7 Things Every Beginner Should Know About Java

Java programs have played an important role in recent technological advancement. Java is known to have a wide range of applications over the years and it has been revolutionizing technology. Java is the most ideal programming language at graduate level in colleges and universities today. However, every beginner should understand the following 7 things about Java:

  1. Java is object oriented programming language which has four (4) platforms. These platforms are:
    • Standard edition – It contains all important libraries and functionalities
    • Enterprise edition – the platform has libraries and frameworks which are used to create applications which are used in many enterprises around the world
    • Micro edition – this platform contains libraries and frameworks that create applications that run on micro devices such as mobile phones and tablets
    • Java FX – the platform has graphic libraries that are used to create rich client applications that mainly operate across many platforms

  2. All C programs can only be run on a special software known as Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM has three notions i.e. specification, implementation and instance.
    Specification is a document that is used to describe what a JVM implementation requires while a JVM implementation is a computer program that fully meet the requirements of JVM specification. However, a JVM instance is an implementation which is running in a process that executes a computer program that is already compiled into a Java bytecode.

  3. Ideally, JVM is supported by many computer operating systems. Therefore, you can be able to write and run Java on any system whether it’s Ubuntu, Windows 7, 8 or 10 or even Windows XP. With this wide operating system compatibility, a lot of programmers are able to write or Java anywhere at any given time.

  4. To successfully install and use Java Virtual Machine, you need to first download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Ideally, JRE contains all the components needed to successfully run Java program and you cannot do any programming without it.

  5. As a programmer, you need tool which will eventually help you develop the programs you want. To be able to have these tools, you need to first download and then install Java Development Kit (JDK). However, you should understand that, if you download JDK, you don’t need to install JRE because it is already in JDK.

  6. You should know that the most common Java Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) software are Eclipse and NetBeans. The two IDEs are free of charge and they enable Java Programmers write and debug programs easily. To enable IDEs code more easily, they’ve features e.g. code completion and syntax highlighting which ease the coding process.

  7. With Java, you can be able to create desktop applications, games embedded systems and websites. Also, with Java programming you can be able to create mobile versions of the same.

Java is used by a range companies and people to meet their set objectives. Also, this programming is used to write many server side programs and applications which are used to process a lot of requests daily. However, if you are a beginner, there are a lot of things you should know to become a professional programmer.

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