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May 22, 2020

4 Key VPN Factors to Consider When Looking for a VPN Service

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For the uninitiated, a virtual private network helps turn a public and monitored internet connection into a private and secure one. With this tool, users can send and receive data via shared or public networks with full anonymity and security. However, the ultimate goal of a VPN is to ensure secure internet access for safe web viewing and browsing experiences.

When it comes to VPN options, user needs typically vary from one person to another. When picking the right service, you should first assess your internet access needs and the solutions that a particular VPN provider can offer. 

Take a look at four key VPN factors to consider when looking for the right service for you:

  • Home network access
  • Security
  • Geo-location shifting
  • Anonymity

One: Home Network Access

Some virtual private network services provide users access to remote networks. However, these services are designed for businesses who have employees working offsite. For individuals, this can be expensive and not very helpful. Instead, individual users should look for a VPN that can be connected to a personal device like a computer or smartphone. Some VPNs are also compatible with home wi-fi routers so all activity conducted on that network is protected.

Two: Security

Privacy and security are top considerations when connecting to the internet, especially if the network is a public one. For example, the public wi-fi at a mall, coffee shop, or even in a hotel is open to all and activity is often visible to all. This is where using a virtual private network comes into the picture for your online security, and why security is a crucial VPN factor. Choose a service with top-rated encryption and a good track record for privacy. If your main use for a virtual private network is to connect to public wi-fi, don’t worry too much about the bandwidth offered by a service either. VPNs are also great services for browsing the web at home, especially when shopping online or using social media.

Three: Geo-Location Shifting

Another VPN factor worth considering is the need for geo-location shifting. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to appear in another country so you can access specific content, then a VPN is your best friend. For instance, if you want to watch a video on the BBC website, you typically have to be located in the UK to do so, otherwise you may find yourself locked out. If you happen to be in Canada, a VPN service can be the key to unlocking the content you need. Choose a service with a wide range of servers in a variety of countries to make use of this feature.

Four: Anonymity 

There are plenty of VPN providers on the market. While most of them commit to providing anonymity, the truth is, only a few can actually deliver on this promise. If your privacy needs are more serious than streaming TV or browsing social media, then finding the right VPN is crucial. In addition, some users combine a VPN with other privacy tools such as Tor to remain anonymous at all times.


Overall, choosing the right virtual private network service for personal use can make a difference in your online experience. However, be sure to consider the four top VPN factors when looking for the right service to meet your needs. Having home network access, top security, geo-location shifting, and anonymity are all key features that indicate a good VPN service. 

HotBot VPN provides private and secure internet access while meeting all four key VPN factors. If you need a secure and reliable network for your internet needs, get in touch with us today!

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