Get the Most Out of Your Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats

Are you tired of endlessly searching for your adventurous pet? Fret no more! The Tractive GPS Tracker is here to put your mind at ease. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting features of this device, compare it to other pet trackers on the market, and share real-life stories to show you just how essential it is for pet safety and peace of mind. Get ready to embark on a journey to discover the ultimate solution for responsible pet ownership.

Key Takeaways

  • Tractive GPS Tracker offers worldwide coverage, unlimited data, and waterproof capabilities.

  • Monitor pet activity levels, movements & receive health alerts with customizable virtual fences & audio tracking capabilities.

  • Tractive Premium subscription provides global coverage & access to key features for peace of mind.

Exploring Tractive GPS Tracker Features

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The Tractive GPS Tracker is designed to keep tabs on your furry friends, whether they’re feline explorers or canine adventurers. With its worldwide coverage in over 150 countries, this tracker offers unlimited data for tracking your pets. The device is waterproof, lightweight, and compatible with various collars, making it versatile and suitable for both cats and dogs.

We’ll now examine the exceptional features that make the Tractive GPS Tracker a valuable tool for pet owners.

Location History Insights

With the Tractive GPS Tracker, you can use the location history feature to display your pet’s location movements as lines on a map or as a heat map. By enabling or disabling the lines or hotspots, you can gain valuable insights into your pet’s outdoor activities and roaming habits, such as the areas they frequent the most.

The “Show Location Accuracy” feature offers the following benefits:

  • Displays a circle around your pet’s icon, providing an indication of their possible location

  • Helps you monitor your pet’s health

  • Allows you to set up virtual fences to ensure their safety

Live Tracking Capabilities

The Tractive GPS Tracker shines in its live tracking ability, which enables a swift and efficient location of lost pets by showcasing their real-time position through GPS tracking. In Live Mode, the tracker provides up-to-date location information every two to three seconds, including speed, distance, and altitude.

The Find Mode feature utilizes a bullseye pattern to indicate the proximity of your pet, allowing you to accurately locate them. Moreover, the audio tracking feature emits beeps of low volume and high-pitched frequency, making them difficult to detect unless you are in close proximity to your pet. These features make Tractive GPS Tracker a reliable and efficient tool to keep your pets safe and secure.

Customizable Virtual Fences

Customizable virtual fences are another feature of the Tractive GPS Tracker that allow users to establish safe zones for their pets and receive alerts if they wander outside these areas. With the ability to create custom boundaries in squares, circles, or abstract six-sided shapes, you can label these as either Safe Zones or No-Go Zones. The virtual fence feature ensures you will receive push notifications when your pet arrives at or departs from any of these areas, allowing you to take immediate action if necessary.

The minimum geofence size that can be created with Tractive GPS Tracker is approximately 100 feet in diameter, providing flexibility in defining your pet’s safe zones.

Comparing Tractive to Other GPS Trackers

As you consider GPS trackers for your pet, it’s important to weigh their features and costs to ensure you select the best option for your furry friend. Some top pet GPS trackers on the market include:

  1. Tractive GPS Tracker: The most cost-effective option, with an initial cost of approximately $50 and a monthly fee of up to $13.

  2. Whistle Go Explore: Offers comprehensive location and activity tracking.

  3. Fi Series 2: Also offers comprehensive location and activity tracking.

The Whistle Go Explore, priced at $104, provides additional insights into your pet’s health by detecting activities such as licking, scratching, and drinking, which are not available with Tractive. However, the Tractive GPS Tracker boasts an unlimited range and is capable of functioning over any distance, setting it apart from other pet GPS trackers. Both Tractive GPS Tracker and other major brands are renowned for their dependable and precise location data, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pets.

Unboxing the Tractive GPS Tracker

Upon unboxing your Tractive GPS Tracker, you’ll find the following items:

  • The device

  • A collar or harness attachment

  • A charging cable

  • User instructions

Please note that the package contents may vary depending on the model and package purchased.

The Tractive GPS Tracker comes with a clip charger and a USB cable for charging. With these accessories in hand, you’re all set to embark on a safe and secure journey with your beloved pet.

Activity and Wellness Monitoring

The Tractive GPS Tracker offers the ability to monitor activity and wellness, helping you keep track of your pet’s health and fitness. The Activity Monitoring feature provides insight into your pet’s health and fitness levels, including:

  • activity type

  • movement levels

  • physical activity

  • rest

  • sleep quality

By observing your pet’s activity and monitoring their rest and sleep, you can gain a better understanding of their overall health and fitness. Furthermore, you can set objectives for your pet’s exercise and compare their activity to other pets.

Moreover, the GPS tracker allows you to:

  • Monitor your pet’s location in real-time

  • Provide you with assurance and ensure their safety

  • Maintain a comprehensive overview of your pet’s well-being

  • Take necessary actions to ensure their continued health and happiness

With the Tractive GPS Tracker, also known as a tractive dog tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure, reducing the risk of a lost pet.

