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May 21, 2019

4 Reasons to Use Multiple Email Addresses to Protect Your Privacy

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When email was invented in the early 1970s, it revolutionized how information is shared between people. It quickly took over snail mail as the preferred method of sending letters and other forms of communication. It also helped put personal information on the internet for strangers to see. While email is relatively secure, there are a few ways it impacts privacy. Email addresses come attached with a name, and they allow spam and strangers to reach out to you. However, you can help protect your privacy by using more than one email address. Using multiple email addresses will:

  • Filter spam
  • Separate business and personal
  • Keep your identity secret
  • Act as a back up

Filter Spam

Sometimes you have to provide your email address to access services online. For example, making an online purchase or signing up for social media usually requires an email address. However, those services also often come with annoying, spammy emails that you don’t want to receive (and can’t always easily opt out of). Instead of cluttering your main email address with those messages, use a second address. This also helps protect your information in the event of a data breach on the side of the services you sign up for.

Separate Business and Personal

Email is a great way to communicate in a professional capacity. To keep it professional, however, often means using your real name and posting your contact information on a business website. By doing that, you run the risk of your information falling into the hands of strangers you don’t want contacting you, or having business contacts reaching out at all times of the day with no reprieve. To avoid this, use separate emails for your business and personal life. Only give the barest of details in your public business account, to keep your information safe.

Keep Your Identity Secret

In some cases, you have to provide your email address and name to be able to take certain actions online. Those actions may include signing up for social media, writing reviews, commenting on articles, or participating in forum discussions. However, these situations also often make your email address public. Rather than give up your personal email address and identity, use another email with a name that doesn’t easily tie to you.

Act as a Back Up

When you set up an email account, it’s a great idea to also have a second account that can be used to recover passwords and manage unauthorized access alerts. This helps to keep your account more secure and private.

Creating two different email addresses is an excellent, and simple way to protect your privacy online. Keep an eye out for more tips on how to further keep yourself protected, like using a VPN while you work online!

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