Delicious Noodle Dishes From a Noodles Company – 2023 Edition

Craving some delicious noodles, but want something beyond the ordinary? Look no further than Noodles Company! With their creative menu, customizable options, and loyalty program, you’re sure to find a dish that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Short Summary

  • Explore Noodles Company’s delicious noodle dishes, salads & delivery options.

  • Customize your meal with protein, fresh veg & spices to suit your taste buds!

  • Enjoy rewards and exclusive offers as a member of the loyalty program.

Exploring Noodles Company’s Menu

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At Noodles Company, you’ll find a diverse range of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy your noodles cravings. From wavy egg noodles with grilled chicken to shrimp pad Thai and the ever-popular Wisconsin mac & cheese, there’s something for everyone. With their commitment to using fresh, quality ingredients, you can be sure that every bite will be packed with flavor.

Not only do they offer delicious noodles, but Noodles Company also has lighter options available. Their freshly made salads with various ingredients, including green onions, are perfect for those who want something on the healthier side. And with delivery available through Grubhub, you can enjoy Noodles Company’s great food without even leaving your home.

Wavy Egg Noodles & Grilled Chicken

If you’re looking for a dish that’s both satisfying and packed with flavor, look no further than Noodles Company’s wavy egg noodles and grilled chicken. This dish combines the comfort of wavy egg noodles with the smoky taste of grilled chicken, making it perfect for a hearty meal. Also, with its low-calorie and high-protein content, it’s a great choice for those who are health-conscious.

The best part? You can customize your wavy egg noodles and grilled chicken dish by adding some veggies, adjusting the spice, or throwing in some extra protein like scrambled eggs. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a dish that’s uniquely yours.

Scrumptious Shrimp Pad Thai

For those who want to experience the flavors of Thailand, Noodles Company’s shrimp pad Thai is the perfect choice. Made with Sen Yai fresh rice noodles and a flavorful sauce, this dish is sure to transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

To make the dish even more authentic, you can substitute Chinese broccoli or other Asian greens for the traditional vegetables used in pad Thai. So, whether you’re a fan of Thai cuisine or simply searching for a new dish to try, Noodles Company’s shrimp pad Thai is a must-try.

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese

Nothing screams comfort food quite like a bowl of Wisconsin mac & cheese from Noodles Company. This classic dish features elbow macaroni smothered in a rich, creamy cheese sauce made with cheddar and jack cheeses.

While it may be high in calories, fat, and sodium, Wisconsin mac & cheese is the ultimate indulgence for those days when you just need a little extra comfort. So go ahead and treat yourself to a serving of this delicious, gooey goodness – you deserve it!

Customizing Your Meal

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One of the best things about Noodles Company is the ability to customize your meal. With options to add protein, incorporate fresh vegetables, and adjust spice levels, you can create a dish that’s perfectly tailored to your taste buds.

No matter what your dietary preferences are, you can find something that fits your needs. Whether the latter is true or not.

Adding Protein

Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer plant-based protein, Noodles Company has you covered. Enhance your dish with various protein options, such as chicken, shrimp, or tofu.

When adding protein to your dish, consider the flavor profile, cooking time, and texture of the protein. You can also add cooked beans, lentils, nuts, or seeds for an extra protein boost. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect protein to complement your dish.

Incorporating Fresh Vegetables

Adding fresh vegetables like spinach to your meal not only enhances the flavor, but also provides a healthy touch. Noodles Company offers a wide variety of vegetables to choose from, allowing you to create a nutritious and delicious dish.

When incorporating fresh veggies into your meal, consider the cooking time and flavor of each vegetable. For example, zucchini and bell peppers will cook faster than carrots and cabbage. By selecting the right vegetables, you can create a dish that’s both tasty and good for you.

Adjusting Spice Levels

At Noodles Company, you can personalize your dish by adjusting the spice level to your preference. Whether you like it mild or with a fiery kick, the choice is yours.

To add some extra spice to your meal, try adding other ingredients such as:

  • chili powder

  • cumin

  • paprika

  • hot sauces

  • salsas

  • fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, or basil

  • garlic for an extra flavor kick

  • add chicken for a protein boost

With these options, you can create the perfect dish to suit your taste buds.

Special Occasion Catering

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Hosting a special event? Noodles Company has got your back with their catering options. From party-size pasta dishes to salad and soup options, and even dessert and beverage choices, their catering menu has everything you need to make your event a hit.

No matter the size of your gathering, Noodles Company has the perfect catering package for you.

Party-Size Pasta Dishes

Impress your guests with Noodles Company’s delicious party-size pasta dishes. Options include lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs, all designed to satisfy a large group of people.

