How to Use Character AI in 2023: Tips, Tricks, and Alternatives

Imagine a world where you can create and interact with character AI that feels as real as your favorite fictional heroes or even historical figures. It’s possible now thanks to advancements in AI technology and the emergence of platforms like Character.AI. These platforms empower users to craft lifelike AI personas, each with distinct personalities and unique conversational capabilities. Ready to dive into the fascinating realm of character AI creation? Let’s explore everything you need to know, from designing physical appearances to managing multiple characters and even finding AI alternatives without NSFW filters.

Short Summary

  • Design an AI character with a professional greeting message, memorable physical appearance and unique personality traits.

  • Enhance conversations by setting the tone early, using assertive language and exploring alternatives to Character.AI such as Tavern AI or Chai App.

  • Monitor interactions through RLHF rating systems while adhering to privacy & security policies for a safe user experience.

Creating Your AI Character

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Creating an AI character is an exciting endeavor that allows you to bring your imagination to life. With Character.With AI’s user-friendly platform, you can easily design and personalize your AI personas, making them as unique and fascinating as real people.

The process begins with selecting a name, crafting a greeting message, and defining your character’s personality traits. Remember, the more thought you put into these aspects, the richer and more engaging your AI character will become.

Selecting a Name

Choosing the perfect name for your AI character is a crucial step in the creation process. A name should encapsulate the essence of your character’s personality, purpose, or role in a story or game. Some may draw inspiration from popular sci-fi movies and TV shows, like Rachael from Blade Runner or GERTY from Moon.

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, you can always turn to AI name generators, which use algorithms to generate AI character names. Remember, a name that accurately represents your character’s essence will make them more memorable and engaging.

Crafting a Greeting Message

A greeting message plays a vital role in shaping your AI character’s behavior. Think of it as your character’s introduction to the world, setting the stage for their personality and interactions. Using direct instruction in your greeting message can be more straightforward than composing an extensive character description.

Employing parenthesis as a direct directive to the AI character can also be helpful. For example, if your character is a friendly and helpful bot, your greeting message may begin with the words, “Hello, I’m (character name), and I’m here to assist you with any questions you may have!” This approach ensures your AI character starts on the right foot, setting the tone for all future interactions.

Defining Personality Traits

Defining your AI character’s personality traits is a crucial step in enhancing their performance and making them more lifelike. Character.AI’s personality definition section allows you to input up to 32,000 characters, providing ample space for you to describe your character in detail.

It’s recommended to use the definition (advanced) field and format it in both a user and char style, providing a comprehensive overview of your character’s personality. By clearly defining your AI character’s personality traits, you’ll facilitate improved recall and execution, ensuring your character remains consistent and engaging throughout conversations.

Designing Physical Appearance

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Your AI character’s physical appearance is another vital aspect of their overall persona. Designing their appearance requires considering factors like images, colors, and other features that represent their purpose, personality, and backstory. To make your character truly memorable and distinctive, it’s important to employ a unique color palette, shapes, and exaggerated features.

Be sure to provide a detailed description of your character’s physical appearance, including height, gender, hair, facial features, and size. However, avoid including personality and dialogue in the physical appearance description, as space is limited and token limits may apply.

By meticulously crafting your AI character’s appearance, you’ll create a visually captivating persona that complements their personality and interactions.

Enhancing Conversations with AI Characters

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Engaging in conversations with AI characters can be a captivating and enjoyable experience. To make the most of these interactions, it’s essential to employ certain techniques, such as setting the tone early, adjusting your communication style, and using symbols.

By doing so, you’ll facilitate a more natural dialogue with your AI character and ensure their identity remains consistent throughout the conversation. So let’s delve deeper into these key features, and discover how to create meaningful and engaging conversations with your AI characters.

Setting the Tone Early

Defining the tone at the beginning of interactions with AI characters is crucial for fostering a natural dialogue and establishing the character’s identity. For instance, if your AI character is a helpful person or assistant, you may want to use a polite and respectful tone, employing appropriate language and refraining from slang.

To ensure clarity regarding messages and the bot’s identity, introduce the bot by name, explain its purpose, and make it apparent that the user is interacting with an automated system. By setting the tone early, you’ll prevent misunderstandings and create a more enjoyable and seamless conversation experience.

Adjusting Communication Style

Adapting your communication style when interacting with AI characters is essential for optimizing your conversation experience. One approach is to adopt an assertive communication style, confidently expressing your needs and opinions. For example, if you want to focus on basic conversational phrases, clearly state your intentions to talk to your AI companion.

