Hungryroot Review: A Game-Changing Meal Delivery Service

Do you dream of a meal delivery service that combines meal planning, grocery shopping, and easy cooking for a healthy lifestyle? Hungryroot may be the answer you’ve been looking for. This innovative meal delivery service offers personalized meal plans, grocery delivery, and simple recipes that cater to your dietary preferences and needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional meal kits and hello to a new era of convenient, healthy eating.

Key Takeaways

  • Hungryroot offers personalized meal plans, flexible subscription pricing and customizable meal plans tailored to individual dietary requirements.

  • Cooking with Hungryroot is an easy and enjoyable experience while the taste test could use some improvement.

  • The service provides efficient customer support & sustainability practices that make it ideal for those seeking convenient dinners but not suitable for honing culinary skills.

Understanding Hungryroot: A Unique Approach


Hungryroot stands out among meal delivery services by offering personalized meal plans, grocery delivery, and easy-to-follow recipes for nutritious meals. This unique approach allows you to enjoy prepared meals without the hassle of traditional meal kits. Hungryroot is committed to providing quick, healthful meals while upholding a mission to promote sustainability and environmental protection through its grocery service.

The advantages of utilizing Hungryroot include:

  • Personalized meal plans

  • Grocery delivery

  • Simple-to-follow recipes

  • The capability to adjust deliveries to specific requirements and desires each week

  • The ability to pause deliveries

  • Personalized recommendations

Hungryroot delivers packaged goods in a manner similar to what one would find at a supermarket, ensuring that customers receive nutritious meals.

Pricing and Plans: Flexibility for Your Lifestyle

Hungryroot offers flexible pricing and plans, including customizable meal plans for healthy meals, grocery add-ons, and the ability to skip or pause deliveries as desired. Consider the worth of the convenience a weekly meal plan provides when using Hungryroot. The cost of a Hungryroot subscription is determined by the number of all in one recipes and servings per week, as well as the inclusion of breakfast, snacks, or sweets.

With a variety of ways to customize the meal delivery service, such as:

  • the quiz

  • meal plan editor

  • food profile

  • grocery preferences

  • recipe finder

It’s easy to enjoy prepared meals tailored to your tastes and needs. Customers can even cancel or exchange entire recipes, giving Hungryroot a flexibility advantage compared to other meal delivery services.

Customizable Meal Plans

Customizable meal plans provide customers with the flexibility to select meals that align with their dietary requirements and household size. A Hungryroot meal kit and grocery delivery subscription plan offers complete customization, allowing you to adjust each meal and item to your individual flavor preferences.

Hungryroot offers customizable meal plans that allow you to:

  • Tailor your delivery to suit your needs

  • Create a meal plan based on the size of your household and dietary preferences

  • Receive personalized recommendations, healthy recipes, and snacks to make meal prep easier

To modify your Hungryroot meal plan, simply navigate to the Shop icon, examine the available options, add the desired recipes or groceries to your plan, and remove any unwanted items.

Grocery Add-Ons

Grocery Add-Ons provide customers with the opportunity to include additional grocery items in their delivery, such as snacks, breakfast options, and pantry staples. Hungryroot even partners with Misfits Market, a grocery delivery service that provides organic fruits and vegetables that grocery stores typically do not accept due to cosmetic reasons.

Misfits Market offers a wide selection of additional grocery and pantry items, such as meats, dairy products, and snacks, most of which are sustainably sourced. Misfits Market also claims their produce is about 40% cheaper than grocery store prices.

Skipping and Pausing Deliveries

Skipping and pausing deliveries offer customers the flexibility to accommodate their shifting schedules or requirements. Once an order is fulfilled and shipped, you can customize your order every week and set a reminder to cancel a few days after confirming your latest order.

You can conveniently cancel or skip deliveries by accessing your account on the Hungryroot app or website. The cutoff time for skipping or pausing a Hungryroot delivery is 7pm ET (4pm PT) on the Monday or Thursday before your upcoming delivery. If there is a delivery problem, Hungryroot’s customer service might provide credits to reduce the cost of an upcoming delivery.

The Hungryroot Experience: From Quiz to Kitchen

Credit: Hungryroot

The Hungryroot experience begins with a food preference quiz, continues with meal selection and customization, and culminates with eco-friendly delivery and packaging. The first step to start with Hungryroot is to complete an online quiz. This quiz asks about your diet needs and preferences, flavor profiles and preferred cuisines, and the number of meals and snacks you want.

Hungryroot allows customers to decide how many meals they want by choosing the quantity of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert servings they wish to receive each week. The meal details include:

  • A large, vivid photo of each dish

  • The recipe title

  • Serving size

  • Prep time

  • A complete list of ingredients

  • Detailed recipe instructions

  • Useful tips for enhancing flavors, like adding lemon or hot sauce.

Food Preference Quiz

The first step in the Hungryroot experience is filling out a food preference quiz. The food preference quiz encompasses:

  • Dietary needs

  • Preferences

  • Delivery information

  • Breakfast, snack, and sweet preferences

  • A “taste for adventure” when it comes to trying new foods.

The food preference quiz requires details regarding:

  • Overall needs and goals

  • Food preferences and allergies

  • The desired number of meals and servings per week

  • Delivery information

You can conveniently alter any of your responses at any time, ensuring your meal plans and deliveries are always tailored to your current needs and preferences.

