4 Ways To Track Current Running Train Status In India

Running Train is a web application launched by Semleap. With the help of the running train web portal you can track train running status. Indian Railways established a new subsidiary to book tickets using the internet known as IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). The primary motive is to handle catering, tourism, and online ticketing operations.

Passengers can now spot their train from running train website. Here we can be able to know the exact location of the train. Most of the people must be wondering how to see the location of any running train. IRCTC has kept GPS tracking on each train to locate anywhere in India.

4 Different ways to track running train status

There are 4 ways to track the running train in India. Here we have listed some good websites where you can find your journey train while travelling. IRCTC has setup many servers to locate all the train using GPS service. Sometimes you will not able to get the information of the running train due to heavy traffic on web or maintenance problem.

In such cases you can try these websites listed below as they may connect the best server to get the real time data of the running train.

  1. Runningtrain.in – Official Website

    Go to running train website to track the location of any running train in India. On the main panel, you’ll find an option to enter the train number.
    Enter the train number you wish to track using the server. Click submit option to know real time data of running train such as train number, train name, location of the running train and the journey date. Usually long destination trains run 2 or 3 days depending on the distance.

  2. Indian railways – Through IRCTC Official Website

    You can even check the running train status from the official railways website. All you need is your train number to track down your journey. When you open the main website you’ll find Spot your train option the menu bar. Enter the train number and click enter button.
    Then you need to select the journey destination, journey date from the list. As soon as you enter you’ll get the status and location of the running train.

  3. Erail – Partner Site Of IRCTC

    Go to Erail website to track the train location in India using the GPS and servers.
    On the main page, enter the train number and hit enter. The real time data appears below where you’ll get to know the train location.

Do not enter the train number if isn’t travelling on that day because you’ll not get any information about it.

  1. Spottrain.in – Another Portal Website

    There is another method to spot the running train using this website. Go to spot train website. In the main page, you’ll see a search box option to enter the input. Enter the train number and hit enter. You’ll get the real time data such as the location of the active running train travelling between two destinations.
    Here, we can help you to check the status of the running train. All you need is to visit the moving train website to know the real-time data of the moving train.

You just need your train number to locate your train from your mobile phone or the website.
• Go to the running train website to locate the moving train.
• Enter your five digit train number and click on submit to get the real-time data.
• Now you get the data of the train such as the train name, source destination, the status of the train and journey date.

IRCTC updates the train location status for every 5-10 minutes. Now passengers can be able to locate their train quickly and know if the train is about to come or is departed before.

If you aren't able to get the real-time data of the running train, then there are two possibilities to look for
• Check if you have entered the correct train number
• Sometimes the servers are busy due to heavy internet traffic, and people could not be able to get the data.
In this case, passengers are required to try again (probably after 5-10 minutes) to get the location status of the train.

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