Where can i find cheap office supplies?

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Introduction to Finding Cheap Office Supplies

The search for affordable office supplies is a common challenge for businesses, freelancers, and students alike. Balancing cost and quality is essential to maintain productivity without overspending. There are numerous avenues to explore when looking for budget-friendly office supplies, ranging from physical stores to online marketplaces, and even unconventional methods.

Online Marketplaces


Amazon offers a wide variety of office supplies at competitive prices. Their "Amazon Basics" line includes everything from pens and paper to office furniture, often at lower prices than name-brand items. Additionally, subscribing to Amazon Prime can provide free shipping and exclusive deals.


eBay is another excellent online platform where you can find new and used office supplies at discounted prices. Auctions and "Buy It Now" options give you flexibility in purchasing, and you can often find bulk deals that significantly lower the per-unit cost.


For bulk purchases, Alibaba is a go-to source. This platform connects you directly with manufacturers, allowing you to buy large quantities of supplies at wholesale prices. While this is more suitable for larger businesses, the savings can be substantial.

Physical Retailers


Walmart is known for its low prices and wide selection of office supplies. They offer both in-store and online shopping options, with frequent sales and clearance events that can help you save even more.


Staples is a dedicated office supply store with a reputation for quality and variety. They frequently offer coupons and have a rewards program that can lead to significant savings over time.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores, such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, can be treasure troves for basic office supplies like pens, notebooks, and binders. While the selection might not be as extensive, the prices are hard to beat.

Wholesale Clubs


Costco offers a range of office supplies in bulk at discounted prices. A membership is required, but the savings on large purchases can make it worthwhile. Their selection includes everything from paper and pens to office furniture.

Sam's Club

Similar to Costco, Sam's Club provides bulk office supplies at reduced prices. Membership fees apply, but the cost per unit is often significantly lower than regular retail prices.

Specialty Discount Stores

Big Lots

Big Lots offers a variety of office supplies at discounted prices. They frequently have sales and clearance items, making it a good place to find deals on everything from paper products to office furniture.

Office Depot and OfficeMax

These stores often have clearance sections and weekly specials that can offer substantial savings. Signing up for their rewards program can also provide additional discounts and special offers.

Second-Hand and Surplus Stores

Goodwill and Salvation Army

Thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army can sometimes have office supplies, especially furniture, at very low prices. While the selection is unpredictable, the savings can be significant.

Government Surplus Auctions

Government agencies often auction off surplus office supplies and furniture. Websites like GovDeals and GSA Auctions list items ranging from desks and chairs to computers and printers.

Local Classifieds and Community Groups


Craigslist can be a valuable resource for finding cheap or even free office supplies. Many businesses and individuals list items they no longer need, and you can often find deals on furniture and other essentials.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient way to find local deals on office supplies. You can filter searches by location, price, and category, making it easier to find what you need within your budget.


Freecycle is a network of people who give away items for free in their local communities. It’s an excellent way to find office supplies that others no longer need, helping you save money and reduce waste.

Coupon Websites and Apps


RetailMeNot offers coupons and cashback deals for a wide range of stores, including those selling office supplies. Checking this site before making a purchase can lead to additional savings.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout for online shopping. It also offers a rewards program that can provide further discounts on future purchases.

Unconventional Methods

Bartering and Trade

Sometimes you can obtain office supplies through barter or trade. Websites like SwapRight facilitate exchanges where you can trade items or services you have for the supplies you need.

Corporate Partnerships

Forming partnerships with other businesses can sometimes result in shared resources. For example, if another company is upgrading its office furniture, they might be willing to sell or give away their old items.

Navigating the myriad options for sourcing cheap office supplies can lead to unexpected discoveries and substantial savings. Whether through online marketplaces, local classifieds, or unconventional methods like bartering, the opportunities are plentiful and varied. By combining these strategies, you can effectively manage your office supply budget without compromising on quality or functionality.

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