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May 8, 2022

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Using a VPN Service in 2022

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Using a VPN Service in 2019

A VPN, or “virtual private network” is a security technology that allows a person to safely browse the web without fearing for their privacy. VPNs add a layer of encryption to your devices that keeps your data hidden from prying eyes. They can also make it look as if you’re using the internet from an […] Read more

Secure Messaging Header

April 24, 2022

What to Look For in Secure Message Apps
Two hundred years ago, we sent messages by written letter. Then we moved to the telegraph, followed soon after by the telephone. When we invented the internet, communication was revolutionized once more. We were able to send messages instantly around the world in the form of email, and texting came in short order. Now, the […] Read more
Keep personal photos private

April 14, 2022

Privacy Tip of the Week: Keep Personal Photos Private
Thirty years ago, the idea of always having a camera in our pockets was unthinkable. But today, we’re living in the age of the selfie. There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, or one out of every three people. For every square mile of habitable land on earth, there’s approximately 110 smartphones in […] Read more
Privacy Tip of the Week: Using Multiple Web Browsers to Protect Privacy

March 29, 2022

Privacy Tip of the Week: Using Multiple Web Browsers to Protect Privacy
Web browsers are your portal to the internet. They allow you to access and search the world of online information, stay connected with people halfway around the globe, work from anywhere, and more. Most people use one or two browsers for everything they do online, especially because the devices we buy come with browsers pre-installed. […] Read more
What you should know before searching your name online

March 18, 2022

What You Should Know Before Searching Your Name Online: 9 Privacy Tips
Searching your name online is for the very famous, or the very vain, right? Wrong. What most people don’t know is that it’s a good idea to search for your name online every once in a while. Other people almost certainly do. The internet has become a powerful tool to find out private details about […] Read more
Privacy Tip of the Week: Remove Yourself From Email Lists

February 20, 2022

Privacy Tip of the Week: Remove Yourself From Email Lists
You’re probably on an email – or subscriber – list, even if you don’t know it. They’re used by businesses, blogs, forums, and more, as a method of reaching a massive audience with a single message. The people on email lists may receive coupons, news, discussion summaries, etc. While some of this may be helpful, […] Read more
Computer hacking

February 7, 2022

Hacker’s Game: 10 Things Hollywood Got Wrong About Computer Hacking
We’ve all seen it in the movies: a hacker hunches over his computer in a darkened room. He’s wearing a dark sweater with the hood pulled up; there’s often a can of Red Bull nearby. And suddenly, the heroes of the film realize they’re being hacked and they deploy their own computer expert to desperately […] Read more
Digital footprint header

January 24, 2022

9 Steps to Reduce Your Digital Footprint
Using the internet is like walking through a patch of mud. No matter where you go, you leave behind a footprint that others can see. While this can help you stay connected with a larger world, it also puts your personal information on display, which reduces your security and privacy online. When some people learn […] Read more
Erase Your Search History

January 10, 2022

Privacy Tip of the Week: Erase Your Browsing History
Browsing history is a collection of data about the activity you conduct while surfing the web. It includes things like the websites you visit, and the files you download. For the most part, the history collected makes web surfing more convenient for the user. You can take a look back at the pages you’ve visited […] Read more
The Pros and Cons of Using a Private Search Engine

January 2, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Using a Private Search Engine
Private search engines are a safer alternative to traditional search engines like Google and Bing. Their main goal is, well, exactly what it seems: to protect the privacy of their users. However, many people are hesitant to make the switch to a new search provider because they worry that they will lose the convenience and […] Read more
Turn Off Autofill

December 20, 2021

Privacy Tip of the Week: Turn Off Autofill
Autofill technology is ubiquitous online; chances are, you’ve used it many times in the past. It allows a website to pre-fill a response field on behalf of the user. Like with most modern technology, autofill has evolved to make our lives more convenient. Gone are the days of having to remember your password for every […] Read more