5 Dog Accessories Every Owner Must Have

If you have a dog then you know that it pays to be prepared with the proper accessories whether it's a simple toy or something as critical as a service dog harness. It's best to be prepared for any situation when you own a dog, and these items listed below should be able to help you cover the basics.

1) Leashes of different lengths
For some people a retractable leash is simpler and much less fuss, but in truth this can confuse many dogs as they have to continually adjust to the varying length of the leash and the freedom it offers them. The chance of losing or misplacing a leash if very real, but regardless possessing several leashes of differing length will allow your dog a measure of consistency when you take them for a walk.

2) Food and water dishes
It goes without saying that dogs need their own dishes to eat and drink out of. Make certain that their main dishes are not plastic, especially in their puppy years. The longer you can make a food or water dish last the easier it becomes to train a dog to recognize their own bowl.

3) Collapsible water dish
When going on long walks or taking your dog to the park it's necessary to plan ahead and make certain that they have a source of water to keep hydrated. Another benefit of a collapsible travel dish is that you know very well when it was cleaned last and that it is safe for your dog to drink from. While some areas might offer a water source or communal dishes for dogs it is much safer to bring a collapsible dish to avoid spreading or exposing your dog to any unwanted diseases.

4) A prescription for parasite control
No matter which part of the world you live in there are bound to be parasites of some sort that can be picked up in various ways by your dog. By taking the necessary precautions and putting your dog on a preventative medicine that guards against such parasites you can save your dog a great deal of harm and trouble.

5) Poop bags
No one wants to step in what your dog has left, and you don't want to have to clean off your shoes whenever you go walking in an area that many dogs frequent. Poop bags come in convenient rolls that last for a month or more depending on how often your dog needs to do their business. These bags are easy to insert in a container that can in turn be attached to most leashes to cut down on the amount of items you'll have to carry.


Being prepared can save you and your dog a great deal of hassle when taking a walk or visiting a dog park or just laying around your home. By keeping the necessities on hand you'll be able to make life much more comfortable for you and your canine companion.

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