July 23, 2020

5 Valuable Reasons to Consider Setting Up a VPN

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There’s no denying that virtual private networks have become increasingly popular in recent years. People worldwide use VPNs to protect their privacy and anonymity, and get unrestricted access to the internet. 

Basically, a VPN is a tool used to provide users with secure internet access. It enables you to send and receive data privately by encrypting that data and concealing your online activities. However, there are more to its benefits than you may realize.

Here are five valuable reasons you should consider setting up a VPN service for your internet connection.

  • Online privacy
  • Bypass geo-blocking
  • Faster internet connection
  • Public wi-fi protection
  • Protect your money

Online Privacy

VPNs offer the best protection for your online security. They prevent your internet connection from being vulnerable to data leaks and cyber-attacks. They encrypt your personal data and information. And, they even hide your online activities from hackers, ISPs, and governments. If security is your top priority, then using a VPN is your best bet.

Bypass Geo-Blocking

A VPN has the capability to bypass geo-blocking. In essence, when you’re locked out of online content because of where you live, setting up a VPN is your key to unlocking it. Simply select a server location outside of the area where you’re blocked and enjoy the freedom to access whatever you want, when you want.

Faster Internet Connection

One good reason for setting up a VPN is the fact that it may actually speed up your internet connection. For instance, ISPs often reduce your bandwidth and slow your connection when their networks are busy because it saves them money. VPNs bypass ISP throttling by connecting directly with a remote server of your choice. However, on the other side of the spectrum, using a congested VPN network may slow down your net connection. For this reason, be wary of who you connect to, in order to ensure that you get the best possible speeds.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

It’s easy for your data and information to be leaked or hacked when using public wi-fi networks without protection. For instance, if you need to make an online transaction via a public network, your financial information may end up in an online crook’s hands. Because a VPN encrypts your information so no one else can see it, using one on public wi-fi is a must. 

Protect Your Money

It may seem counterintuitive but paying for a VPN can actually make you money. This is possible in two ways. First, online financial transactions will be safer, drastically reducing the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. Second, shopping online is actually cheaper with a VPN. Businesses like airlines, hotels, and ecommerce stores artificially inflate or lower their prices based on the location of the person shopping. Because a VPN can help you change your location, you can find the lowest possible price for almost anything.


Overall, a VPN is a valuable resource for your internet connection. As outlined above, you can take advantage of numerous benefits by setting up a VPN. With all these perks, you have all the right reasons to consider using a VPN for your internet connection.

If you’re interested in setting up a VPN service for your online privacy and security, get in touch with us today!

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