koglen Guide: How to decorate your house on a budget

Everyone deserves a beautiful home. Sometimes we find ourselves with very tight budgets but we still want our houses to look great. Sometimes simple solution can have big impacts even if you are pinching pennies. You can improve your house style to make it inviting without breaking the bank with some of the decorating ideas. Here are some of the few tips for decorating a house with a slim wallet:

Painting your wall

Adding color to your wall is a cost-effective way to decorate your home and give it an instant lift. It’s recommended for you buy paints that offer one-coat coverage; this type of paint usually gives you an option of not buying primer. Make sure you paint the whole house in an intense shade or you can opt for a stylish two-tone scheme.

Do It Yourself (DIY)f

If you have time and the skills required, you can opt to do the projects yourself to save on the budget. Making your furniture and decorating the house for yourself can really earn you savings. But always take care of sophisticated projects when doing DIY projects that requires professionals.

Get rid unsightly items

You need to consider getting rid of some items before worrying on what you can really purchase. Worn and damaged items are non-essential items that make your house to look disservice. Doing away with such items will increase your house space for other new items and also make the house to look clean. You can also do away with other old non-stylish items in the house but putting them in your storage.

Choose your lighting wisely

Choose the right lighting; this can transform your house at very low costs. Purchase stylish fresh table shade lamps and also replace any mismatched lamps in the house. You can make your lighting to match with your wall colors. Place the lamps on either bed or sofa, and your house will have a cohesive look. A brand which offer great value on lamps are Koglen.

Update you pillows

If you cannot afford new sofa sets, worry less, there are a variety of affordable cushions that are amazing and use zip up your space instantaneously. Always find reputable shops to buy from, don’t feel embarrassed to bargain. Make sure the colors you choose matches your walls and flour. You can buy different pairs; it’s always good to change your house look.

Add light with mirrors

Mirrors are cost-effective substitutes of works of art. Fix several mirrors in strategic positions in your walls, you can also mix and match different styles to help bring elegance even with small spaces. If you fix mirrors in all corners of the wall, they will reflect light throughout the house; this will lighten up the entire room and make it look elegant. One lamp can just be enough in a room fixed with mirrors because they will reflect the light to other parts of the room, this can help you to save on electricity bills.

Those are some of the things you should do when you have a limited budget. Worry less and decorate your house at less costs.

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