Discover NewPipe: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download in 2023

Are you tired of annoying ads and privacy concerns while using the official YouTube app? Discover NewPipe, an open-source, lightweight YouTube alternative that offers a user-friendly experience without a YouTube account or Google Play Services! In this blog post, we’ll explore the fantastic features of NewPipe, learn how to install and update the app, and even find out how to support its development. Let’s dive into the world of NewPipe and enhance your video streaming experience!

Short Summary

  • Explore the exciting, lightweight YouTube alternative NewPipe with free support for 81 languages and a user-friendly interface!

  • Enjoy an ad-free streaming experience with customizable video feeds, downloads, background playback & pop-up mode.

  • Compare NewPipe to the official YouTube app & join in its development by donating or coding – enhancing everyone’s viewing pleasure!

Exploring NewPipe: A Lightweight YouTube Alternative

NewPipe is a free, open-source YouTube client for Android, offering a range of features like ad-blocking, background playback, video downloading, and bookmarks. It doesn’t use the official Google API, enhancing user privacy. Unlike the official YouTube app, NewPipe allows for ad-free viewing without a premium subscription and enables downloading of videos in various formats and qualities. Background playback is also available, allowing you to listen to videos while using other apps. However, it doesn’t integrate with Google accounts, so subscriptions and history are managed within the app itself. For more information, visit AndroidTVNews.

Open Source and Privacy Focused

NewPipe is open-source, licensed under the GNU General Public License, and prioritizes user privacy and security. It does not use any libraries that depend on Google’s framework or the YouTube API, making it a perfect YouTube alternative for those who are concerned about their privacy.

Safety is another significant aspect of NewPipe. It is absolutely safe to use, and its open-source nature allows users and developers to inspect its code. This transparency ensures the app’s code integrity and data protection, allowing users to browse video feeds and watch history search with confidence.

YouTube Music Support

One of the coolest features of NewPipe is its support for YouTube Music, which is an amazing music streaming service developed by YouTube, where you can listen to official songs, albums, playlists, remixes, and live performances. With NewPipe, you can enjoy your favorite tunes and create local playlists without needing a separate app!

NewPipe lets you access YouTube Music easily and enjoy an endless music experience, all within one app. This feature truly sets NewPipe apart from other YouTube alternatives, as it combines both video and music streaming capabilities in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Enhancing Your Viewing Experience with NewPipe

NewPipe supercharges the video watching experience with amazing features such as ad-free streaming, video and audio downloads, background playback, and pop-up mode for multitasking. It also offers a Bookmarks feature that allows users to create and watch playlists, import playlists, mark favorite videos, and access their saved playlists and favorite videos, all within the app.

Tailor your viewing experience to your preferences with NewPipe, whether you want to watch videos in high resolution without annoying ads or download content for offline viewing. The app’s focus on user privacy and security means you can browse and watch videos with peace of mind, knowing that your data is protected. NewPipe’s background playback feature allows users to play YouTube videos in the background, even when the app is not open​​, enhancing your connection with the content without the hassle of ads or privacy concerns​​.”


Downloading Videos and Audio

NewPipe makes it easy and exciting to download videos and audio from YouTube with customizable options, including quality and storage location. You can choose between three different download resolutions, from 360p to 1080p, depending on your device’s capabilities and your internet connection.

Not only can you choose the quality and storage location of the downloaded content, but you can also set your own exciting title for it or keep the original title. This flexibility allows users to organize their downloads according to their preferences and access their favorite content even when they’re offline.

Background Playback and Pop-Up Mode

One of the standout features of NewPipe is its background playback, which allows users to listen to music or watch videos while using other apps. You no longer need to pause your video or music when you need to check your email, browse social media or send a quick text message.

Another fantastic feature is the Pop-Up Mode, aka picture in picture, which enables users to watch videos in a smaller interface while doing other things on the same screen. The Popup Player lets users restore their video player into tiny sizes that float on the screen, so they can still watch their video while doing other tasks. Additionally, users can easily access the video archive through the albums browse videos feature to explore more content and utilize the closed captions search videos option for enhanced accessibility.

With NewPipe’s background playback and pop-up mode, multitasking has never been more enjoyable.

Customizable Video Feeds

NewPipe provides exciting customizable video feeds, enabling users to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences. This feature allows users to select specific channels, topics, and genres they are interested in, creating a personalized video feed that is perfectly tailored to their interests.

