Get Fast and Low-Interest Online Loans with OnCredit Sri Lanka

Are you tired of lengthy loan application processes and high-interest rates? Look no further! OnCredit Sri Lanka offers a reliable and innovative solution for your financial needs. With fast loan approval and flexible terms, OnCredit’s online loans are designed to cater to a variety of financial situations. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing OnCredit Sri Lanka for your loan needs.

Key Takeaways

  • OnCredit Sri Lanka offers reliable online loans with competitive interest rates, quick loan approval and efficient application process.

  • Customers can manage their accounts on an easy-to-use platform, including repayment of loans and payment accrual.

  • OnCredit provides flexible loan options such as salary advance and emergency loans to meet financial needs with same day approval & minimal documentation required.

Discovering OnCredit Sri Lanka

Credit: OnCredit Sri Lanka

Offering a range of financial services, OnCredit Sri Lanka stands as a reliable provider of online loans. With a processing time of just one hour during working days, OnCredit ensures quick loan approval to cater to your urgent needs.

Key features of OnCredit loans include:

  • Borrowing limits range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000

  • Maximum loan amount of 9,000 LKR

  • Repayment period of up to 4 months

  • Competitive interest rates ranging from 0% to 16%

These features make OnCredit loans an attractive option for various financial requirements.

You can access their entirely online application process either through their website or via a phone call. OnCredit consultants are available to provide advice via telephone, e-mail address, or social messaging platforms. With OnCredit Sri Lanka, you can be confident in receiving the financial support you need through a fast and convenient process.

Personal account management

The OnCredit website offers a simple and intuitive platform for managing your personal account. Accessible from a computer or mobile device, you can use online banking for loan repayments. Your personal cabinet on the OnCredit website allows you to select the terms of cooperation, monitor payment accrual, and manage debt repayment schedules. Re-applying for a repeat loan is as easy as accessing the website and entering your new loan requirements.

The personal account on the OnCredit website provides essential details regarding the contract period, the minimum payment, and the amount of the penalty (if applicable). With a user-friendly interface and efficient account management features, OnCredit ensures a seamless experience for its customers.

Online loan application process

With minimal documentation and same-day approval, OnCredit Sri Lanka provides a quick and hassle-free online loan application process. The only document required for applying for an OnCredit loan is a National Identity Card, which can have a repayment period of up to 183 days.

The application and approval process is straightforward, involving a simple approval process:

  1. Fill out the relevant application form.

  2. Complete the necessary registration documents.

  3. Await the review results.

  4. Receive the loan.

Upon completion of the application, you can receive loan approval the same day via SMS. Whether it’s for mothers’ medical treatments, bill payments, or business requirements, OnCredit Sri Lanka provides a convenient and efficient loan application process to cater to your financial needs.

OnCredit Loan Options

Offering a variety of loan options, OnCredit Sri Lanka includes salary advance and emergency loans in their portfolio. Salary advance loans are designed for employed individuals facing temporary cash flow issues, while emergency loans cater to unexpected expenses.

Discover more about these loan options and how they can help you overcome financial challenges.

Salary advance loans

Salary advance loans from OnCredit Sri Lanka provide financial support for those facing temporary cash flow difficulties. They offer:

  • Flexible repayment terms

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Ability to obtain a loan in just 15 minutes

  • Repayment from your salary

  • Flexible loan term

  • Expeditious processing of loan applications

  • Fully digitized application process

  • Cash received within two days

Salary advance loans are a convenient solution for managing financial stress.

Applying for a salary advance loan at OnCredit is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Provide basic personal information such as name, age, PIN code, and marital status.

  2. Fill out the application form with your professional details.

  3. The application process is straightforward and can be completed online without any difficulty.

Emergency loans

Emergency loans from OnCredit offer a lifeline during unforeseen circumstances, providing fast approval and disbursement to help you overcome financial challenges. These loans are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs during emergencies and are designed for speed and convenience.

The application for an OnCredit emergency loan can be completed online, providing a straightforward process for obtaining a quick cash loan. With the oncredit online loan, the approval and disbursement timeline may vary; however, OnCredit strives to provide clients with the necessary funds as quickly as possible.

With emergency loans from OnCredit, you can navigate unexpected financial challenges with ease using borrowed funds.

Requirements and Eligibility

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Paragraph 1: Understanding the requirements and eligibility criteria is crucial before applying for an OnCredit loan. This ensures a smooth application process and successful loan approval. Let’s explore the necessary criteria for age, citizenship, and bank account details.

Age and citizenship

To be eligible for a loan in Sri Lanka, applicants must be between 18 and 70 years of age, possess Sri Lankan citizenship, and present valid identification. The age range for loan applicants in Sri Lanka typically lies between 18 and 55 years of age. You need to have Sri Lankan citizenship in order to apply for a loan. It is a requirement for the application process..

Accepted forms of identification when applying for a loan in Sri Lanka are the National Identity Card (NIC) and Passport. Meeting these age and citizenship requirements ensures that you are eligible to apply for an OnCredit loan.

Bank account details

Upon successful approval and verification of your loan, the funds will be credited to the specified bank account within two hours. OnCredit Sri Lanka has implemented safety measures for bank transfers, ensuring the security of transactions. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has adopted international security standards to guarantee the safety of payment systems and infrastructure.

Alternatively, you can choose to collect funds at a designated OnCredit branch. Providing accurate bank account details is crucial for a seamless loan disbursement process.

