How to Avoid Being Scammed When Shopping Online

Credit card frauds and identity theft are among the ways in which hackers swindle online shoppers and unfortunately this is becoming more and more common. We recommend visiting to familiarize yourself with the necessary precautions against the augmenting online threats.

Avoid buying online discounted gift cards

Have you ever been asked to buy a discounted gift cards when shopping online? If no, then you probably have never come across these online frauds. Although not all of them are scams, over 70 percent of the discounted gift cards sold online are not genuine.

To tell whether a discounted gift card is real, check whether it asks for banking information. Real retailers and banking institutions will never ask you provide your bank details. In case it does ask too, you can call the retailer’s headquarters to confirm whether they are real.

Do not follow suspicious links in emails

Most online hackers have realized the popularity of email marketing among consumers. You probably have been sent several emails with “links” to access your bank especially on holiday seasons. If you suspect about a certain link embedded in an email, do not click on it. In fact, the most intelligent thing to do is to delete it immediately.
Always remember that banks institutions will never ask for your bank details on other unofficial shopping sites. Banks only ask for confirmation of identity on their official bank websites only. Links asking for personal information poses the risk of identity theft or installation of ransomware on your device.

Always ask for proof of ownership in online deals

When shopping online, you should be careful about online sellers who will never provide you with their proof of ownership for the items they are selling to you. Ask the seller to tag a photo or attach a photo of their face that rhymes with their ID. If they are genuine, they will send, but if not, walk away from the fraud!

Always use trusted companies to transfer payment online

PayPal is the ideal money transfer means to pay for your online goods and services. The PayPal is secure, fast, and easy to use. It has a “goods and services” portal that helps online customers to do online shopping. Give accurately the description of the item you intend to buy. After paying a fee of 4%, you are good to go!

Another benefit with the PayPal is that the company acts as a trusted intermediary thus ensuring secure payments even when dealing with a stranger. In case the product you bought did not fit the description given by the seller, the PayPal may refund your money or help you track that person.

To stay safe, you need to familiarize yourself with the various ways to avoid being scammed when shopping online. You can protect yourself from the online potential threats only if you are careful. You can visit the to learn more about ways to identify online scams and the precautionary measures.

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