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January 7, 2021

3 Ways a VPN Can Help Elevate Your Digital Experience

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Virtual private networks are a remarkable tool used for keeping the online world safer for everyone. They protect users’ identities and free access to restricted content, both of which play key roles in keeping the World Wide Web free and accessible to anyone. In 2021, VPNs have become the main choice for good online security. They’re the first line of defense against hackers, increased surveillance, tracked advertising, and more. Beyond security, however, VPNs have also become valuable for other reasons, including online shopping, accessing public wi-fi, and unlocking digital content. Here’s how a good VPN can elevate your digital experience:

  • Enhance your online shopping experience
  • Safely use public wi-fi
  • Access locked content

Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience 

The modern shopping experience has come a long way from the days of general stores and catalogues. Now, almost every retailer has an online store and a global presence. Despite the fact that these things make shopping easier for the average consumer, there are still barriers to a full shopping experience that most people don’t even realize.

For example, when you shop online, the websites you visit can check your IP address and see where you’re shopping from. As a result, they can change the prices of the products you’re looking for. Shoppers in Canada versus the USA may see the same items, but wildly different prices (even with currency exchange factored in). This tactic is especially common in the travel industry; airlines, hotels, and car rental services notoriously show different prices to customers based on their location. 

You can prevent yourself from falling victim to price hikes by using a VPN to mask your real location. A good VPN service allows you to choose a new, temporary IP address from a variety of locations around the world. With this in mind, you can shop for the products you want, changing locations as many times as you need to, to get the best possible price. 

Safely Use Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi is a convenient way of browsing the internet when you’re out and about. It saves you from using your precious, expensive data, and makes day-to-day errands easier. Unfortunately, most people don’t stop to think about the possible consequences of using public wi-fi because they don’t realize this digital experience has any. Unfortunately, public networks open users up to a wide range of privacy breaches. Phishers and hackers can connect to those same networks and spy on the activities of anyone using them without protection. This is especially true for networks that don’t even use password protection. A quick trip to the mall can end in identity theft for the unsuspecting patron.

A quality VPN takes care of this common cybersecurity threat. By encrypting your online activity, hackers and snoops on public wi-fi won’t be able to see and steal your activity or information; they’ll instead get an eyeful of unusable gibberish. Even if you choose not to use a VPN on your private home network, always make sure you have one activated when you’re on the go on an unprotected network.

Access Locked Content

The World Wide Web more or less contains the sum of human knowledge and experience. It contains multitudes of content, from scientific studies to blockbuster movies, and everything in between. We use the web to connect to other people, as well. While many believe this tool, one of the greatest ever created by humankind, and all the content on it should be free and accessible to everyone, others disagree. Sometimes that disagreement takes the insidious form of government censorship, and other times it manifests itself in copyright laws that prevent specific content from being viewed outside of specific geographic regions. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to accept locked content any longer.

A reliable VPN changes your IP address and routes your activity through servers anywhere in the world. A user in Canada can make it appear as though they’re really in the US in order to enter streaming platforms like HBO Max. This goes for residents of virtually any other country in the world.


The goal of most VPN providers is to create a safe, accessible digital environment for internet users. With a VPN, you can improve your overall digital experience and don’t have to fear censorship, snoops, and other barriers to free, fair, and safe access. All that’s left to do now is choose a VPN service!

If you’re on the hunt for a safe, secure, and high-quality solution, HotBot VPN is the choice for you. We offer you a quality VPN service, free from Big Surveillance and other threats to your online privacy. You can download our service today from the Play Store, Apple Store, or for Windows devices.

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