Setting Up Your Tractive GPS Tracker

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Getting your Tractive GPS Tracker up and running is straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign into your account in the Tractive GPS app and activate your device.

  2. Ensure the device is fully charged before use. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge from 17% to 100%.

  3. To attach the tracker to your pet’s collar, use a collar attachment or a tracker attachment clip.

Pairing the Tractive GPS Tracker with the free Tractive GPS app is simple. Just follow the instructions provided in the app, and you’re all set to keep a watchful eye on your pet’s movements. The tracker is compatible with both dog and cat collars, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of pets.

Tractive for Cats vs. Dogs

Designed for both cats and dogs, the Tractive GPS Tracker offers consistent measurements across all models. The primary distinction between the Tractive app for cats and dogs is that cats do not receive a sleep efficiency score, and for cats, it is possible to input rib and hind limb measurements for more precise activity recommendations.

The Tractive GPS Tracker comes with various collar attachments, including:

  • Collar clips

  • Chargers

  • Charging cables

  • Dog collars

  • Reflective collar bands

Regardless of your pet’s species, the Tractive GPS Tracker ensures they’re safe, secure, and well-monitored.

Battery Life and Charging

Under normal usage conditions, the Tractive GPS Tracker offers a good battery life of up to 7 days and can be fully recharged in around 2 hours. The device utilizes a rechargeable battery, with the cat collar having a lifespan of 2 to 5 days and the dog XL lasting up to 1 month. To keep your tracker always ready for use, monitor the battery life and recharge it when necessary.

When the battery of your Tractive GPS Tracker is low, the LED on the device will begin to blink red, serving as a warning that the battery needs to be charged. You can continue to use the Tractive GPS Tracker while it’s charging, ensuring no interruption in monitoring your pet’s activities.

Tractive Premium Subscription Benefits

Opting for a Tractive Premium subscription provides additional features and global coverage for your pet tracker, making it a worthwhile investment for pet owners prioritizing their pet’s safety and health. The Tractive Premium plan is available for a period of one year. Its cost stands at $108, i.e. $9 per month..

The Tractive Premium subscription includes real-time position updates in over 175 countries, the ability to share the tracker and pet’s location with others, and access to all key features. Although the subscription is only available in one-year, two-year, or five-year plans, the benefits of the Tractive Premium subscription far outweigh the costs, ensuring the best possible experience for you and your pet.

Real-Life Tractive User Stories

Tractive GPS Tracker users have shared numerous stories highlighting the importance of a GPS tracker for pet safety and peace of mind. Here are some examples:

  1. Nathalie M. purchased a tracker after her Husky disappeared in a forest, ensuring she would never lose her pet again.

  2. Annita M. uses Live Mode to monitor her dog’s running and maximum speed, keeping a close eye on her pet’s activity levels.

  3. Andrew Jackson loves the Tractive CAT Mini for his feline companion, providing him with the ability to monitor his cat’s movements.

  4. Lena F. relies on Tractive to ensure peace of mind regarding her rescued dog Marla.

These real-life experiences underline the significant contribution of the Tractive GPS Tracker in aiding pet owners to safeguard the security and health of their cherished animals. With this device, you can rest easy knowing your pet is secure and well-monitored, receiving timely health alerts when necessary.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Some common issues with the Tractive GPS Tracker include difficulty connecting to cell networks or receiving data from GPS satellites, no new wellness data being visible, and trouble with live tracking. To resolve these issues, resetting the tracker and ensuring it is turned on and near the mobile device may be beneficial. Inaccurate location reporting in the Tractive GPS Tracker can be caused by several factors, such as incorrectly placing the pin and having a weak GPS signal.

Should you encounter any issues with your Tractive GPS Tracker, refer to the user manual or reach out to the Tractive support team for help. They are always ready to help you ensure your tracker functions optimally and provides the best possible experience for you and your pet.

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In conclusion, the Tractive GPS Tracker is an invaluable tool for pet owners, offering a range of essential features that ensure the safety and well-being of your pets. From live tracking capabilities to customizable virtual fences and activity monitoring, this device provides peace of mind, knowing your furry companions are always protected. Invest in a Tractive GPS Tracker and enjoy the confidence that comes with responsible pet ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Tractive GPS?

The Tractive GPS is generally accurate within 8 meters, and when used in Live Tracking mode, the updated location is every 2 or 3 seconds. However, a subscription is required for operation.

Do you have to pay for Tractive?

Yes, you do have to pay for Tractive. The basic subscription plan starts at $13 per month or $8 a month if you opt to pay annually. Other plans are available for different durations and prices.

What is the meaning of Tractive in English?

Tractive in English relates to pulling a heavy load or the power used for this purpose. It is often used to describe vehicles that provide tractive force to haul trucks and carriages.

How to use tractive?

Activate your Tractive GPS tracker, charge it, attach it to your furry friend, set up the Pet Profile and start tracking – all you need to know to get started with your Tractive GPS tracker!

What is the range of the Tractive GPS Tracker?

The Tractive GPS Tracker offers an unlimited range, covering over 150 countries across the globe, so you can track your pet wherever they go.

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