Unlocking the Power of Your COROS Watch: Fit, Function, and Features

Are you in search of the perfect GPS watch to enhance your training experience? Look no further – the COROS watch lineup offers exceptional performance, advanced features, and seamless app integration. Get ready to unlock the power of your COROS watch as we dive into the various models, features, and functions that will help you reach your athletic potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the COROS range of watches for enhanced strength training, battery life & multi-sport capabilities.

  • Unlock powerful features and functions to monitor performance, set goals, analyze data & access professional workouts.

  • Enjoy user satisfaction with reliable performance, dependability and a user friendly interface while maximizing battery life.

Exploring the COROS Watch Range

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COROS watches are designed with athletes in mind, offering a range of models tailored to fit various needs and preferences. The Apex, Pace, and Apex 2 Pro series provide unique features and benefits that set them apart from other GPS watches in the market, such as Garmin. With the user-friendly COROS app, enhanced strength training tracking capabilities, and extended battery life, these watches have quickly become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

The Apex series focuses on durability and multi-sport capabilities, while the lighter Pace series boasts upgraded features and award-winning performance. For those seeking the ultimate training partner, the Apex 2 Pro model offers unique enhancements over the standard Apex 2. No matter your choice, each COROS watch offers a reliable and precise experience to help you take your training to new heights.

Apex Series

Built for athletes with high demands in durability and multi-sport capabilities, the Apex series stands out. With a sapphire glass face and a choice of titanium alloy or stainless steel bezel finishes, these watches can easily transition from the workplace to training sessions. The key features of the Apex series include:

  • Sapphire glass face

  • Titanium alloy or stainless steel bezel finishes

  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 100 hours in UltraMax GPS mode, 35 hours in normal GPS mode, and 30 days in regular usage

These features ensure that your watch will keep up with your active lifestyle.

The Apex 2 and the Apex 2. Pro models offer basic smart features such as:

  • Notifications

  • Alarms

  • Timers

  • Ability to locate your phone and the watch itself

The innovative track running mode guarantees accurate workout tracking, while the compatibility with the COROS Performance Optimization Device (POD) provides advanced running metrics to help you perfect your form. With full GPS mode, you can ensure even greater accuracy during your workouts.

Pace Series

Aiming at athletes who value lightweight design while not compromising on advanced features or performance, the Pace series is an exceptional choice. The COROS Pace 2 offers:

  • Impressive battery life

  • Track mode

  • Precision accuracy

  • Customizable workout options

All of this, including the sleek and lightweight nylon band, is packed into a package priced at $200.

The newest model, COROS Pace 3, takes it a step further by increasing battery life by nearly 30%, upgrading the GPS chipset, and adding offline storage and a touchscreen, all for $229. The Pace 3 watch will be available in four variations at launch. These variations are black with silicone strap, black with nylon strap, white with silicone strap and white with nylon strap.

With the COROS Pace series, you can expect reliable tracking and award-winning performance in a lightweight and comfortable design.

Apex 2 Pro

The Apex 2. Pro model takes the Apex 2 to a new level of performance with unique features and enhancements. The upgraded model includes:

  • An optical heart rate sensor with reinforced components

  • An additional EKG sensor to register heart rate variation, providing more accurate heart rate tracking

  • A dedicated backlight button

  • Improved GPS with support for GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS satellite systems

  • Straps that resemble Apple’s nylon Sport Loop for added comfort.

In terms of accuracy, the Apex 2 Pro has been tested against the Apple Watch Ultra, with the latter being the most accurate, followed by the Apex 2 Pro and then the Apex 2. Despite this, the Apex 2 Pro still offers reliable tracking data for users who prioritize training performance and unique features.

Mastering Your COROS Watch: Key Features and Functions

COROS watches come packed with a variety of features and functions, all targeted at enhancing your training experience. From the powerful EvoLab metrics that monitor training, fatigue, and recovery, to navigation capabilities that ensure you never lose your way, COROS watches are equipped to support your athletic journey.

Beyond tracking progress and recording activities, the COROS app offers the following features:

  • Workout creation and customization

  • Goal setting

  • Performance data analysis

  • Ability to download workouts created by professional athletes and coaches

With these features, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips.

EvoLab Metrics

EvoLab is a groundbreaking tool that provides comprehensive metrics to help you monitor your training and fitness progress. With metrics such as Marathon Level, Running Performance, and Race Predictor, you can analyze your training data and make informed decisions about your workouts.

Marathon Level quantifies your running performance over a period of time, considering factors such as running speed and distance to generate an overall score. Running Performance evaluates your running efficiency by taking into account your running speed, cadence, and other relevant factors.

Race Predictor uses your current running performance to estimate your race time, giving you valuable insights into your potential race outcomes.

COROS watches offer advanced navigation and tracking capabilities, ensuring you stay on course during your outdoor activities. The COROS APEX watch, for example, displays routes as a breadcrumb trail, providing real-time data on heading and elevation, as well as alerts to help you stay on course.

For those looking to enhance their running metrics, the COROS Performance Optimization Device (POD) offers real-time power and form data as you run. This compact device attaches to your COROS watch, providing additional metrics and data to help you optimize your performance.

