5 Most Common Illness to Get A Doctors Note For

Whether you're generally sick or just don't want to go into work there is a certain amount of decorum to getting a doctor's note. If you need a doctor's note you might want to check out bestfakedoctornotes.net.. If nothing else it will give you an idea of what constitutes a common but non-threatening condition that will be enough to keep you from having to make your way through another dreary day. While the site might seem a bit suspect, it is lauded by its many clients as a surefire way to get out of work for at least a day or two. With that being said it is still important to know just what to claim before you call in. You want your disease to sound believable without causing a massive amount of concern.

5 Most Common Diseases

1) Common Cold

The sniffles, sore throat, red eyes and nose, and scratchy voice are all symptoms of the common cold, and the condition is usually contagious enough in its beginning stage that most employers will gladly tell you to stay home. Still, if you walk into work without showing any outward signs that you're getting over this condition it's best to be armed with a doctor's note.

2) Stomach Flu

This is the type of condition that is rarely ever questioned as it can last for as little as 24 hours and is an absolutely miserable situation to be in if it's real. Typically you won't need a doctor's note for this unless the flu strain going around is supposed to be a particularly nasty one.

3) Strep Throat

Many of the symptoms for this condition mirror those of the flu and the common cold, but in many ways it's much worse. It is a miserable condition that is very hard to fake and will no doubt require a doctor's note, which means that bestfakedoctorsnotes.net will become your best friend if you happen to claim this condition when taking a day off.

4) Pink Eye

You will most definitely need a note for this if you decide to claim it as your reason for missing work. Not only is this illness absolutely miserable when it's real, but it's highly contagious. Expect your co-workers to keep their distance when you return to work, as no one wants to spread this nasty disease around.

5) Ear Infection

Like the other conditions listed above, this one is quite troubling when it's real, and it will cause your boss and co-workers to look at you with concern once you return. This condition has the unwanted effect of destroying your sense of balance and creating massive instability. Keep a doctor's note handy if you take this risk.


Being overworked and worn out is understandable. Taking a day or two off due to an illness is an acceptable idea, but think hard about which illness you want to claim before making that call into work, and always have a doctor's note ready.

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