Get Winter Ready With A New Ford

Winter is right around the corner and if you live in Canada, you don’t need a long-range forecast to tell you what to expect. It’s going to be cold and it’s going to snow – but, it just so happens that meteorologists are expecting a worse winter than usual in Ontario and Quebec. Ontario is expected to see wildly fluctuating temperatures and precipitation, which means plenty of snow, thaws and freezes leading to icy conditions, and freezing rain.

Since you’re no snow bird yet, you need a vehicle that can reliably get you through the snow, ice, and poor visibility, and that means looking at a Ford. The new Ford F150 is a powerhouse of a pickup truck and the fact that it’s snapped up the top spot as bestselling vehicle speaks volumes about what’s on offer. The Ford F150 is already known for handling winter conditions when they’re equipped with all-terrain tires that can handle deep snow and off-road conditions. The cab also comes with all the creature comforts you need to make your daily drive a pleasant one, from heated seats and noise muffling to drown out those whistling winter winds.

The Ford F150’s reputation for handling Canadian winters is reason enough to buy a new Ford before winter, but you’re still going to want to know what you get in the new 2018 Ford F150. Like models past, the new Ford F150 comes with an aluminum body that’s given the truck an unprecedented smooth ride, even off-road. The aluminum body flexes with precision and lets the truck accelerate with ease, while the brakes are also more responsive. This year’s Ford F150 remains 700 pounds lighter than 2014’s.

But one of the big news items to come with the launch of the 2018 Ford F150 is new engine options and they feel great. The new base engine is an updated version of the 2.7-liter Ecoboost or the 5-liter V8, and six or ten-speed automatic transmission. According to truck reviewers at Truck Yeah, the 3.3-liter XLT with the base engine is perhaps the most “honest feeling” model, sticking to work truck roots. Meanwhile, the 2.7-liter XLT has been pegged as the likeliest buy for fleet owners, while the 5.0 liter Lariat comes with the rumble of the V8 and the highest payload in Ford’s lineup.

When you’re looking for a Ford F150 that can weather the winter weather, buy your Ford in Brampton from a local dealer that understands the engine, tires, and maintenance you need to get through the winter, such as Colony Ford Brampton. Do your research and find a dealership that’s been serving Brampton for years and built up its customer base the honest way. With over 40 years of experience in Brampton, the oldest Ford dealer in the northwest GTA is Colony Ford Brampton. For an honest truck, you need an honest dealer. Get to a local Ford dealership in Brampton before the snow starts to fall and you’ll enjoy an easy ride from now until spring.

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