Exploring the David Dobrik Dispo App: A Closer Look at the Photo Sharing Phenomenon

Remember the joy of snapping pictures with disposable cameras, only to wait for the photos to develop at your local store? That nostalgic experience is now available on your smartphone, thanks to the David Dobrik Dispo app! In this blog post, we’ll dive into Dispo’s unique approach to photo sharing, how it differs from other platforms, and the opportunities it offers for users, brands, and influencers.

Founded by David Dobrik, the Dispo app aims to bring back the simplicity and authenticity of disposable cameras, attracting millennials and Gen Z who crave a more genuine and spontaneous approach to photography. So, let’s take a closer look at David Dobrik Dispo app and uncover its features, impact on the social media landscape, and the controversy surrounding its founder.

Key Takeaways

  • David Dobrik’s Dispo App brings disposable camera experience into the digital age with features like next-day reveals, fixed filters & unedited images.

  • Dispo encourages genuine photo sharing while providing an alternative to heavily filtered platforms.

  • Brands and influencers can leverage Dispo for collaborations, partnerships & contests. Users should embrace nostalgia and prioritize realness for best results.

The Birth of Dispo: David Dobrik’s Vision

Credit: Dispo

In 2019, David Dobrik, along with Mariduen and Liss, brought the disposable camera experience into the digital age by creating Dispo, a photo-sharing app. Dispo is geared towards millennials and Gen Z, catering to those who seek that retro feel and realness in their social media experience. Unlike Instagram, Dispo sets itself apart by providing a more raw and unfiltered approach to photo sharing.

As Dispo gained popularity, its user base grew rapidly, and the app became a hot topic among social media enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals. The app’s unique approach to photography helped it carve out a niche in the highly competitive world of social media, drawing a significant audience of users craving authenticity and nostalgia in their photo-sharing experiences.

Dispo App Features: A Unique Approach to Photo Sharing

Dispo’s charm lies in its unique features, such as next-day photo reveals, fixed filters for unedited images, and collaborative camera rolls, which promote a more authentic and spontaneous approach to photography with all the cameras.

We’ll delve into these features to understand their contribution to Dispo’s allure.

Delayed Gratification: The Next-Day Reveal

One of the standout features of Dispo is its next-day photo reveal, which adds a sense of excitement and nostalgia to the photo-sharing process. This feature mimics the experience of using a disposable camera, where you need to wait for the film to be developed before seeing the photos. Dispo users appreciate the anticipation and surprise of waiting to see their photos, as it brings back those nostalgic vibes and delayed gratification they experienced with disposable cameras.

In Dispo, there is a specific time constraint with the next-day reveal: photos captured using the app appear at 9 a.m. the following day, ready to be added to private rolls. This feature encourages users to be more present in the moment and enjoy the process of capturing memories without the immediate gratification that other social media platforms offer.

Fixed Filters and Unedited Images

With its fixed filters and no-editing feature, Dispo encapsulates the essence of disposable cameras, offering unedited images with a distinct aesthetic. These filters cannot be edited or changed after the photo is taken, just like a real disposable camera, adding a sense of authenticity and nostalgia to the images.

Dispo’s no-editing policy has found favor among users, who value the authenticity and rawness of unedited images over the demands of crafting perfect, edited pictures. This feature encourages users to share their photos as-is, without editing or enhancing them, promoting a more genuine and spontaneous approach to photo sharing.

Collaborative Camera Rolls

Dispo takes photo sharing to the next level with its collaborative camera rolls, allowing multiple people to add photos to the same roll or album. This feature, introduced by founder David Dobrik, promotes a fun, social experience where friends can work together to create shared memories.

Initiating a new camera roll on Dispo involves tapping the lower bar, selecting an icon color for the roll, and inviting friends to participate. As users take pictures with the Dispo app, they can add them to the roll for everyone to see, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration in capturing moments together.

Designed for simplicity and ease of navigation, Dispo’s user interface comes with a main screen, a photo library, and social features that allow following, liking, and commenting on pictures. The photo library, organized by date, displays all the photos you’ve taken, with tabs for checking out your favorite and saved pictures,.

Social features on Dispo, such as following, liking, and commenting on pictures, are similar to those found on other platforms, but with a twist: Dispo doesn’t use Facebook or other apps to suggest other users to follow. Users have to search for the person they want to follow, adding to the app’s authentic and personal experience.

Dispo’s Impact on Social Media Landscape

Dispo’s emphasis on authenticity and real-time sharing has made an impact on the social media landscape, posing a threat to Instagram’s ecosystem and offering a fresh alternative for users seeking a more genuine experience. The app’s features that contribute to a special and nostalgic experience include:

  • Slower and more intentional approach to sharing photos

  • Disposable camera aesthetic

  • No editing or filters

  • Photos are not immediately visible, creating anticipation and surprise

These features set Dispo apart from other social media platforms.

