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November 17, 2020

Privacy Tip of the Week: Use the VPN Auto-Connect Feature

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There are a ton of reasons for using a VPN every time you go online. They keep you anonymous, so websites and organizations can’t track you. They encrypt your data, which is especially important when you’re on public wi-fi. Many allow you to access content unavailable in your geographic region. In some cases, a VPN can even help you find discounts on hot ticket items like plane tickets and hotel bookings. The main problem with VPNs is that many users simply forget to turn them on, especially when quickly connecting to public wi-fi. You can avoid this problem by using the VPN auto-connect feature that many services, including HotBot, offer. This way, every time your device turns on and connects to the internet, your VPN will automatically connect, making sure you’re protected at all times. Here are a few things VPNs protect you from:

  • Wi-fi sniffing
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Fake hotspots
  • Malware targeting
  • The importance of VPN auto-connect

Wi-Fi Sniffing

Wi-fi sniffing is basically a fancy term for digital eavesdropping. If you’re connected to an unprotected public wi-fi network, anyone on that network can technically see your activity, if they have the right software and know-how. Through sniffing, a digital eavesdropper can see the websites you visit, the things you type (like passwords or information forms), and more.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

A man-in-the-middle attack is similar to wi-fi sniffing. Essentially, a hacker can “insert” themselves between a device and a web server. When you connect to that server, the man-in-the-middle hacker can see all of your online traffic and collect your data.

Fake Hotspots

One of the biggest issues with public wi-fi is that we’ve become very trusting of them. They’re convenient and almost everywhere now. Unfortunately, hackers know this is the case. Because of this, it’s possible for cybercriminals to set up a hotspot that looks as if it belongs to a reputable business. If you unknowingly connect to one of these hotspots, all of your activity will be seen by the person behind the wi-fi. 

Malware Targeting

The possibility exists that an unsecured wi-fi network may lead to a cybercriminal installing malware onto your device. If they can find software flaws in your device security, it’s possible they can slip malware onto it, which can collect your information or make your device behave in strange ways.

The Importance of VPN Auto-Connect

A VPN is a great tool for staying safe online from all of the above attacks, and more. However, VPNs can’t help you if you forget to establish a connection. By using VPN auto-connect, your virtual private network will be always on and always protecting your device, privacy, and data. Wi-fi snoops can’t stalk your device, ad companies can’t track your activity, governments can’t collect your data, etc. When looking for a VPN service to use, make sure it includes an auto-connect feature, so you ensure you get the safety you’re paying for.

HotBot VPN can keep you safe online, at all times, on all your devices. Learn more about our service on our website. Download our app on the Play Store, App Store, or for your Windows devices today.

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