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COVID-19 Scams

March 19, 2020

Your Guide to the COVID-19 Scams Infecting the Internet
A new disease is infecting the world. For months, news of the novel coronavirus has dominated headlines. Although people are coming together in these trying times, there are others profiting from COVID-19. Scammers and hackers are one such group. Through the use of phishing and other tactics, they’re spreading a different type of infection online, […] Read more
Working from home

March 17, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Stay Safe While Working From Home
News of COVID-19 dominates today’s news headlines. The novel coronavirus sweeping the world has impacted dozens of countries globally. Social distancing has become the new norm. Because of this, many businesses are deciding to make the switch to a work-from-home model. Although working from home has its perks, it also poses unique challenges. One challenge […] Read more
Facebook Cloning

March 10, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Look Out For Facebook Cloning
Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active monthly users. Of all the accounts associated with those users, a portion of them are clones. Facebook cloning occurs when another user makes a copy of your account. They take publicly available info, such as your name and photos, and recreate it. Although cloning is not the same […] Read more
No logs policy

March 5, 2020

The Importance of a VPN No Logs Policy
As of early 2020, roughly one in four people use a virtual private network. There are many reasons for this. For example, a VPN hides browsing activity, unblocks content, and increases digital privacy. There are also dozens of them on the market. However, not every service is created equal. Although we expect our virtual private […] Read more
Back Up Your Data

March 4, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Safely Back Up Your Data
During our lives, we accumulate a lot of data. It includes documents, photos, emails, and more. The longer we lead a digital life, the more data we gather. However, despite the online clutter, few of us delete what we collect. Increasing storage capabilities and decreasing costs means we simply don’t have to. Unfortunately, never clearing […] Read more
Digital Privacy

February 27, 2020

Why Does Digital Privacy Matter?
What does privacy mean to you? For most, the word conjures up images of closed curtains and hushed conversations. However, a new type of privacy has come to life. It is, of course, digital privacy. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what the term entails. They also don’t know why digital privacy matters. Let’s take a […] Read more
Artificial Intelligence

February 20, 2020

A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence
Fifty years ago, artificial intelligence (or AI) was the stuff of science fiction. Authors like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke wrote stories about sentient robots and the implications such a thing would have on mankind. In some tales, the AI was beneficial and overall good. In others, it tried to destroy its human creators. […] Read more
Ray the Robot busts the most common password myths

February 18, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Bust These Common Password Myths
In the digital world, passwords are the key to accessing and protecting our data. They allow us to keep our information private and safe from prying eyes. However, much mystery surrounds one of the most common encryption tools in the world. These are some of the most popular password myths that everyone should know about: […] Read more
Medical privacy

February 13, 2020

Tips to Increase Your Medical Privacy
Just as we trust doctors to keep us healthy, we trust their systems to protect our healthcare records. But, what happens if that trust is misplaced? In the past, unsafe storage practices have led to data hacks. Only a few years ago, thieves stole access to more than 112 million medical records in the United […] Read more
Tinder Privacy

February 11, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Increase Your Tinder Privacy
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people are turning to Tinder to spark some romance for the holiday of love. Or, perhaps, it would be more apt to call it the holiday of dating strangers from the internet. Although the act of swiping through profiles of cute guys and gals in your area may seem […] Read more