When does kansas city play?

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Kansas City Chiefs Schedule

The Kansas City Chiefs, a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri, compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member of the league's American Football Conference (AFC) West division. The Chiefs’ schedule is typically released in the spring, usually around April, detailing the dates, times, and locations for the upcoming season’s games. The regular season generally spans from early September to late December or early January, depending on playoff eligibility.

Regular Season

The regular season consists of 17 games per team, spread over 18 weeks, with each team receiving one bye week. The Chiefs' schedule includes home games at Arrowhead Stadium and away games at various stadiums across the country. Game days are mostly Sundays, but games can also be scheduled for Monday nights (Monday Night Football) and Thursday nights (Thursday Night Football).


The preseason schedule is typically shorter, consisting of three to four games, serving as a warm-up before the regular season begins. Preseason games usually occur in August, offering a glimpse into the team's preparation and the performance of new players.


If the Chiefs qualify for the playoffs, their schedule extends into January, culminating in the Super Bowl if they advance through the playoff rounds. The playoff schedule is determined by the NFL based on team standings and outcomes of each playoff game.

Kansas City Royals Schedule

The Kansas City Royals are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team based in Kansas City, Missouri. Their schedule is released before the start of the season, which typically begins in late March or early April and runs through late September or early October.

Regular Season

The Royals' regular season consists of 162 games, split between home games at Kauffman Stadium and away games at various ballparks around the league. Games are primarily scheduled for evenings, with many afternoon games on weekends and holidays.

Spring Training

Before the regular season kicks off, the Royals participate in spring training, which occurs in February and March. These games are held in Arizona and Florida and serve as a preparatory period for the upcoming season.


If the Royals make it to the postseason, their schedule extends into October. Postseason games are determined by the MLB and are based on the team's performance in the regular season. The postseason includes the Wild Card Game, Division Series, Championship Series, and the World Series.

Kansas City Sporting Kansas City Schedule

Sporting Kansas City is a professional soccer team based in Kansas City, competing in Major League Soccer (MLS). The team’s schedule, detailing the dates, times, and locations for their games, is released before the start of the season, which typically runs from late February or early March to October.

Regular Season

The MLS regular season usually includes 34 games, with each team playing an equal number of home and away games. Sporting Kansas City hosts its home games at Children's Mercy Park. Games are mostly scheduled for weekends, but midweek fixtures are not uncommon.


Sporting Kansas City’s preseason schedule includes a series of friendly matches and tournaments, designed to prepare the team for the regular season. These games are usually held in January and February, often in warmer climates.


If Sporting Kansas City qualifies for the MLS Cup Playoffs, their season extends into November. The playoff format includes knockout rounds, with the ultimate goal of reaching and winning the MLS Cup. The playoff schedule is determined by the league based on team standings and match outcomes.

Checking Schedules

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on game schedules, it's essential to check official team websites and league sources. These platforms provide detailed schedules, including any changes or updates to game times and locations.

Official Websites

Mobile Apps

Many teams and leagues offer official mobile apps that provide schedule details, ticket purchasing options, and real-time updates. These apps are an excellent resource for fans looking to stay informed about game times and locations.

Social Media

Teams often use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to announce schedule updates and game-day information. Following your favorite teams on these platforms ensures you receive timely notifications about any changes or important announcements.

Television and Streaming

Many games are broadcast on national and local television networks, offering fans the opportunity to watch their favorite teams live. Additionally, various streaming services provide access to live games and replays, making it easy to follow the action from anywhere.

National Broadcasts

Networks like ESPN, FOX, NBC, and CBS often air NFL, MLB, and MLS games, including those featuring Kansas City teams. These broadcasts are usually available through cable or satellite TV providers.

Streaming Services

Services like NFL Game Pass, MLB.TV, and ESPN+ offer streaming options for live games and replays. Additionally, many games are available on streaming platforms like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, providing flexible viewing options for fans.

Attending Games

For those looking to attend games in person, purchasing tickets through official team websites or authorized ticket vendors is recommended. Attending a live game offers an unparalleled experience, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the excitement and atmosphere of professional sports.

Ticket Purchasing

Tickets can be purchased directly from team websites or through authorized vendors like Ticketmaster and StubHub. It's essential to buy tickets from reputable sources to avoid counterfeit tickets and ensure a smooth entry into the stadium.

Game Day Experience

Attending a game in person offers a unique opportunity to experience the energy and excitement of live sports. From tailgating before Kansas City Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium to enjoying the family-friendly atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium for Kansas City Royals games, the game-day experience is memorable for fans of all ages.

Special Events and Promotions

Teams often host special events and promotions throughout the season, enhancing the game-day experience for fans. These events can include themed nights, giveaways, and fan appreciation days.

Themed Nights

Many games feature themed nights, celebrating everything from local culture to popular movies. These events often include special activities, merchandise, and entertainment, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.


Teams frequently offer giveaways to fans attending games, ranging from promotional items like bobbleheads and T-shirts to larger prizes. These giveaways are a fun way to engage fans and provide memorable keepsakes from the game.

Fan Appreciation Days

Fan appreciation days are special events dedicated to thanking fans for their support throughout the season. These events often include discounts on merchandise, special activities, and opportunities to interact with players and team personnel.

Understanding when Kansas City teams play involves keeping track of their respective schedules, whether it’s the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, the Kansas City Royals in MLB, or Sporting Kansas City in MLS. By staying informed through official websites, mobile apps, social media, and other reliable sources, fans can ensure they never miss a game. Whether watching on television, streaming online, or attending in person, the excitement and passion of Kansas City sports are always within reach.

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