How to Grow a Comparison Site

Comparison websites are huge in today's website markets. They give a lot of information for the curious consumer. However, it can sometimes be hard to market your site. Fortunately there are several ways to help with that, ranging from solo ads to good old fashion word of mouth. In this list we are going to look at the top three ways to grow your comparison website. This list is ordered from what I consider to be the most important, to the least important ways to go about growing your business. This list is not a complete list, and further investigation should be done. However, this list is a good list to start out with!

  1. Use solo ads
    Now what in the world is a solo ad? Simply put, a solo ad is using someone else's subscriber list, and paying them a little to send out an email for you to those subscribers. These subscribers should be related to your target audience and there should be a considerable amount of them so that you get the most for your money's worth. This type of advertising is great because it is cheap, and it usually involves someone you know personally, who would be willing to help you in some way or another. Be sure to take advantage of it!

  2. Be creative and be yourself
    This is so important, and it also ties back to the solo ads. Whenever you do anything, whether it be ads, post, or just general speaking, be sure to be yourself. The best way to set your comparison site apart from others, and to get people to respond to your ads. is to be creative by being yourself! Be thankful that no one else in the world is like you and take advantage of that. Most business leaders will tell you that if you want to succeed you must be passionate about what you do. If you cannot be yourself then your passion will not show in your site. Be, perfectly, you!

  3. Make a schedule
    Another characteristic of the successful is that they plan things. Get a free app on your phone that makes a daily schedule, and every morning plan out your entire day. Stick to that schedule and periodically check it to make sure you are keeping up with it. From making solo ads to making post, to even when you should eat meals, a schedule needs to be in place. Organization is key to success, so use that key!

It is important to try and incorporate these ideas into you comparison website. These are three great ways to help get the word out there that you have a great site that people should consider visiting. The only person who can break your success at this point is yourself! Have a little patience and do not give up. Solo ads, being yourself, and having a schedule are just the beginning. After you have got into that routine check for other ways, and start working on finding new and more innovative ways to grow your site. I hope and wish you all the success that you seek for. Good luck!

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It’s one thing to write content and another to have a following. An audience is drawn to you when you have quality content and that which directly or indirectly touches their interests. You can easily draw an audience to you, but you have to make an effort in maintaining them as well. This can be done through knowing what they like and giving it to them, creating other items of interest that one way or another will always keep them coming back and bring others with them as well.