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July 16, 2019

Privacy Tip of the Week: Using Multiple Web Browsers to Protect Privacy

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Web browsers are your portal to the internet. They allow you to access and search the world of online information, stay connected with people halfway around the globe, work from anywhere, and more. While it’s often more convenient to use a single browser for everything, there are several good reasons to use multiple web browsers instead, including to protect your privacy and security online. By using multiple web browsers you:

  • Limit your exposure to tracking
  • Protect dat from hacks
  • Allow for easy info deletions
  • Separate activities
  • Access unique features

Limit Your Exposure to Tracking

Web browsers can track your ventures through the internet with the use of cookies, which are bits of code stored on your device (No worries: cookies are usually harmless). These cookies allow them to build a profile about you, which may include your search history, interests, place of work, and more. In turn, that information is often sold to companies who use it to target you with advertisements. By using a variety of web browsers, you reduce the amount of information any one company can learn about you, thus keeping yourself more private.

Protect Data From Hacks

While you don’t have to allow a browser to store your information, it is sometimes simply more convenient. It prevents you from having to remember a variety of passwords and taking extra time logging in to your accounts every day. However, by allowing your browsers to remember your data, you run the risk of it being stolen in hacks and breaches. By using multiple browsers, you reduce how much of your information can be compromised in any single attack.

Using Multiple Web Browsers Allows for Easy Info Deletion

When you do allow a web browser to store your information, there may come a time when you want to delete some of it. If you use a single browser, that task becomes much harder to do. This is because you have to go through and delete each specific item. By using multiple browsers, and dividing activities between them, you’re more likely able to delete information with a single click.

Separate Activities

We use the internet for dozens of activities, often every day. Those activities might include using social media, sending emails, reading the news, completing work, and even more. When crammed into a single browser, the activities overlap, make old content harder to find again, and generally reduce productivity. By using multiple web browsers, you can keep every activity separate. This is especially helpful to prevent blurring the line between personal and professional browsing.

Access Unique Features

Every browser has different features. They include plug ins, shared bookmarks on all of your devices, and more. By using more than one, you can have the best of all worlds.

Browsers you can use include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft Edge. Even while using multiple web browsers, you can further protect your privacy. For example, a virtual private network like HotBot VPN is just one of many tools all users should have.

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