Utilizing AI tools to analyze speech patterns, tone, and body language can also help improve clarity, confidence, and empathy. Remember, being direct with your AI companion about what you desire can lead to more satisfying and enjoyable interactions.

Managing Multiple Characters

Managing multiple AI characters can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. To ensure each character possesses distinct personalities and objectives, it is imperative to define explicit regulations and priorities for each specific character beforehand. Employing a human-centered design approach can help tailor your AI characters to the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user.

To evaluate the training and monitoring of your AI characters, consider using metrics such as accuracy, speed, and user satisfaction. Additionally, analytics tools can be employed to monitor user interactions and conversations with AI characters.

By effectively managing multiple AI characters, you’ll create a diverse and engaging cast of personas for users to interact with.

Exploring AI Alternatives without NSFW Filters

While Character.AI offers an impressive platform for creating AI characters, but it does have restrictions on NSFW content. For users seeking AI alternatives without NSFW filters, there are several options available, including Tavern AI and Chai App. These platforms not only offer unique features, but also cater to users who prefer unrestricted content.

Let’s take a closer look at these AI alternatives and discover how they compare to Character.AI.

Tavern AI

Tavern AI is an “adventure atmospheric” chat platform that enables users to engage in conversation with characters. Offering features like ready-to-go prompts, group chat, bookmarks, and multi-bot room groups, Tavern AI provides a versatile and immersive chat experience.

Compatible with a range of API platforms, including KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, and OpenAI chatGPT, Tavern AI offers a viable alternative to Character.AI for those seeking a more unrestricted chat experience.

Chai App

Another AI alternative without NSFW filters is the Chai App, a platform that enables users to create bots and customize their own AI characters. While Chai App allows for more open content, it’s important to note that bot creators can access conversations to improve accuracy in responses.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Chai App’s conversations, finding them illogical, inconsistent, and immature. Despite these drawbacks, Chai App remains a popular choice for those seeking an AI chat experience without content restrictions.

Other AI Alternatives

In addition to Tavern AI and Chai App, there are numerous other AI alternatives without NSFW filters for character creation. These include Kajiwoto, Kuki, Cleverbot, LivePerson, Replika, Pygmalion AI, and NovelAI.

Each platform and service offers its own unique features and benefits, providing users with a variety of options to suit their preferences and needs.

Rating and Monitoring AI Characters

To ensure high-quality conversations with AI characters, it’s essential to rate and monitor their interactions. Rating a character’s response on a scale of one to four helps the language model improve the character’s replies in future chats and conversations. Click the arrow next to their reply to review multiple responses. You can also make changes if needed.

Employing Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) is another effective method for refining AI character interactions. By actively rating and monitoring AI characters, you’ll contribute to their ongoing improvement, resulting in more satisfying and engaging conversations.

Character AI Privacy and Security

Understanding Character. AI’s privacy and security policies are crucial for users who value their data protection. These policies encompass data collection and moderation, ensuring that user information is handled responsibly. While it’s likely that Character AI monitors certain components of user data, it’s assumed that they only access conversation history for content moderation purposes.

In terms of updates, users are advised to refrain from downloading the most recent update of Character.AI on iOS until the issue is resolved. By staying informed about Character AI’s privacy and security policies, users can enjoy the platform with peace of mind.

For more info, visit Character.AI Privacy Policy.

Understanding Character AI Rules and Policies

Character AI has established rules and policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for users. These include age restrictions, community standards, and strict prohibitions against advocating criminal activities. NSFW content that is overly suggestive or illegal is not permitted, though ethically ambiguous characters, such as villains, are generally accepted.

By adhering to Character AI’s rules and policies, users can enjoy engaging and meaningful conversations with AI characters without crossing ethical boundaries.

Character AI Revenue Model

Character AI offers a versatile platform for users to create and interact with AI characters. Currently, Character AI is available free of charge, making it accessible to a wide range of users. For those seeking additional features and benefits, Character AI Plus, a premium subscription, is available for $9.99 per month. This subscription grants access to exclusive features such as custom avatars, advanced analytics, and more.

With the recent announcement of a successful $20 million Series A funding round, Character AI continues to expand and improve its platform, offering an increasingly robust user experience.


In conclusion, creating and interacting with AI characters is an exciting and engaging venture that allows users to bring their imagination to life. From selecting names and defining personality traits to managing multiple characters and exploring AI alternatives without NSFW filters, the possibilities are virtually endless. By understanding Character AI’s rules, policies, privacy, and security measures, users can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience while crafting unique and captivating AI personas.

As AI technology continues to advance, the world of AI character creation is bound to evolve and offer even more immersive, fun and personalized experiences. So why not dive in and start crafting your own captivating AI characters today? The adventure awaits!

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