Repayment and Interest Rates

Understanding the terms and conditions, especially the repayment terms and interest rate, is vital when it comes to repaying your OnCredit loan. Timely payments are essential in maintaining a positive credit history and avoiding penalties.

Let’s learn more about the importance of timely payments, how to manage paying bills, and the various payment methods available.

Timely payments

Making timely payments on your loan at OnCredit Sri Lanka is vital to avoid penalties and maintain a good credit history. A Late Payment Fee of Rs. 1,000/- applies on the day following the payment due date if a customer fails to make payment. The grace period for loan repayment at OnCredit Sri Lanka is 16 calendar days after the pay day.

A late payment can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s credit score, potentially decreasing it by up to 180 points and remaining on their credit reports for up to seven years. Therefore, it is imperative to make timely payments to maintain a healthy credit score and avoid any negative consequences.

Available payment methods

OnCredit Sri Lanka offers various payment methods for loan repayment, including cash, e-wallet, and bank transfer. Over the counter payments, online payments, and payment through Pay&Go Kiosks are available for repaying loans. OnCredit also accepts payments through mobile e-wallets and bank transfers.

If you prefer to make cash payments, the OnCredit website states that you can conveniently make your loan repayments through eZ cash. Choose the payment method that best suits your needs and ensures a hassle-free repayment process.

OnCredit Mobile App

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In the fast-paced world of today, the ability to manage your loans on-the-go holds great value. The OnCredit mobile app offers a convenient solution, allowing you to apply for loans and manage your account from your smartphone.

Let’s discover the benefits of downloading and using the OnCredit mobile app.

Download and registration

The process of downloading and registering on the OnCredit app is uncomplicated and direct. Here are the steps:

  1. Access the Google Play Store on your Android device.

  2. Enter ‘OnCredit’ in the search bar and select the OnCredit app from the search results.

  3. Tap on the ‘Install’ button to download and install the app on your device.

  4. Once the app is installed, open it.

  5. Register with your mobile phone number.

  6. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

With the OnCredit app, you can access instant loan facilities and manage your account from the convenience of your smartphone. This eliminates the need to visit a physical branch or access a computer, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

App-exclusive offers

The OnCredit mobile app offers exclusive benefits for its users, such as discounts and rewards for loyal customers, cashback for early payments, and referral bonuses. The referral bonus system enables users to gain rewards by referring their friends to the app, with both the referrer and the new user receiving a bonus or reward upon successful account creation using the referral link or code.

Take advantage of these app-exclusive offers by downloading and using the OnCredit mobile app for your loan management needs. Not only will you enjoy the convenience and ease of use, but you can also benefit from exclusive deals and rewards.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

OnCredit Sri Lanka has received positive feedback from contented clients who have reaped the benefits of the services offered, providing swift and dependable assistance during financial crises.

Let’s explore some customer testimonials and reviews that highlight the positive experiences of OnCredit Sri Lanka clients.

Overcoming financial emergencies

OnCredit has helped numerous clients overcome financial emergencies with their quick loan disbursement and low-interest rates. Clients have used OnCredit’s services to cover unexpected expenses such as:

  • car repairs

  • medical bills

  • job loss

  • other financial shocks

The fast and accessible loan services provided by OnCredit have enabled individuals to effectively manage and resolve their financial emergencies.

Customers have reported positive experiences with OnCredit Sri Lanka’s emergency loan service during financial crises. The company offers a fast and convenient online loan service for urgent needs, providing access to financial services to all communities in Sri Lanka.

Positive feedback

OnCredit Sri Lanka has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the quick and easy registration process, fast loan disbursement, and reliable service. The company has also garnered high ratings and positive reviews on financial platforms and review websites, indicating customer satisfaction with the services provided.

Clients often commend OnCredit Sri Lanka for:

  • Its swift and straightforward loan application process

  • Prompt loan approval and disbursement

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Intuitive and user-friendly online platform

  • Outstanding customer service and support

  • Accommodating loan terms and repayment options

  • Being a trustworthy and reliable financial service provider

These testimonials and reviews demonstrate the value and effectiveness of OnCredit Sri Lanka’s services.

Learn more, visit Redefining the Borrowing Experience in Sri Lanka.


In conclusion, OnCredit Sri Lanka offers a reliable and innovative solution for various financial needs with its fast loan approval and flexible terms. With easy online application and account management, a range of loan options, and a convenient mobile app, OnCredit is an excellent choice for those in need of financial support. Satisfied clients’ testimonials and positive reviews further emphasize the effectiveness of OnCredit’s services. Consider OnCredit Sri Lanka for your loan needs and experience the benefits of their fast, reliable, and low-interest online loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum loan amount offered by OnCredit Sri Lanka?

OnCredit Sri Lanka offers a maximum loan amount of 9,000 LKR for up to 4 months with an interest rate between 0-16%.

What is the processing time for OnCredit loan approval?

The OnCredit loan approval process typically takes one hour on weekdays, but may take longer on weekends and holidays.

What is the age requirement for OnCredit loan applicants?

To be eligible for an OnCredit loan, applicants must be between 18 and 70 years of age.

How can I download and register on the OnCredit mobile app?

Download and register on the OnCredit mobile app by accessing the Google Play Store, searching for ‘OnCredit’, installing the app, and registering with your mobile phone number.

What app-exclusive offers are available on the OnCredit mobile app?

The OnCredit mobile app offers customers discounts, rewards for loyalty, cashback for prompt payments and referral bonuses.

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