A Comprehensive UserTesting Review – Pros, Cons, and Legitimacy Today

Are you looking to make some extra money while helping companies improve their digital products? User testing might be the perfect fit for you! In this comprehensive Usertesting review, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this popular platform, including its benefits, drawbacks, earning potential, and more. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect as a tester on UserTesting and how you can maximize your success.

Key Takeaways

  • UserTesting is a platform connecting companies to testers providing useful feedback on digital products.

  • Testers can earn between $3 and $60 per test, with payments made through PayPal after 7 days.

  • UserTesting has been praised for its ease of use, insight into user experience, reliability and customer service excellence.

Understanding UserTesting

UserTesting is a user testing platform that connects companies seeking feedback on their digital products with a user testing team of testers who provide valuable insights, improving user experience and earning money in the process. UserTesting and its testing services aim to help companies detect overlooked issues and implement efficient solutions.

User testing provides an opportunity for users to test websites, eCommerce businesses, video games, mobile apps and software. It is a rewarding experience as it gives testers insight into the usability of various products. Some of the notable companies that have utilized user testing include Adobe, Alaska Airlines, Dominos, Facebook, Ford, Grammarly, Samsung, and Walmart, helping them reach their exact customer audience for valuable feedback.

How it works for companies

User testing enables companies to:

  • Gain prompt feedback from their target audience to fine-tune their products before release

  • Use the platform’s testing services to generate tasks for testers

  • Incorporate multiple choice and text-based questions

  • Acquire genuine feedback from experienced testers prior to releasing their product

UserTesting offers two types of accounts: Basic for individuals and Pro for enterprises. With a Basic account, test participants are chosen by the UserTesting panel, while Pro accounts offer the option to select participants. This way, companies can ensure they receive the most relevant and useful feedback from their target audience.

How it works for testers

Testers on UserTesting undertake tasks on websites and apps, share feedback on their user experience, and receive compensation for their contributions. Examples of UserTesting jobs and test opportunities include:

  • Site testing

  • Mobile app testing

  • Program testing

  • Game testing

No specific training or education is necessary to qualify for UserTesting jobs; however, providing honest feedback is crucial for the success of the platform and the improvement of the products being tested.

The screening process for tests on UserTesting includes evaluating relevant questions to determine the tester’s suitability for the test. Users can receive remuneration for completing a variety of tests on their own devices, such as:

  • desktops

  • laptops

  • tablets

  • iPads

  • iPhones

However, potential testers may be ineligible for certain tests due to factors such as geographical location, age, gender, and device/software specifications.

Real User Reviews: Pros and Cons

User reviews of UserTesting uncover a mix of positive and negative experiences, shedding light on the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. Users have commended UserTesting for its convenience, swift payment, and accommodating customer service.

However, some users have reported issues with low pay, account deactivation, and unfair rejection of completed tests. Overall, UserTesting has an overall rating that leans towards the positive side, with its advantages outweighing the disadvantages.

Positive Reviews

Positive feedback applauds UserTesting for its user-friendly interface, potential for earnings, and valuable insights provided to businesses. Users appreciate the comprehensive feedback and reports that the platform offers, stating that the tool is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Testers also enjoy the opportunity to earn extra cash by participating in tests on the platform. Overall, UserTesting has proven to be a great site for testers looking to earn money online while providing valuable insights to improve digital products.

Negative Reviews

Contrarily, certain negative reviews point out problems such as low compensation, sudden account deactivation, and unjustified rejection of completed tests. Users have reported that their accounts have been deactivated unexpectedly, without prior warning or explanation. Additionally, customer service takes weeks to resolve these issues, leaving users frustrated.

Additionally, some testers have experienced their tests being rejected without explanation or justification. While these issues can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that such cases are not the norm and many users have positive experiences on the platform.

Earning Potential on UserTesting

While UserTesting provides an earning opportunity for testers, the amount varies based on factors like demographics, availability of tests, and tester ratings. Payment rates on UserTesting range from $3 to $60 per test, with payments made through PayPal after a 7-day waiting period.

Many testers often wonder how many tests are available to them. This depends on factors such as their profile, rating, and the needs of the businesses using the platform.

Payment Rates and Methods

The typical remuneration for a UserTesting test is around $10, but it can fluctuate between $3 to $60 per test based on the test type and complexity. Payments are released on a daily basis, and once approved, your earnings should be visible within a week of completing the test.

UserTesting currently offers payment exclusively through PayPal, making it easy for testers to receive their earnings in a timely manner.

Factors Affecting Test Availability

Factors like age, gender, and location can affect the volume of tests available on UserTesting. Companies may require testers with specific demographics to evaluate their products, which may limit the number of tests available to certain individuals. To get a better understanding of the testing process, you can try a sample test before diving into the actual tasks.

Test availability is also impacted by the quantity of tests that companies are providing. If the number of tests is reduced, then the amount of tests available for testers will also be reduced, including the possibility of encountering the same test multiple times.

