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September 10, 2020

3 Online Dangers of Public Wi-Fi a VPN Can Protect You From

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More and more, people find themselves glued to their mobile devices, struggling to go a day without connecting to the internet—even risking connecting to public wi-fi just to have connectivity. Unfortunately, public networks are fraught with dangers and few users take steps to protect themselves and their privacy online. If you’re constantly connected you should consider installing a VPN on your devices to protect yourself from the online dangers of public wi-fi such as:

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Network snooping
  • Malware software applications
  • How to protect yourself from the online dangers of public wi-fi

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Many public wi-fi networks offer free internet, but not secure internet access. When you connect to a wi-fi network that doesn’t offer strong security, it’s possible for an attacker to stand in between you and the internet server you’re using. 

These hackers can monitor your online activities and acquire your private data, including your account information and credit card details, depending on what you’re doing online. They can also install dangerous software on your device without your knowledge.

A VPN encrypts your online activity and prevents these attacks from happening.

Network Snooping

A hacker can easily break through the barriers of a free wi-fi network that doesn’t have password protection; in fact, they don’t even have to break in, thanks to the lack of protection. Once they’re in, they can observe the flow of user activity without being detected, to the point where they can see everything happening on your screen. Whether you’re making a transaction or logging into your accounts, an attacker can easily acquire your information and get away with it—without anyone the wiser!

By installing a VPN, you can prevent this from happening.

Malware Software Applications

Aside from eavesdropping on your activity online, a hacker can also introduce malware software onto your device, manipulating your data to their advantage—unless you’re using a reliable VPN service to protect from such attacks.

How to Protect Yourself from the Online Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

The dangers of using public wi-fi shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the internet. Instead, you should find ways of protecting yourself. Using a VPN is one efficient way of solving this problem.

Instead of sending and receiving data from your device to an independent web server, a VPN sends all the information through its own server. This protects against potential attacks by encrypting your data, so the hacker can no longer see what you’re doing online.

Before you download a VPN, it’s vital to note that all VPNs are different—not all of them can keep you safe from harm. Attackers can still penetrate through some VPNs due to poor encryption capabilities and security. Vet your VPN thoroughly.


Using a VPN on public wi-fi is one of the best ways of staying safe from online dangers. These tools prioritize your security and keep attackers from accessing your private data.

Are you looking for a good VPN service to protect you from online attacks? At HotBot VPN, we are dedicated to maintaining your privacy, security, and freedom. Get in touch with us today for more information, or download our app from the Play Store!

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