July 7, 2020

HotBot VPN is Now Available on the Play Store!

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It’s here! After months of hard, dedicated work, the HotBot team is immensely proud to announce that HotBot VPN is now available for download on Google’s Play Store

Created by a team of privacy and security experts, HotBot VPN has all the features you expect from a top-of-the-line virtual private network, but for a more affordable price. Our service starts at just $2.99 (USD) a month for a three-year plan. Want a small taste before committing? Our welcome sale is on now! Try out a one-month plan for only $7.99 (USD). And, of course, with any plan you choose, start with a three-day free trial.

Still not sure if our app is for you? Take a look at our features and how HotBot VPN protects your privacy:

  • Features
  • How does HotBot VPN protect you?
  • Why should you use a VPN?


Use on Multiple Devices

No one connects to the internet on just one device anymore. However, many VPN services make you choose which one to protect. Knowing that, we’ve created a service that protects all your devices at the same time, from smartphones to laptops, tablets to PCs. Share the privacy with other members of your family, too. One account protects up to six devices simultaneously. Now available on the Play Store for security on every device.

Military-Grade Encryption

You wouldn’t choose a VPN that protects your device and privacy some of the time, right? That’s why you should sign up for HotBot today. We believe in nothing but the best for our supporters, so we’re giving you the best, with military-grade AES-256 encryption. Security experts around the world regard it as the world’s top standard of encryption.

Hundreds of Servers Globally

All of our clients have different needs for their VPN service. We understand that, so we made sure HotBot VPN can meet every one of your needs. No matter your reason for using a VPN, you can always find a server to fit that reason. We offer hundreds of fast servers in dozens of countries around the world.

Unblock Content

Stumbling across blocked content is immensely frustrating. Whether it’s a YouTube video only available in another country, a social network blocked at your desk job, or content censored in a country you’re vacationing in, unblock it with HotBot VPN. Thanks to our global network of servers, you can easily find the right one to get around all content locks.

Browse Anonymously

If you don’t use a VPN, your every move online is tracked. Companies, governments, and hackers all want and collect the data you create simply by browsing the web. This practice is shady and invasive. Thankfully, you can reduce or eliminate it entirely by using HotBot VPN, now available on the Play Store. No one should get your data without your consent.

Zero Logs

Speaking of data collection, did you know some VPNs collect your data, without you even knowing it? This practice is especially common with free services; they make their money by selling your information behind your back. Thankfully, HotBot VPN is the perfect solution. Our service has a strict no logs promise. We never collect any personally identifying information about you. In fact, the only info we do collect is the barest minimum required to provide you with a fast and reliable VPN.

Connect Instantly

When you need access to the web, you need it now. Instantly connect to our service whenever, and wherever. HotBot VPN is safe, fast, and readily available 24/7.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Many internet service providers limit, or throttle, your bandwidth and slow your speeds during certain times or activities, such as streaming. HotBot VPN can help you avoid bandwidth throttling by masking your IP address and providing unlimited bandwidth from our own servers.

P2P Friendly

Want to use peer-to-peer technology safely and anonymously? HotBot VPN is the perfect service for you, now available in the Play Store for all your networking and sharing needs.

How Does HotBot VPN Protect You Online?

HotBot VPN is a fast, secure, and reliable virtual private network. It uses a three-point system for protecting your privacy online.

Encryption to Protect Your Data

Without a VPN, your activity online can be tracked by your internet service provider, advertisers and other companies, and even governments. This happens because your activity is not encrypted, and your devices are subject to tracking cookies. On an unprotected device, nosy third parties can learn a lot about you, including your name, location, likes and dislikes, and even private information like financial details. 

HotBot prevents all of this from happening by using AES-256 military-grade encryption. Essentially, our service creates a secure “tunnel” between your device and the websites you visit. This tunnel is encrypted, or encoded, with unbreakable security. Those third parties that were tracking you before you connected to our VPN can’t see your activity when you’re browsing in the tunnel. 

IP Masking

Your house address is how mail is delivered to your door. Your IP address is how browsing activity is delivered to your device. Unfortunately, your IP address is also often used to track your activity and build detailed profiles about you. Your internet service provider and the websites you visit can all gather information just from your IP address.

To protect you further, HotBot masks your IP address by temporarily replacing it with one of our own. When you’re connected to our service, you will become completely anonymous to everyone online. None of your activity can be traced back to you.

DNS Leak Protection

Sometimes, an unreliable VPN service will drop its security for a brief moment by mistake. Unfortunately, that mistake can have serious consequences for your privacy. Important information that you believed was protected suddenly becomes visible for anyone watching to see. This event is known as a “DNS leak.”

Thanks to our high-end encryption protocols, HotBot VPN offers complete protection against DNS leaks to prevent unencrypted activity from slipping outside of our secure tunnel. 

Why Should You Use a VPN?

Stop Tracking

Your data is valuable. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, it rarely remains yours. Internet service providers want it to slow your speeds. Advertisers want it to sell your products. Governments want it to monitor their citizens. And hackers want it for a whole host of nefarious reasons. In addition to collecting your information for themselves, these groups may also sell it to other third parties, meaning that dozens, if not hundreds of groups around the world know everything about you that they can learn from your online activity.

That doesn’t seem right or just, does it? Sadly, that’s just a truth of the digital age. But it doesn’t have to be. A VPN can help limit or completely eliminate online tracking, keeping your data safe and in your hands.

Access Global Content

Digital media is everywhere. It includes movies and TV shows, music, podcasts, games, books, and more. Unfortunately, despite the internet being a truly global entity, not all content is global. It’s frequently blocked for a variety of reasons. For example, some YouTube videos are restricted to users outside of a specific geographic region due to copyright laws. Meanwhile, organizations like businesses and schools may block access to specific websites because they reduce productivity. And in some cases, entire regions face strict censorship rules that prevent certain types of content from being accessible.

In a connected world, not being able to connect is frustrating. However, HotBot VPN can unblock anything, thanks to the hundreds of servers we have worldwide. Our app is now available on the Play Store, why not try it out today?

Secure Your Browsing

Many dangers lurk in the digital world. Two of them are outdated websites, and public wi-fi. Outdated websites, for example, have old security measures that are easily hackable or not there at all. If you visit these websites, prying eyes may be able to see your activity, including any passwords you use or financial information you divulge. Meanwhile, when you connect to public wi-fi, any user on the same network with a little bit of tech know-how may be “eavesdropping” on your activity.

Both of these vulnerabilities can be protected against with HotBot VPN, thanks to our secure encryption protocols.

Shop Online for Less

When you visit most websites, they can see your general location thanks to your IP address. But did you know ecommerce websites adjust the prices they display based on the region your IP address is based in? This is especially common for hotels and airlines. However, if you use HotBot VPN, you can change your IP address to any location where we have servers. This way, you can find the best price online every time.

Enjoy Privacy

Privacy should be a right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, those who profit off of your data are unlikely to agree. Take your privacy out of their hands by downloading HotBot VPN today, now available in the Play Store.

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Rhiannon is a professional writer and a social media coordinator for HotBot.com.

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