Explore the World of Akko: A Guide to Mechanical Keyboards and More

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Akko, where innovation and design meet to create exceptional mechanical keyboards and comprehensive phone insurance! Embark with us on a journey as we explore Akko’s global success story, take a deep dive into their flagship products, and discover the extensive coverage they offer, all while highlighting their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Ready to join the adventure? Let’s go!

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the ultimate gaming and typing experience with Akko’s flagship mechanical keyboards!

  • Get total peace of mind with comprehensive phone insurance covering electronics, music gear, sports gear, clothing & more for up to 36 months!

  • Enjoy superior customer service and support from Akko, their loyal customers have only great things to say about them.

Discovering Akko: A Global Success Story

Credit: Akko

From its humble beginnings in Shenzhen, China, Akko has transformed into a global leader in mechanical keyboards and gaming peripherals, reaching the world over. Known for their emphasis on design and innovation, Akko’s products have reached over 50 countries, including the prime location of the south of France.

With a history of growth and expansion, Akko began as a small family Chinese company and has since transformed into a global brand offering mechanical keyboards and comprehensive phone insurance, which is nothing short of remarkable.

The Beginnings of Akko

Originating in China, Akko rapidly ascended to become one of the country’s premier mechanical keyboard manufacturers, serving gamers and professionals. Their dedication to innovation and quality made them a popular choice among users, leading to their products being available in countries like Poland and Egypt.

Akko’s Expansion: From China to Europe

In 2020, Akko made an enthusiastic leap into the European market, gaining a broader audience and serving a variety of countries such as France, Italy, and Germany. With their expansion, Akko introduced their amazing mechanical keyboards, phone insurance, and other cool electronics and music gear to the European market, solidifying their position as a leading brand.

Akko’s commitment to customer experience also extends to their European, Israel, and Turks customers, as evidenced by the many glowing testimonials from satisfied customers across the continent.

Mechanical Keyboards: A Closer Look at Akko’s Flagship Products

Known for their high-quality, spring-activated key switches, Akko’s flagship mechanical keyboards offer a tactile and responsive typing experience, proving to be a wise investment for both gaming enthusiasts and professionals. These keyboards are specifically designed with gamers in mind, featuring customizable options such as RGB lighting and macro keys.

We’ll now examine the exceptional features that set Akko’s mechanical keyboards apart.

Innovative Keycaps

One of the standout features of Akko’s mechanical keyboards is their innovative keycaps.

  • Made from durable materials like PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot

  • Built to last longer than traditional keycaps

  • Feature unique designs that set them apart from competitors.

Akko offers a variety of themed keycap sets, such as the Rock, Paper, Scissors and Praise Artisan Keycaps, allowing users to express their creativity and personal style with a map of unique designs.

DIY Kits and Switches

Akko Fairy Switch Credit: Akko

Additionally, Akko’s mechanical keyboards offer the following features:

  • Personalization with DIY kits and switches

  • Exciting layer of customization

  • Tailoring keyboards to specific preferences and needs

  • Creating a truly personalized typing experience

Akko offers a wide variety of DIY kits and devices, including switches from Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Akko’s Comprehensive Phone Insurance

In addition to their top-notch mechanical keyboards, Akko also offers comprehensive phone insurance designed to give customers peace of mind and protection against unexpected events in their life. Their insurance covers a wide range of electronics, music gear, and personal belongings, ensuring that your valuable items are well protected.

We’ll now unpack the specifics of Akko’s phone insurance and contrast it with traditional policies, keeping an eye on the future.

Coverage for Electronics, Music Gear, and More

Akko’s insurance covers an impressive range of personal items, including:

  • Electronics

  • Sports gear

  • Clothing

  • Appliances

With a claim limit of $2,000 per claim and no annual limit, customers can feel confident that their belongings are well protected.

Coverage lasts for an amazing 36 months, providing customers with a lengthy period of protection, equivalent to half of a 6-year term, for their precious items.

Comparing Akko’s Insurance to Traditional Policies

Akko’s insurance stands out against traditional renters and homeowners insurance policies by offering lower deductibles and a guarantee that rates won’t increase for making claims. Their ‘Everything Protected’ plan covers one phone and up to 25 additional items, providing more comprehensive coverage than many traditional policies.

With such benefits, it’s no wonder that Akko’s insurance has become a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and flexible insurance option.

Learn more, visit What is AKKO product protection?

Akko’s Commitment to Customer Experience

Akko’s steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction shines through their exceptional customer service and support. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, Akko aims to create an unforgettable experience for their customers, ensuring that they remain loyal to the brand and continue to enjoy their products and services.

Testimonials from Akko’s Loyal Customers

Numerous positive testimonials from Akko’s customers highlight their experiences with the company’s products and services. These testimonials praise the quality of Akko’s mechanical keyboards, the convenience of their insurance services, and the helpfulness of their customer service team.

As a testament to Akko’s commitment to customer satisfaction, these glowing reviews reflect the trust and loyalty that customers have for the brand.

Exclusions and Limitations: What Akko’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover

While Akko’s insurance provides extensive coverage for a wide range of items, there are certain exclusions and limitations to be aware of. These exclusions include transportation coverage exceptions, such as motorized vehicles and high-value bicycles, as well as excluded accessories and appliances.

Now, let’s examine the exclusions and limitations of Akko’s insurance coverage.

Transportation Coverage Exceptions

Akko’s insurance covers transportation costs for personal transportation that is non-motorized. This means that motorized vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and boats are not covered by Akko’s insurance.

Additionally, high-value bicycles like electric bikes and mountain bikes are also excluded from coverage. Other transportation costs, such as airfare, taxi fares, and public transportation are not covered as well.

Excluded Accessories and Appliances

Akko’s insurance does not cover certain accessories and appliances, such as wall-mounted appliances, appliances integrated into cabinetry, appliances with utility hookup (gas, water), and gas-powered tools. Only counter-top appliances, such as blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, juicers, and mini fridges (if not built into cabinets) are covered by Akko’s insurance policies.

It’s vital for customers to grasp these exclusions and limitations to protect and guarantee adequate protection for their belongings.


In summary, Akko’s world of mechanical keyboards and comprehensive phone insurance offers customers a wealth of innovative and customizable products, designed to enhance their digital lives and provide peace of mind. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a global presence, Akko continues to make waves in the world of gaming peripherals and insurance coverage. As you embark on your own journey with Akko, may you discover the perfect combination of innovation, design, and protection that suits your needs and passions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is akko?

Akko is 16-years-old, bringing her youthful energy and enthusiasm to every situation she finds herself in!

What makes Akko’s mechanical keyboards unique?

Akko’s mechanical keyboards stand out with their high-quality switches, customizability, and stunning keycap designs – a winning combination for any gaming enthusiast!

How does Akko’s phone insurance compare to traditional policies?

Akko’s phone insurance offers an unbeatable combination of low deductibles, no rate hikes when making a claim and more comprehensive coverage than traditional policies – perfect for any tech enthusiast!

What items are covered by Akko’s insurance?

Akko’s insurance covers an array of items, from electronics to sports gear and clothing to appliances – so they’re always well protected!

What are the exclusions and limitations of Akko’s insurance?

Akko’s insurance excludes coverage for motorized vehicles, high-value bicycles, accessories and appliances.

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