3 Ways to Speed Up Your PC

When people start noticing their PCs declining in speed, the first impulse generally is to exchange the old machine into a sparkling new one that won’t have any speed issues. However, the website Appuals can breathe new life into your old PC without having to replace it. You might actually just have to do some tweaking to make it faster again. Here are the 3 easiest and fastest way to get your computer acting like it’s new again.

1. Streamline the startup

One of the most annoying things about a slow computer is the startup process. It can take ages to get the computer up and ready for use. The number of programs that automatically starts up when you turn on your computer might just be the cause of this slow process.

The best way to speed up this process is by switching off some of the automatic startup option for the programs that you don’t really need right when you turn your computer on. This will return your computer to the most basic startup process it had when you first got it.

2. Spring clean your computer

If you’ve had your computer for a few years, chances are you’ve downloaded programs on there that you don’t use any longer. Deleting and uninstalling these programs will make room in your hard drive for faster speeds in your computer. You can also get an external hard drive to transfer some or all of your existing files, documents, photos, and the like out of your computer. Freeing up your hard drive of existing files will bring it speed levels back up.

You also want to make sure that the programs you’re using or downloading are the best there is. For example, look for the best Internet browsing program instead of just using the default that came with your computer. Do research on applications that require less RAM to function. Those programs will start up and work faster altogether.

3. Don’t forget to update

It’s a tedious task that your computer requires you to do once in a while, but it’s also a task that you are likely to keep postponing over and over again. It is a hassle when you need to use your computer and it asks you to restart it so it can do updates. The thing is updating is pretty much the easiest way to guarantee that your computer is working to its full potential. If you don’t update, your computer will basically have to work twice as hard to run updated programs and applications.

The best way to go about updates is to just set it up to download automatically. If you’re at the point where you’ve been hitting the “remind me later” button for a few months now and are no longer sure how your computer is still functioning, go to your settings to see which updates you are in need of downloading. Make sure that you manually download all of them and not just a few. Once you’ve activated automatic updating, you’ll never have to worry about accumulating updates ever again.

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