relaxation and recreation. In addition to Kings Park, other notable parks include Hyde Park, with its serene lakes and historic trees, and the lush and tranquil Araluen Botanic Park, located in the Perth Hills. These parks offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and are perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor activities.

Embrace the Outdoors

With its sunny climate and stunning natural landscapes, Perth is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Enjoy a range of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to water sports and wildlife encounters. The city’s numerous parks, beaches, and nature reserves provide ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. For a unique experience, try kayaking along the Swan River, surfing at one of the many surf beaches, or exploring the diverse marine life through snorkeling or diving.

Immerse Yourself in Indigenous Culture

Perth offers several opportunities to learn about and experience the rich culture and history of the local Indigenous people. Visit the Wadjemup Museum on Rottnest Island to learn about the significance of the island to the Noongar people, or take a cultural tour with a local Indigenous guide to gain insights into traditional practices and stories. The city also hosts various Indigenous cultural events and festivals throughout the year, showcasing traditional art, music, dance, and cuisine.

Shop Till You Drop

Perth offers a diverse range of shopping experiences, from high-end boutiques to bustling markets. For a more upscale shopping experience, head to King Street, where you’ll find luxury brands and designer stores. If you prefer a more eclectic mix, visit the vibrant markets in Fremantle or the Perth Cultural Centre, where you can find unique handmade goods, local produce, and vintage treasures. The city’s shopping precincts also feature a variety of cafes and eateries, making them perfect for a leisurely day out.

Attend Festivals and Events

Perth hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, catering to a wide range of interests. From music and arts festivals to food and wine events, there’s always something happening in the city. Notable events include the Perth International Arts Festival, the Fringe World Festival, and the Perth Royal Show. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant culture and community spirit.

Unwind in the Tranquil Surroundings of Matilda Bay

Matilda Bay, located along the Swan River, offers a serene setting for relaxation and recreation. Take a leisurely walk along the scenic foreshore, enjoy a picnic under the shady trees, or try your hand at sailing or kayaking. The area is also home to the Matilda Bay Restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious meal with stunning river views. Matilda Bay is the perfect spot to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Perth.

Marvel at the Architecture

Perth boasts a mix of historic and contemporary architecture, reflecting the city’s rich history and modern development. Visit landmarks such as the Perth Town Hall, St. George’s Cathedral, and the Old Mill to appreciate the city’s heritage buildings. For a taste of modern architecture, head to the Perth Arena, the Bell Tower, and the striking new developments at Elizabeth Quay. The city’s architectural diversity adds to its unique charm and character.

Explore the Surrounding Regions

Perth’s central location makes it an ideal base for exploring the wider region. Take a day trip to the stunning beaches of the Coral Coast, the picturesque vineyards of the Margaret River region, or the rugged landscapes of the South West. Each of these regions offers its own unique attractions and experiences, from world-class wineries and gourmet food to pristine beaches and ancient forests. Exploring the surrounding regions provides a deeper appreciation of the diverse beauty and culture of Western Australia.

Engage in Water Activities

Perth’s coastal location and abundance of rivers make it a paradise for water enthusiasts. Enjoy a range of water activities, from swimming and surfing to sailing and fishing. The city’s numerous beaches and rivers provide ample opportunities for water-based adventures. Try stand-up paddleboarding along the Swan River, kite surfing at Safety Bay, or deep-sea fishing off the coast. Perth’s favorable climate and stunning waterways make it an ideal destination for water sports and activities.

Scenic Drives and Day Trips

Perth is surrounded by diverse landscapes, making it a perfect starting point for scenic drives and day trips. Head to the picturesque Avon Valley for a taste of rural life, or explore the stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean Drive. For a more adventurous outing, visit the rugged beauty of the Darling Range or the pristine beaches of the Coral Coast. These scenic drives and day trips offer a chance to experience the natural beauty and diverse attractions of the region.

Wildlife Encounters

Perth offers numerous opportunities for wildlife encounters, both within the city and in the surrounding regions. Visit the Caversham Wildlife Park to get up close with native Australian animals, including kangaroos, koalas, and wombats. Take a whale-watching tour off the coast, or spot dolphins and seals in the clear waters of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. For bird enthusiasts, the wetlands and nature reserves around Perth provide excellent birdwatching opportunities. These wildlife encounters offer a chance to appreciate the rich biodiversity of the region.

Discover the Perth Cultural Centre

Located in the heart of the city, the Perth Cultural Centre is a hub for arts, culture, and entertainment. Home to institutions such as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, and the State Library of Western Australia, the Cultural Centre offers a diverse range of exhibitions, performances, and events. Explore contemporary art, delve into the region’s natural history, or catch a live performance at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia. The Cultural Centre is a vibrant and dynamic destination that reflects the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Perth, with its sunny climate, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene, offers a wealth of experiences for visitors of all tastes and interests. Whether you’re exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, immersing yourself in its natural beauty, or discovering its rich cultural heritage, Perth has something to offer everyone. And as you uncover the many facets of this dynamic city, you may find that the best experiences are those that resonate most deeply with your own sense of adventure and discovery, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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