Tester rating is another critical factor in determining the quantity of tests available on UserTesting. Companies may be more likely to offer tests to testers with higher ratings, as they are more likely to provide high-quality feedback. By maintaining a high-quality rating, keeping your profile updated, and responding promptly to screening questions, you can increase your chances of being selected for more tests and ultimately earn more money through the platform.

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Tips for Success on UserTesting

For success on UserTesting, testers should concentrate on enhancing their selection chances for tests and delivering valuable feedback to businesses. This includes maintaining a high-quality rating, keeping your profile up-to-date, and being responsive to screening questions.

Additionally, providing valuable feedback involves speaking clearly, following instructions, and offering constructive criticism to help companies improve their products.

Improving Test Selection

To boost your chances of being selected for tests, it’s advisable to maintain a high-quality rating, keep your profile updated, and answer screening questions promptly. Taking a practice test can also help you prepare better.

To ensure a high-quality rating, testers should ensure that their feedback is detailed and accurate, adhere to instructions, and complete tests promptly. To ensure their profile is current, a tester should periodically update their demographic information, incorporate any new skills acquired, and provide accurate details regarding their experience.

Providing Valuable Feedback

To offer valuable feedback, clarity in articulation, compliance with instructions, and constructive criticism are essential to assist businesses in enhancing their products. To provide valuable feedback and make customer centric business decisions, you should:

  • Focus on the user perspective

  • Provide actionable suggestions

  • Use clear and concise language

  • Prioritize feedback

By offering detailed and specific feedback on the following aspects, you contribute to the success of the product or website:

  • User experience

  • Interface

  • Functionality

  • Any issues encountered during the testing process

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness of UserTesting

UserTesting is a credible and dependable platform boasting a solid reputation and positive user feedback. The company has been around for nearly two decades, has a physical location, and a strong social media presence, indicating its legitimacy.

User experiences and testimonials confirm that UserTesting is a reliable platform for earning money by providing feedback on digital products.

Company Background and Reputation

UserTesting was founded in 2007 by Dave Garr and Darrell Benatar, and has been providing insights for over a decade. The company has a physical office, further establishing its legitimacy.

UserTesting maintains a robust social media presence, with active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, showcasing their commitment to staying connected with users and staying current in the industry.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Generally, user feedback and testimonials regarding UserTesting are positive. Users have noted the following benefits of the tool:

  • Ease of use

  • Capability to gain insight into how others experience their products and services

  • Highly user-friendly platform

  • Straightforward test creation process

In general, users have had a great experience with UserTesting, further establishing its reliability, trustworthiness, and great customer service, which includes excellent customer support service.

Alternatives to UserTesting

Though UserTesting is a preferred choice for many testers, there are other platforms and opportunities for those looking to generate income online. Some of these alternatives include survey sites, product testing sites, and freelance work.

Survey sites are websites that enable users to complete surveys in return for rewards, such as cash or gift cards. Product testing sites enable users to trial products in return for remunerations, such as cash or gift cards.

Freelance work refers to contract-based work, typically for a pre-determined fee. This can include tasks such as:

  • writing

  • graphic design

  • programming

  • virtual assistance

  • social media management

  • web development

By exploring these alternatives to make money, you can diversify your income sources and find the best fit for your skills and interests. It’s important to research each platform and opportunity to ensure their legitimacy and trustworthiness before investing your time and effort.


In conclusion, UserTesting is a reliable platform that offers testers the opportunity to earn money while providing valuable feedback on digital products. With a strong reputation and positive user experiences, it’s no wonder that UserTesting has become a popular choice for those looking to make some extra cash in their spare time. Although there are some drawbacks, such as limited test availability and occasional account issues, the platform’s pros outweigh the cons.

By following the tips provided in this review and staying dedicated to providing valuable feedback, testers can maximize their success on UserTesting and contribute to the improvement of digital products. As with any online earning opportunity, it’s essential to remain vigilant and explore alternative platforms to find the best fit for your unique skills and interests. Happy testing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make money with UserTesting?

User testing is an easy and legitimate way to make money online. You will get paid for your honest opinion when you review websites, apps and products, with $4 being earned for every 5-minute test and $10 for every 20-minute test.

With User Testing, you can easily earn money fast as you receive tests at any time throughout the week.

Is working for UserTesting worth it?

Working for UserTesting has a generally positive rating among employees, with 55% of employees recommending it to a friend. You need to have some technical skills and fluent English-speaking abilities, but overall the website offers an easy and transparent way to earn extra money.

Overall, working for UserTesting is worth it.

How long does it take to get approved on UserTesting?

It typically takes 15-20 minutes to apply and a few days to hear back, after which you can start taking paid tests right away.

How much can I earn per test on UserTesting?

You can earn up to $60 per test on UserTesting, depending on the complexity of the test.

How do I get paid on UserTesting?

Get paid on UserTesting by setting up a PayPal account and waiting 7 days for payment after a test has been completed.

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