Reasons Why Hiring The Best Sales Candidate Can Be Challenging

Companies in the sales sector often struggle when searching for the best person to fill an open position. The industry is plagued by hiring risk because it’s so difficult for managers to see through an interviewee’s façade and catch a glimpse of their true sales personality. What ends up happening is the strongest applicant on paper gets the job; a few months later however, companies come to the realization that it’d be best to let this employee go. Companies find themselves back at square one with fewer resources, less time, and more pressure to find someone that can fill the quotas the previous choice was unable to.

To make the hiring process more transparent the second time around, sales entities should enlist the help of special tools. Implementing a sales personality test into their job applications for example is one method they can use to give them a better idea of which candidates are more likely to work out in the long term. These tools are available for an affordable price through providers like SalesTestOnline whose tests have been developed by industrial psychologists, and are catered to asses the strength of applicants for specific sales roles. They’re also based on an in-depth analysis of the hiring company’s needs. Check out the SalesTestOnline Blog to see how why so many recruiters and hiring managers are using sales aptitude tests to find the right hire — with the right set of soft skills.

Personality traits that are tested for include motivational style, sociability, assertiveness, sense of urgency, and emotional maturity among others. These traits are also related to a candidate’s ability to close deals and find leads. Those applying for a position then have their results compared against a target profile developed by the test provider for your company. Sales entities can even generate this benchmark profile by giving a mock test to their strongest employees and measuring their candidates’ scores against that. The test evaluates soft skills, and studies show that these are much more crucial to finding success in the field than other skills that can easily be taught.

Because the test only takes ten minutes to complete, a hiring committee can quickly establish a potential candidate’s suitability, saving themselves time by only looking at the resumes of high scoring applicants and exclusively inviting those in for an in-person interview. Because the test has a 90% accuracy rate and 97% re-order rate, hiring managers can rest assured that test results will point them in the best direction. Because there is no way for candidates to premeditate their answers, they’re more likely to respond to the questions honestly, unlike in an interview where they can easily put on the persona they think hiring committees want to see.

Take the pressure off of hiring by utilizing a sales personality test and save your company time, money and energy in the process. Hire, train, and keep the best people by getting the inside scoop about their personality, giving you a more concrete idea about how they will perform when it comes time to rise to the task and make a sale. Not everyone who applies for a sales position is cut out for the job – make it simpler to see who is.

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