(AD) Holiday Inspiration from a Video Game? How Gaming is Changing the World

When choosing your next holiday destination, there are many sources of inspiration. From your friends’ photos on social media to a tv travel program, you can easily find a great new place to travel to.

However, could video gaming prove to be an unlikely travel agent? With video games and gaming apps offering users increasingly diverse features, their influence is being felt around the world more than ever before. Gaming graphics have been utterly transformed in the last 25 years; you only need to look at the evolution of FIFA (the popular football game) to get a sense of how far technology has evolved - with strikingly realistic gameplay now being the benchmark.

The advancement of graphic technology has paved the way for games such as Uncharted to become a runaway success with the fifth installment of the series released earlier this year. Uncharted follows Nathan Drake as he travels the world in search of historical artefacts but it hasn’t just been the historical element of the game that has sparked a love affair with its players. The exotic locations within Uncharted have generated great interest within the gaming community, leading people to use the game as holiday inspiration. The quality of the graphics has enabled people to get a sense of the real-life places in which Drake travels and the unique experiences that they are able to have. So, games like Uncharted may give the tourism industry an unexpected boost but how else is the gaming industry changing the world?

Play Outdoors

The Pokémon Go craze last year lead people to take their gaming outside by incorporating augmented reality into towns, cities and countrysides around the world. This lead experts to conclude that the game was actually having a positive effect on people's health. Why did this happen? Bringing augmented reality into a handheld game enabled people to experience their world in a new way and get them outdoors and moving. It also helped to bring the fun of gaming to a new audience. So, it appears that enhanced gaming experiences and innovative new technologies hold the key for growth within gaming.

A Game Changer

Staggeringly, gaming is now so popular and diverse that it is having an effect on world economies; meaning that it’s an exciting time to trade Forex as the markets are more liquid. Although not all of the effects are positive, there are enough signs to show that the influence of gaming on world economies is growing. The fact is that the increasing popularity of video games shows no sign of slowing, therefore it is likely that the influence of gaming will continue to grow in the future. This goes to show that gaming may not be just a simple pastime but has very real effects on global markets as well.

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The holidays can be a budget-busting time of the year. Retailers go into overdrive to tempt you with great bargains and emotional advertising. With the festive lights strung from the street lamps downtown and Christmas trees in all the malls, it’s easy to feel like Scrooge when you try to have a penny-pinching holiday. Add that to the pressures of outdoing yourself with gifts every year, and you’ve got a recipe for a spending disaster.

This year, don’t let the pressure from advertising and