How to grow your instagram following

Instagram is a well known social media app. Many different types of people use Instagram. From celebrities to bloggers, even businesses. Of course, as with others of its kind, the only way to have a voice on Instagram is to have followers. A tedious task that sometimes takes months or even years to build.

However, there are ways that you can build an audience of followers faster.

1. Old Faithful

The most known way, (and cheapest as it's free) is to build your audience all on your own. For some, this can prove time-consuming. For others, more internet savvy, building a following could be rapid, following this set of steps.

Choose a theme

You might notice that most Instagramers follow a particular theme. Only celebrities get away with talking about themselves. From quilting to gaming and beyond. Once you choose a topic for your Instagram, you have found your target audience. Once you have that, stick to it. Do not go off topic for any reason. However, do not be boring either. Make your posts engaging, give your followers what they want, and cut what doesn't work.

Use hashtags, but not too many.

Remember, overusing hashtags will hurt your following. So always use these with caution. Be sure to interact with your followers, and encourage the same from them. Always post quality photos and videos. Hopefully, you'll have a follow base in no time. You might even get your account featured, which could lead to future followers.

2. Hashtags Know Best

Making use of hashtags is an ironclad way of getting followers. The best part is this method is also completely free. Use #f4f and #followme, in comments to popular Instagrams. You'll pick up a few followers of your own. While you are doing that, you could also follow and unfollow these same users, to make others aware of your account. Be sure to like at least one thousand photos and videos. Try monitoring hashtags as well. You will figure out the inside scoop on the latest Instagram trends. You might find people with similar interests. They might even want to get to know you. Follow all users who share this interest. They will most likely follow you back. By doing this, you will expose your account to millions of users. It could help you pick up as many followers as possible in the process.

3. Automated Apps

Of course, the easiest method of getting Instagram followers is to use an Instagram bot. Using an automated app is the fastest way. However, you need to be careful using them.

Bots such as FollowAdder, InstaQ, and FollowingLike are great tools for building a following. They can even help you schedule automated posts. However, with the Pros comes the Cons. While some simplistic bots might be free, others have a small fee. Cost aside, there are other downsides to using these bots.

Depending on the age of your account, and how many followers you might have before using a bot. These apps hinder growth. A young account with too many followers sends red flags to Instagram. Lowering your chances of becoming a featured account.

Remember, these methods help you gain followers, it's up to you to keep them.

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