5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

Over the years, spring cleaning has emerged to become one of those rituals many households carry out whenever the month of March approaches and rightfully so. Getting rid of the accumulated dirt can prove to be quite challenging, try and source a house cleaning service if possible.

For the die-hard DIY’er, the eventful tradition usually involves a number of cleaning applications ranging from wiping out the hanging cobwebs that had accumulated over the cold season, to restoring the entire household back to its best form. If you think you are up to the task, here are some essential spring cleaning tips to help you navigate the entire exercise in a seamless fashion.


Dusting the Blinds

There is no doubt that blinds accumulate a considerable amount of dirt over the winter period. However, there is no cause for alarm as the application of a dryer sheet to wipe the dust from your blinds should work some magic. Cleaning using dryer sheets builds up static, which prevents dirt from resettling on your blinds – now you know.

Spotless Windows

With hot weather conditions fast approaching, it is highly likely you are going to keep the windows open just to keep the sweltering heat at bay. Therefore, enhancing their sheen by keeping them as clean as possible should be your paramount priority. To achieve this, your safest bet lays in investing in a topnotch glass cleaner designed to clean both sides of the window in simplistic fashion; as you allow the much needed sunshine to penetrate.

Appliance check

The kitchen is often regarded as the most sensitive area of any household, meaning you’ll require a lot of diligence when it comes to wiping down the numerous appliances based here. From microwaves to coffee makers, and even blenders, these appliances call for intense scrubbing applications to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Other appliances around the home may also require thorough scrubbing – more so those rarely used over the winter.
Deep cleaning the bathroom

There is nothing as humiliating as letting your guests step into a murky bathtub. Whereas it is advisable to clean it year-round even during those regular routine winter cleaning exercises, it is recommended to elevate things a notch higher during spring by concentrating on grout. This means getting rid of mildew build-up and elusive mold. Moreover, always endeavour to change the shower liner promptly by replacing it whenever need arises. Your bathroom speaks tons about your comprehensive cleanliness as a family – strive to keep it sparkles.

The Floors:

As you may already know, carpets play host to unfathomable amounts of debris and dirt. This not only compromises the air quality of your home, but may also lead to illnesses and infections. With this in mind, spring provides the perfect opportunity to give your carpet a quality shampoo-filled cleaning – more so for those with pets. Homeowners with wooden flooring would want to consider waxing them during this time of the year as well.
If the above seems too much to handle, you always have the option of procuring house cleaning Sydney services.

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