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August 13, 2019

Privacy Tip of the Week: Buy a New Router

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If you’re reading this article on wifi right now, that wifi is most likely made possible by a router. This single piece of technology transforms a wired internet connection to wifi, so that you can be online with any wireless device. Although routers provide vital functionality in our connected world, outdated models can create more headache than they’re worth, in the form of slow performance and even security breaches. The best way to fix these problems is to buy a new router at least every three years. Here’s why:

  • Increased security
  • Stronger antennas
  • Reduced signal interference
  • Matched to new tech

Increased Security

When a manufacturer produces a new router, it probably has current security protocols and safety features. However, as soon as the tech hits the market, someone is working on creating ways around those protocols. To some extent, code updates can fend off the worst of the attacks but eventually the manufacturer will fall behind or stop trying altogether once they begin work on creating something new and improved. When this happens, anyone using the outdated technology becomes vulnerable to hacks and other dangers. The best way to keep your security and privacy safe is to constantly move with the market and replace your router with a new model roughly every three years.

Buy a New Router for Their Stronger Antennas

The antennas on routers are responsible for transmitting the internet signal to your mobile devices. Older models may use antennas that are weak or have a hard time beaming signals to devices on the move. That could, in turn, lead to poor signals and slow responses that can frustrate even the most patient of wifi users. New routers typically have stronger, better designed antennas to reduce these issues.

Reduced Signal Interference

When routers were first created, they were designed mostly for laptops and the occasional cell phone. It took manufacturers a while to catch up to the explosive demand for wifi from laptops, phones, tablets, and smart home devices. Many older routers have a hard time keeping up and the signals travelling between devices sometimes interfere with one another. Many new routers allow signals to be split into two frequencies to reduce interference and increase speeds. If you buy a new router, you’ll likely benefit from this modern feature.

Matched to New Tech

New models of technology come out every year, and updates come along at breathtaking speed. If you constantly update your other devices but ignore your router, the router tech won’t be able to keep up with the tech in all the things that need to be connected to wifi.

No one wants a wifi headache and no one especially wants a breach in privacy and security. Buy a new router every three years to keep yourself safe online.

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