VPN service

May 22, 2020

Why Having a VPN Service is Important

Virtual private network, or VPN, services are becoming one of the most important security measures a person can have to protect their online life. Previously, simply installing anti-virus or anti-malware software was enough. However, these softwares have limited range, especially with regard to hacker protection. With many organizations and individuals conducting business over the internet, […] Read more
Bandwidth Throttling

May 22, 2020

The Basics of Bandwidth Throttling and How to Avoid It

Few things are more annoying than a buffering Netflix show or a lagging video game. But what causes these slow speeds? Perhaps it’s just a matter of a busy server. Or, perhaps, your internet service provider has deliberately slowed your internet connection. The term for this action is “bandwidth throttling.” But what is throttling and […] Read more
Digital Security

May 22, 2020

The Best Digital Security Tips for Protecting Your Business

As a business owner, you want to keep your organization secure. Most businesses focus on financial and physical security. However, digital security is just as important. It protects your data, your money, and your customers. With more and more online tools being made available to help businesses run, and more ways for those tools to […] Read more

May 22, 2020

Seven Scams, Online and Off, to Protect Yourself From

Scams run rampant in the digital world. We’re good at recognizing many of them. An email claiming you won a lottery you never entered clearly isn’t real. However, scammers excel at thinking up new ways to trick the unsuspecting masses out of their money and private information. Their tricks can come from emails, social media, […] Read more
Off-Facebook Activity

May 22, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Use the Off-Facebook Activity Tracker

Few people in the world praise Facebook for its privacy policies. In fact, the social media giant frequently receives negative press for their data collection practices. One recent incident of a breach of privacy occurred in 2018. At the time, Facebook was implicated with data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica in a massive data breach. The […] Read more
Private Wi-Fi Network

April 15, 2020

Keep Your Private Wi-Fi Network Private

Your private wi-fi network is your gateway to the web. It allows users to conduct searches, stream videos, and communicate with others. It has become vital to everyday life. Because of this, keeping your network safe, secure, and private is crucial. In order to maintain security, you need to know who is on your network […] Read more
Privacy Tip of the Week: Delete Your YouTube History

April 7, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Delete Your YouTube History

YouTube hit the internet in early 2005. It quickly boomed in popularity. By 2006, users uploaded more than 65,000 new videos every day. In addition, the video sharing platform had 100 million daily views. Also in 2006, Google acquired the company for $1.65 billion worth of Google stock. Since then, it has grown and evolved […] Read more
Clear Your Cache

March 31, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Clear Your Cache

Browsing the web is easy. Just log in to your browser of choice and start exploring. However, few users actually think of the technology that makes internet browsing possible and practical. Part of that tech is the cache. A cache is a digital folder that stores a variety of web elements. Elements may include images, […] Read more
Secure Google Drive

March 24, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Secure Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most-used cloud storage services in the world. For many, the service is integral. Individuals, for example, rely on Drive as a way of keeping personal documents easily accessible. In addition, businesses use it as a method of sharing and storing work files. With the rise of work-from-home situations, use […] Read more
COVID-19 Scams

March 19, 2020

Your Guide to the COVID-19 Scams Infecting the Internet

A new disease is infecting the world. For months, news of the novel coronavirus has dominated headlines. Although people are coming together in these trying times, there are others profiting from COVID-19. Scammers and hackers are one such group. Through the use of phishing and other tactics, they’re spreading a different type of infection online, […] Read more