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December 13, 2019

Day 4 of Holiday Privacy: Shop on Familiar Sites

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The holiday season is one of giving … and one of privacy risks, both online and off. Many shoppers are willing to throw caution to the wind to get the best deals on the perfect gifts. However, holiday shoppers can have their presents, and enjoy personal privacy too, especially if they shop on familiar sites. Check back every day from now until Christmas for new tips on how to maintain your private life both online and off during the holidays. Today’s tip is to shop on familiar sites.

Day 4 of Holiday Privacy: Shop on Familiar Sites

With wish lists a mile long, it can be baffling to know just where to hunt down all the items you need, especially if your preferred ecommerce stores have let you down. Many people resort to vague search engine queries and unfamiliar websites promising a great deal. However, the holiday season is less than ideal to try out a shopping site you have never used before, for a few different reasons.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you may not know how they treat your privacy and safety. This includes handling emails, passwords, and credit card storage. Giving that crucial information to a website that doesn’t properly store it or even sells it, can have devastating consequences for your privacy.

Secondly, you may receive a product that is much lower quality than you expected. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll get your money back. Not all websites are reputable when it comes to sales. And, finally, especially during the holiday season, ordering from a website you aren’t familiar with may result in you not actually receiving your products in time, which can lead to disappointment all around.

Come back tomorrow for another holiday privacy tip and check out the one from yesterday here!

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