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Meal Selection and Customization

Meal selection and customization enables customers to customize their meals and groceries prior to confirming their order, providing a personalized experience. Customers have a specified timeframe to make any adjustments to their meals and groceries prior to finalizing their shipment.

You can edit your groceries by following these steps:

  1. Scroll down and click the “edit delivery” button.

  2. A new page will appear with recipe or grocery suggestions.

  3. Use the sidebar to select and remove recipes as per your choosing.

  4. You can also search by recipe type, such as tacos, bowls, salads, and more.

Delivery and Packaging

While the emphasis is on sustainable delivery and packaging, some single-use plastics may still be used. Hungryroot provides a weekly delivery model with free shipping for orders over $70. Orders with a value under $70 incur a shipping fee of $6.99. This charge is added to the total order cost. Customers also have the option to skip any week before the deadline or adjust their meal plan.

The packaging of Hungryroot meals is composed of box, paper cooler, and food protector, all of which are 100% curbside recyclable. Additionally, EnviroIce, a non-toxic freezer gel, is utilized to ensure the food remains fresh and cold during transit. Hungryroot implements several practices to promote sustainability in its delivery and packaging process, such as separating shelf-stable items from chilled items to reduce ice usage and shipping weight, and using recyclable shipping materials.

Cooking with Hungryroot: Easy and Enjoyable

Cooking with Hungryroot is an effortless and enjoyable experience, with pre-measured ingredients and straightforward instructions, making it suitable for those with little cooking experience as well as those with limited time. Many of the ingredients provide cooking instructions on their individual packaging, ensuring a smooth cooking process.

Some heating is needed to plate up the recipes, but the cooking is minimal and easy to handle. The Hungryroot packing list includes all the necessary groceries for the meals, and the accompanying all in one recipe is provided on the same sheet of paper.

Taste Test: Fresh Ingredients with Room for Improvement

Hungryroot meals are crafted with fresh ingredients; however, some dishes may lack a certain level of acidity and freshness. Customers can further enhance the flavor of their meals by adding their own touches, such as lemon or vinaigrette.

The quality of the ingredients in Hungryroot meals is excellent. However, some meals did not meet the nutritional criteria desired by the author. If using the service again, the author would take more time to review the recipes and ensure that the grocery list is adequately stocked with fruits and vegetables to guarantee balanced meals.

Customer Support: Efficient but Limited

Hungryroot offers efficient customer service with quick replies through text and email. Unfortunately, there is not a live chat feature available for immediate assistance. Hungryroot customer support can be contacted through their chatbot on their website or by calling their phone number: (855) 222-0670.

The typical turnaround time for Hungryroot customer support via email is 24 to 48 hours.

Dietary Accommodations: Inclusive and Adaptable

Hungryroot provides a variety of dietary options to meet different restrictions and food preferences, making it a suitable meal delivery service for customers with diverse dietary needs. Hungryroot is pleased to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, including:

  • Dairy-free

  • Peanut-free

  • Tree nut-free

  • Egg-free

  • Soy-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Shellfish-free

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

Customers can contact Hungryroot’s support team or review the item’s description by clicking on its photo on the Groceries page to confirm that specific meals in their meal plan are free of specific allergens.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

At Hungryroot, we place a high priority on sustainability and environmental impact through our eco-friendly packaging methods and ingredient sourcing. Hungryroot utilizes 100% curbside recyclable boxes for weekly deliveries, accompanied by biodegradable ice packs.

Our products are free from any unhealthy ingredients. We do not add:

  • partially hydrogenated oils

  • artificial sweeteners

  • high fructose corn syrup

  • artificial colors

  • artificial preservatives

However, the packaging was the most dissatisfying aspect of the experience for the author.

Who is Hungryroot Best For?

Hungryroot is a perfect solution for individuals or families seeking a convenient, customizable meal delivery service that merges meal planning, grocery shopping, and simple cooking for a healthier lifestyle. Hungryroot may be an ideal choice for those seeking convenient dinners and meals, as it provides ready-to-eat items such as salad kits and soups, and groceries are delivered on a weekly basis.

However, Hungryroot is not suitable for those who wish to hone their culinary skills and create recipes suitable for a dinner party. Hungryroot offers delivery services to many zip codes within the 48 contiguous United States and Washington, D.C., excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


In conclusion, Hungryroot offers a unique meal delivery service that combines personalized meal plans, grocery delivery, and easy-to-follow recipes for a convenient and healthy eating experience. With its flexibility in pricing and plans, customizable meal options, accommodations for various dietary restrictions, and a focus on sustainability, Hungryroot is an excellent choice for individuals and families seeking a convenient and customizable meal delivery service for a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hungryroot cost a month?

Hungryroot’s base cost per month is $70, with different box sizes available ranging from $69 to $129 per week.

Does Hungryroot really give free veggies for life?

Hungryroot offers a selection of free gifts for life, including fresh veggies, when signing up to their subscription service. By completing checkout, customers can receive one free veggie with each Hungryroot delivery for the duration of their subscription.

What happened to Hungryroot?

Hungryroot shut down its own food manufacturing facility and lost all of its revenue overnight in early 2017.

Is Hungryroot a real company?

Yes, Hungryroot is a real company that specializes in all-in-one recipes and grocery services to deliver healthy full-size groceries and easy-to-follow recipes.

How does Hungryroot differ from traditional meal kits?

Hungryroot offers a convenient and healthy eating experience with personalized meal plans, grocery delivery, and simple-to-follow recipes, unlike traditional meal kits which just provide pre-portioned ingredients for fixed recipes.

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