Customizable Workouts

Creating and customizing workouts on your COROS watch is a breeze with the COROS app. With over 200 preloaded exercises for strength training, you can easily personalize your workouts to fit your specific needs and goals.

The app also enables you to create structured workouts and modify the workout name, description, and type, such as running or strength training.

To further enhance your training experience, you can access workouts created by professional athletes and coaches from coros.com. These downloadable programs offer valuable insights and guidance, as well as training features, to help you reach your full potential in your chosen sport.

For more info, visit Coros Apex Review | Fit, Function and Features You’ll Want.

COROS App Integration

The COROS app is an essential tool for optimizing the performance of your COROS watch. With features like tracking progress, recording activities, and discovering new routes, the app provides a seamless experience for monitoring and assessing your workouts and performance data.

Apart from activity tracking, the COROS app offers workout customization, goal setting, and performance data analysis. With the ability to integrate with third-party services such as Strava, Apple Health, and Komoot, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and resources to help you make the most of your COROS watch.

Connectivity and Accessories

With a variety of connectivity options and accessories, COROS watches augment your training experience. With compatibility for Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi, you can easily connect your watch to a variety of devices and services. The watches also support integration with Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while you train.

In addition to connectivity, COROS offers a selection of accessories such as straps, cases, and charging docks to personalize your watch and optimize its performance. The COROS Performance Optimization Device (coros pod) is a standout accessory, providing advanced running metrics and real-time data to help you fine-tune your training.

Comparing COROS to Other Brands

Even though COROS watches boast an extensive array of features and capabilities, comparing them to other popular brands like Garmin and Polar remains crucial. COROS watches feature a dial on the side for navigation, while other brands may use a variety of buttons or a touchscreen interface. Additionally, COROS is particularly focused on training performance, while other brands may offer a combination of lifestyle features and fitness tracking.

In terms of accuracy, Garmin watches are renowned for their GPS tracking, especially in complex environments, utilizing gps glonass galileo systems. However, COROS provides cost-effective GPS sports watches with regular updates and a solid track record. While comparing COROS to other brands, keep your preferences and priorities in mind as each brand has its unique strengths and weaknesses.

That said, many users have reported a high level of satisfaction with COROS watches, praising their performance and dependability. With a user-friendly interface, reliable tracking data, and a focus on training performance, COROS watches have quickly gained a loyal following among fitness enthusiasts.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

To fully utilize your COROS watch, maximizing its battery life is crucial. Some tips for optimizing battery life include turning off features that are not in use, reducing the brightness of the display, and avoiding exposing the watch to extreme temperatures.

Another strategy for increasing longer battery life is:

  • Implementing power-saving mode

  • Disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

  • Monitoring your extra long battery life using the battery level indicator on the watch face

  • Using the COROS app to check the battery level

  • Setting up battery notifications using the COROS app.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In spite of their numerous benefits, occasional issues can arise with COROS watches, such as heart rate accuracy and GPS inconsistencies. For example, the Coros Apex watch has been reported to have inaccurate heart rate readings.

To address this issue, it’s suggested to use a chest strap for more accurate heart rate monitoring. Additionally, foot pod sensors can be used to improve GPS accuracy in challenging environments. By troubleshooting these common issues, you can enhance your COROS watch experience and ensure reliable performance during your workouts.

User Testimonials and Feedback

Real-world feedback on COROS watches’ performance and reliability can greatly aid your decision-making process when choosing the right GPS watch. Users have expressed positive sentiments regarding COROS watches, lauding their performance, dependability, and user-friendly interface.

While no watch is perfect, COROS users have found that the watches offer a reliable and precise experience, even in challenging conditions. With a focus on training performance and a user-friendly design, it’s no wonder that COROS watches have quickly gained a loyal following among fitness enthusiasts.


In conclusion, COROS watches offer a range of models, features, and functions designed to support and enhance your training experience. From the durable Apex series to the lightweight Pace series and the advanced Apex 2 Pro model, there’s a COROS watch to suit every athlete’s needs. By mastering the key features and functions, maximizing battery life, and troubleshooting common issues, you can unlock the power of your COROS watch and reach new heights in your athletic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is COROS better than Garmin?

Based on its features, battery life, design, multisport tracking, and warranty, COROS is better than Garmin.

Is COROS a Chinese company?

Yes, COROS is a Chinese company.

Is the COROS watch worth it?

The Coros Apex Pro is an excellent multisport watch with a reliable build quality and amazing battery life. It has a simple design and omits the extras, making it the perfect choice for those who just want the essentials.

However, its features may not justify the $500 price tag compared to some of its competitors.

What is the difference between the COROS Apex, Pace, and Apex 2 Pro series?

The COROS Apex series is built for durability and multi-sport capabilities, the Pace series offers a lightweight design with advanced features, and the Apex 2 Pro adds enhanced features compared to the Apex 2.

How can I customize workouts on my COROS watch?

You can customize workouts on your COROS watch by creating and personalizing them with the COROS app, setting goals, and tracking your performance data.

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