Not only are these dishes delicious, but they also provide a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthy choice for any occasion. With these party-size pasta dishes, your guests will be raving about your event for days to come.

Salad and Soup Options

Complement your main course with a selection of salads and soups from Noodles Company. Options include a Side of Chicken Noodle Soup and Baguette with butter on the side, offering a lighter side dish to balance out the meal.

These salad and soup choices are perfect for adding variety to your catering menu, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Dessert and Beverage Choices

Complete your event with a variety of dessert and beverage options from Noodles Company. Choose from rice crispy, chocolate chunk cookie, and snoodledoodle cookie to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

While information about their beverage options isn’t readily available, rest assured that Noodles Company has something to quench everyone’s thirst. With these dessert and beverage choices, your special event will be one to remember.

Health-Conscious Offerings

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For those who are health-conscious, Noodles Company offers Caulifloodles, Zoodles, and no sugar added options to ensure you can enjoy their tasty dishes without guilt.

These options are perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal without compromising their health. They are.


Caulifloodles are a tasty and nutritious alternative to traditional pasta made with cauliflower-infused noodles. This innovative dish offers a fun twist on the classic rigatoni, providing a healthier option for noodle lovers.

The Cauliflower Rigatoni in the Light Onion Cream Sauce is a fan favorite, featuring a light cream sauce and MontAmore cheese that adds an interesting texture and a bit more kick than usual. Give Caulifloodles a try and experience a whole new world of pasta possibilities.


If you’re looking for a low-carb option, Zoodles are the way to go. Made from zucchini noodles, they offer a tasty alternative to traditional pasta without the extra carbs.

The key to cooking noodles is to do so quickly to prevent overcooking. Don’t forget to add herbs and spices for an extra flavor boost. With noodles, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy dish without any guilt.

No Sugar Added Options

Enjoy a guilt-free meal with no sugar added options available at Noodles Company. Although they don’t have specific “no sugar added” labeled dishes, they do offer a variety of dishes that are naturally low in sugar, such as salads and soups.

Some examples of no sugar added dishes include spaghetti with marinara without cheese, grilled chicken Caesar salad, and the Med salad with chicken. With these options, you can indulge in Noodles Company’s delicious dishes without worrying about added sugars.

Noodles Company Loyalty Program

Become a part of the Noodles Company family by joining their loyalty program, Noodles Rewards. With this program, you’ll enjoy daily perks called Extra Goodness, earn rewards points for purchases, and get access to exclusive member offers.

Sign up today and start taking advantage of all the benefits that come with being a Nood.

Earning Points

Earn points for every purchase made at Noodles Company, both in-store and online. You can also earn points by referring friends and taking part in promotions.

With the Extra Goodness feature, you’ll have access to daily perks and freebies through the loyalty program. The more you dine at Noodles Company, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Redeeming Rewards

Use your hard-earned points to redeem a variety of rewards from the Noodles Rewards program. From free dishes and discounts to special offers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

To redeem your rewards, simply use the Noodles app or desktop website. The more you visit Noodles Company, the more rewards you’ll have to enjoy.

Exclusive Member Offers

As a Noodles Rewards member, you’ll have access to exclusive member offers and promotions. From discounts on select items to freebies and other special deals, being a loyalty program member has its perks.

Keep an eye on your email and Noodles Company’s social media for the latest updates on exclusive member offers. With these special deals, you’ll always have a reason to come back for more delicious Noodles Company dishes.

For more info, visit Noodles & Co. to give loyalty members a new reward every day


In conclusion, Noodles Company offers a diverse menu of delicious dishes, customizable options, and health-conscious alternatives. With their catering services and loyalty program, Noodles Company ensures that every visit is a memorable one. So, the next time you’re craving noodles, head to your nearest Noodles Company and indulge in a world of flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Noodles and Company not in Texas?

Noodles and Company previously operated in Texas but closed in 2017 due to underperformance. They plan to open new restaurants by summer 2021, with an expected opening date of 2022-2023.

Am I supposed to tip at Noodles and Company?

Noodles & Company is a no-tipping restaurant, according to CEO Kevin Reddy. Respect doesn’t cost anything, so tipping is not necessary or expected at Noodles & Company.

Why did Noodles and Company get rid of stroganoff?

Noodles and Company had to make the tough decision to remove stroganoff from their menu due to low customer demand. While they loved the dish, it wasn’t being ordered enough to justify keeping it on the menu.

The team will be informed of this decision.

How many locations does Noodles & Company have?

Noodles & Company has 469 locations in the United States as of May 24, 2023.

What are some health-conscious options at Noodles Company?

At Noodles Company, customers looking for healthy options can enjoy Caulifloodles, Zoodles, and no sugar added choices.

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