5 Tips Before You Purchase a Premium WordPress Theme For A Comparison Site

WordPress had become one of the most use content management systems in the world. Big brand such as Sony, TechCrunch and Microsoft are using WordPress for their blog. There are tons of free WordPress themes you can download in official WordPress themes repository but sometime you need to find a more customize premium

WordPress theme so your WordPress website will look different and unique than others.
Finding a suitable premium theme for your WordPress website is not easy, there are few factors you need to consider before purchasing one. Here are 5 useful tips you can follow to purchase a premium WordPress theme:

Is it responsive?

Mobile friendly or responsive is now a must-have condition for building a theme. According to statistic, more than 60% internet users are now using their mobile devices such as mobile phone or laptop to browse online. Therefore you need a theme that can adapt the screen size of multiple devices, not for computer desktop only.

Is it customizable?

Since WordPress version 3.4, you can add customizer API into your theme. It allows you to add settings to control the appearance of your theme. You can add setting to change the fonts and the colors of any element in your theme such as navigation, header, background and many other unlimited possibilities. This will save you time and money from hiring a WordPress developer to customize the theme for you.

Is there after sales support?

Most people underestimate the importance of theme support. Even if you’re a web developer yourself, sometime working on other people work will be difficult. You could choose to ask for support in WordPress forums but what better support than the theme developer himself. The theme developer knows about the theme you purchased more than anyone else. You will be glad that themes support is there when you needed them.

Is it plugin dependable?

When you visit the premium theme’s demo, you’ll be fascinated by all the functions and features the theme showed. Maybe a drag & drop features, beautiful carousel slider, an Ajax clock or even some animated effect on web element. However before you decided to purchase the theme, you’ll need to know if all the whistle and bell are built-in or the result from using WordPress plugins hence plugin dependable. You might consider the possibility of disable some features in your premium theme in the future but can this be done? Will it break your site if done so? Using the premium theme store pre-sale Q&A would be the wise choice before making purchase.

Most importantly is the license issue

Unlike notable premium themes vendors such as studiopress or elegant themes, themeforest - the largest premium themes marketplace have a different license for multiple usage of their themes. Buyer can purchase a theme there but they can only use the theme they purchased in one site and one domain only. You can’t use it in multiple client projects or personal project which sometime is a different domain sites. You may think this is not a big issue since everyone is using the theme in multiple domain anyway but consider this, it might bite you in the end if the website you build for your clients noticed by the theme author and he or she decide to take legal action on you or your clients for breaching license agreement. This is not a joke, there had been cases where licensing issue have been taken to court for settlement. Imagine you have to pay 1000 times the price of the theme you purchased.
So if you’re going to purchase a premium theme, make sure the theme license allow you to use the theme in multiple website for client or personal project. Couples of good choices are elegant themes’s divi or studiopress’s genesis theme. These premium themes vendors allow you to use their theme in multiple domain and website.

Final Note

Don’t be afraid to ask question before you buy a premium theme, browse online and see what the WordPress community is saying about the theme you’re planning to purchase. There should be some reviews on good or bad of certain premium theme, look it up and take note on the review. See if the premium theme vendor social pages such as Facebook or Twitter are active, you’ll be glad and comfortable to know whether their support or media staff is active and answer inquiries in social media.

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