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October 29, 2020

Do I Need a VPN at Home? 4 Reasons That You Do

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Most businesses now feel that virtual private networks are a necessity for good digital security. In our internet-oriented world, extra security is a must for confidential interactions and other business-critical files and data. VPNs are for more than just private corporations, however. In fact, they’re ideal to have on all of your personal devices as well, especially if you often use public wi-fi hotspots. But is there any real practical use for a VPN at home?

These are just a few reasons why using a VPN at home is a smart move:

  • Added security
  • Privacy and anonymity while browsing
  • Access to global content
  • Discounts

Added Security

VPNs work by sending your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. Essentially, this means the data in transit cannot be read if it’s intercepted; only the sender and the receiver will know what the data says. For instance, if you send an instant message with your VPN switched on and a snoop “intercepts” the message, they will just see a bunch of gibberish, thus keeping your original message safe. This is especially important if your home wi-fi network is poorly secured with a weak password or not secured at all; a VPN will keep you safe no matter what.

Privacy and Anonymity While Browsing

Apart from security, a VPN will also preserve your privacy and anonymity while browsing online. Browsing habits can ultimately be traced back to your internet service provider (ISP) using your IP address. Government bodies and advertisers of all kinds can monitor your activities and take advantage of it if they really want to. This can lead to home raids or targeted marketing—neither of which are quite pleasant. 

While some people may enjoy the latter to discover new products based on their preferences, others feel safer about keeping their identity secure. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to protect their privacy online, and it’s a good idea to start at home with a VPN. VPNs mask your real IP address with one of their own so snoops can’t trace your activity back to you.

Access Global Content

Today, people enjoy watching TV and movies on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, these streaming services lock their content by region. This means, if you live in Canada and want to watch a show on Netflix US, you can’t.  If you’re frustrated with the limitations of your geographical location preventing you from watching certain shows, a VPN is the perfect way to bypass this. 

The trick to using a VPN to unlock content from around the world is to choose a VPN server located within the country you want to unblock content from. If your favourite show is on Netflix US, for example, and you’re watching from Singapore, then choose a VPN server in the United States. 

Gamers can also benefit from this if they want to play on a different server in international level e-sports competitions. 


You can also use a VPN at home to shop online and get discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Prices, item availability, and discounts can vary depending on where you are located—which is often the case with hotel and flight rates, for example. By changing your apparent location with a VPN, you may unlock some availability and discounts to lower the overall expense on your wallet.


If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a VPN for use at home, it’s important to consider that there are no real negatives in doing so. You reap the benefits of security, entertainment, and shopping. Using a VPN at home is worth the extra security, privacy, and overall convenience.

If you’re not sure which VPN service to use, consider HotBot VPN! We are a company based in Seychelles that strives to support online users with safe internet browsing. To know more about how we are committed to keeping your online privacy, security, and freedom a priority, visit our website today to download the Windows version of HotBot VPN, or download our app from the Play Store or App Store.

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