Dispo replicates the development wait time for pictures, providing a unique way for users to capture authentic moments. This contrasts with Instagram’s often inauthentic, curated, and edited content. Dispo’s focus on privacy and limited editing options also differentiates it from Instagram’s public and heavily filtered platform, making it a breath of fresh air in the world of social media.

Learn more, visit Dispo: The Anti-Social Social Platform.

The Controversy Surrounding Dispo and David Dobrik

Credit: The Business of Business

Despite its popularity, Dispo hasn’t been free from controversy. David Dobrik, the founder and chief executive officer, resigned from Dispo following sexual assault allegations related to a former Vlog Squad member. As a result, Spark Capital, which backed Dispo’s $20 million series A, cut ties with the company.

While no other investor reactions have been reported, the controversy has undoubtedly impacted Dispo’s reputation and the app’s future. However, Dispo’s unique approach to photo sharing and its appeal to those seeking authenticity in their social media experiences have allowed the app to continue its growth despite the setbacks.

Marketing Opportunities on Dispo

Although Dispo doesn’t feature ads at the moment, it does offer marketing opportunities for brands and influencers looking to build an authentic presence on the platform. Dispo’s focus on real, unfiltered content and its unique features make it an attractive option for marketers aiming to engage with their target audience in a more genuine way.

To optimize marketing efforts on Dispo, brands and influencers can:

  • Collaborate with the app to create branded filters or effects

  • Partner with influencers or celebrities

  • Organize contests or challenges

  • Leverage the app’s nostalgic ambiance and exclusive invitation status

Dispo provides a fresh and authentic platform for those looking to stand out in a sea of overly curated and edited content.

Dispo App Accessibility: Invites, Downloads, and Device Compatibility

Initially invite-only, Dispo is now open to everyone, making it more accessible to users looking to jump on the nostalgic photo-sharing bandwagon. The exclusive app, now out of its beta version, is available for download on the App Store as a new app and is compatible with iPhone devices.

Users can invite friends to join Dispo by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu.

  2. Select the “Invite” option.

  3. Browse your contacts.

  4. Choose who to invite.

  5. Send them a message.

Dispo’s increased accessibility and ease of inviting tens of thousands of friends to join the platform have contributed to its growing popularity as a social network among millennials and Gen Z users.

Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Dispo

To make the most of the Dispo experience, users should familiarize themselves with the app’s features, focus on capturing authentic moments, and explore creative ways to engage with their audience and collaborate on camera rolls. Some tips for using Dispo include showing off your true self, using the app’s old-school disposable camera look, monitoring who’s following you for safety, and prioritizing realness over perfection, as you can’t edit or filter your photos.

Furthermore, users can maximize Dispo’s delayed gratification feature by:

  • Embracing the nostalgic vibes

  • Relishing the process of memory capture

  • Maintaining positivity

  • Allowing the experience to naturally unfold

By following these tips and tricks, users can fully enjoy the unique and nostalgic experience that Dispo offers.


Dispo has successfully brought back the charm of disposable cameras and the excitement of waiting for photos to develop, offering a fresh and authentic alternative to other photo-sharing platforms. Its unique features, such as next-day photo reveals, fixed filters, and collaborative camera rolls, provide users with a genuine and spontaneous approach to photography, setting it apart from the highly curated and edited content found on other social media platforms.

As Dispo continues to grow and evolve, it provides an exciting opportunity for those seeking an authentic and nostalgic photo-sharing experience. By embracing Dispo’s features and focusing on capturing real moments, users can create lasting memories and engage with their audience in a more genuine way. So why not give Dispo a try and rediscover the joy of snapping pictures with a disposable camera, right on your smartphone?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is David’s disposable still an app?

David Dobrik’s app Dispo has been relaunched with new social features and removed its invite-only feature, however, in light of the allegations against him, Spark Capital have severed all ties with Dispo. Therefore, David’s Disposable is no longer an app.

Is Dispo app safe?

Overall, the Dispo app can be seen as safe to use. However, there is a potential danger of other users being able to view your profile and public photos without following you, so it’s important to consider how much personal information you share.

Is the Dispo app free?

The Dispo app is free and has been available for iOS since 2019. It was initially invite-only but opened up to all iPhone users and was downloaded more than a million times within the first week of launch. The app also offers a $1 premium subscription that removes ads.

How does the app Dispo work?

Dispo is an American photo-sharing and social networking app which emulates a disposable camera experience. Photos are taken and develop at 9am the following morning, where they can be shared with friends and family in roll categories. It allows users to create a retro feel reminiscent of Polaroids and disposable cameras.

What makes Dispo different from other photo-sharing apps like Instagram?

Dispo encourages authenticity and real-time sharing, allowing users to collaborate on camera rolls while choosing from unique features such as next-day reveals and fixed filters.

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