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Digital footprint header

January 24, 2022

9 Steps to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Using the internet is like walking through a patch of mud. No matter where you go, you leave behind a footprint that others can see. While this can help you stay connected with a larger world, it also puts your personal information on display, which reduces your security and privacy online. When some people learn […] Read more
Erase Your Search History

January 10, 2022

Privacy Tip of the Week: Erase Your Browsing History

Browsing history is a collection of data about the activity you conduct while surfing the web. It includes things like the websites you visit, and the files you download. For the most part, the history collected makes web surfing more convenient for the user. You can take a look back at the pages you’ve visited […] Read more
The Pros and Cons of Using a Private Search Engine

January 2, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Using a Private Search Engine

Private search engines are a safer alternative to traditional search engines like Google and Bing. Their main goal is, well, exactly what it seems: to protect the privacy of their users. However, many people are hesitant to make the switch to a new search provider because they worry that they will lose the convenience and […] Read more
Turn Off Autofill

December 20, 2021

Privacy Tip of the Week: Turn Off Autofill

Autofill technology is ubiquitous online; chances are, you’ve used it many times in the past. It allows a website to pre-fill a response field on behalf of the user. Like with most modern technology, autofill has evolved to make our lives more convenient. Gone are the days of having to remember your password for every […] Read more
What's the Big Deal With Two-Factor Authentication and Why Should You Use It?

December 13, 2021

What’s the Deal With Two-Factor Authentication & Why Should You Use It?

We use the internet for almost everything, every day. This includes emails, banking, social media, work, and anything in between. By managing our personal lives online, we put our personal lives on the line. Hacks and breaches of data happen every day and with increasing frequency and severity, If your information is stolen in those […] Read more
Privacy Tip of the Week: Never Use Public WiFi

November 19, 2021

Privacy Tip of the Week: Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Sometimes you need to send an email, check your banking information, find directions, or just do a simple online search when you’re out in public. To make that easier, many businesses and even cities are offering free public wi-fi. While it’s convenient and saves you from burning through your cellular data or having to go […] Read more
How to Use Location Services Safely

November 12, 2021

How to Use Location Services Safely

Location services are great. They help you navigate the world through maps, keep you safe by alerting emergency first responders to your location, and keep you connected with friends, family and the world at large. But by being able to track your location at any given time, location services also pose a threat to your […] Read more
Privacy Tip of the Week: Keep Your Software Updated

November 5, 2021

Privacy Tip of the Week: Keep Your Software Updated

Software updates are annoying. Sometimes it seems like there’s a new one every day. Even when they install automatically, they take time to finish and may prevent you from using your device until then. But software updates are important for maintaining your security and privacy online. Even if they’re temporarily inconvenient, the benefits outweigh the […] Read more
How to Make Your Smart Home Privacy-Friendly

October 29, 2021

How to Make Your Smart Home Privacy-Friendly

Smart home devices are great. They can control our lights and thermostats, they can read you a recipe while you make dinner, they can play music, and so much more. Whether you have a home assistant, smart TV, security camera, smart thermostat, or all of the above and more, there’s no denying that these gadgets […] Read more
Password protect your smart devices

October 19, 2021

Privacy Tip of the Week: Password Protect Your Smart Devices

The world we live in today is a “smart” one. Smart devices number in the billions and range from smartphones and tablets to home thermostats and digital assistants. In general, they make life easier but there’s often a trade-off as they may collect your personal data. Some devices, like smartphones, keep that information within their […] Read more