Some examples of customizable video feeds include channels such as sports, news, music, and entertainment, as well as specific topics like cooking, DIY projects, and travel. With the ability to create your own video feeds in NewPipe, you’ll never run out of exciting content to explore and enjoy. Plus, you can easily search videos to find even more tailored content.

Installation and Updates: Getting Started with NewPipe

Getting started with NewPipe is easy. To download the latest version of NewPipe for Android, simply click the exciting download button provided in the source section on the official NewPipe website. The app does not require Google Play Services, making it accessible to a wide range of Android devices.

During installation, NewPipe only requires a few permissions, such as network access, run foreground service, appearing on top of other apps for the popup view, preventing the phone from sleeping for background play, and modifying or deleting contents of your shared storage for downloads.

To install NewPipe, you can use the Downloader app from your respective App Store and enable ‘Apps from Unknown sources’ in your device’s settings. After launching the Downloader app, simply enter the URL ‘’ and follow the prompts to install the latest version of NewPipe​​.

Once installed, it’s important to keep your app up to date to ensure you have the latest features and improvements. You can add NewPipe’s own F-Droid repository to your client to receive updates even faster. However, note that if you installed NewPipe via the default F-Droid repo, updates might take some time to arrive​​​​. Upgrading NewPipe from different sources (like F-Droid version and APK from GitHub) might fail due to different signing keys, so it’s recommended to get the APK from the same source, or backup your NewPipe database, uninstall, and reinstall the new app if switching sources​​. For more details on the latest updates and releases, visit the NewPipe releases page on GitHub.

Supporting NewPipe’s Development

If you love NewPipe and want to support its development, you can make donations or contribute by suggesting ideas, doing translations, making design changes, or writing code changes.

By supporting the development of this fantastic open-source app, you’re helping the project grow and improve, ensuring an even better experience for all users.

Comparing NewPipe to the Official YouTube App

NewPipe is an awesome, lightweight, open-source alternative to the official YouTube app that offers a clean and simple user interface, ads-free video streaming in high resolution, and incredible features like background playback and picture-in-picture mode. Plus, it focuses on providing a secure and privacy-friendly experience, setting it apart from the official app.

While the official YouTube app offers a wide range of features and functionality, NewPipe’s unique features and focus on privacy make it an attractive alternative for users who want more control over their viewing experience and data protection. With NewPipe, you can enjoy all the best aspects of YouTube without the drawbacks of the official app.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

If you encounter any exciting issues with NewPipe, such as crashes while playing videos, channels not loading, server maintenance problems, or compatibility issues with YouTube changes, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. First, check your device’s memory and storage, make sure you have the latest version of NewPipe installed, and try restarting the app.

For server maintenance issues and compatibility issues with YouTube changes, check the NewPipe website for updates, and ensure you have the latest version of the app installed. By staying up to date and following these troubleshooting steps, you can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with NewPipe.


NewPipe is an outstanding YouTube alternative that focuses on user privacy and security while offering a wide range of unique features, such as ad-free streaming, video and audio downloads, background playback, and pop-up mode for multitasking. Its open-source nature, support for YouTube Music, and customizable video feeds make it a versatile and user-friendly option for Android users. Give NewPipe a try and experience the joys of a lightweight, feature-rich YouTube alternative that puts you in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NewPipe any good?

NewPipe is an incredibly secure and private app – it doesn’t sell your data to advertisers like YouTube does, plus it isn’t even on the Google Play Store!

This makes it a great option for anyone concerned about their online privacy.

What is the alternative to NewPipe?

LibreTube is an excellent alternative to NewPipe, offering better features and a newer targetSdk 29. It should be considered as a great option for those looking for something beyond NewPipe.

How do I install a NewPipe app?

Exciting news – installing NewPipe is easy! Go to GitHub, download the APK file from the “Assets” drop-down menu of the latest release, and tap the downloaded APK in the Downloads folder.

Your device may prompt you about installing an unknown app – just follow through with the installation!

What is the use of NewPipe?

NewPipe is a fantastic app that offers YouTube content without ads or tracking, plus the added bonus of fast download speed and a user-friendly interface. You can enjoy a seamless video-watching experience with ads blocking and lightweight design to make your viewing pleasure uninterrupted and enjoyable!

Can I use NewPipe without a YouTube account or Google Play Services?

Yes! You can definitely use NewPipe without a YouTube account or Google Play Services – no problem at all!

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