Reasons to Get DirectX For Your PC

If you are a gamer and experiencing problems with your PC, or you work in graphics then suddenly, your perfect system starts to perform slower than usual, DirectX version may be the problem.

The directx latest version is known as DirectX 12 and you need to install it immediately. An updated version of DirectX may be just what your PC needs to perform faster. You do not need to hire a computer expert to tell you the obvious. Lucky for all PC users out there, there are sites where you can get these versions; you will find a version compatible with your version of Windows. You can easily find an updated version on the internet; it takes approximately 15 minutes to both download and install. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of having updated versions of latest DirectX in your PC.

Enhanced Compatibility

This mostly applies to graphic cards. If you upgrade to DirectX 12, there will be no need to upgrade your graphics card as it is compatible to earlier graphics versions. You will still be able to use some of the features that come with it. In short, it has, what is known as backward compatibility.

Faster Performance

What makes the DX12 a better performer than the rest of the versions is its ability to perform much faster with even less powerful PCs. It improves the gaming power of most gadgets; another plus for gamers.

Multi-Adapter Feature

This basically means that it allows side by side use of a number of GPUs regardless of type or manufacturer. In other words it can separate work across multiple GPUs. This feature allows the performance of your laptop or CPU, as far as graphics is concerned. Efficiency improves by 10%.

There are a couple of improvements made in the DX latest version such as; It allows all your cores to talk to the GPU simultaneously. The DX11, which is the previous version, can only allow communication between the CPU and the GPU one core at a time. This brings me to the second point It treats multiple GPUs as a single entity. This boosts performance speed.

What Makes DX12 Worth It?

There are two features that make the DX12 worth installing in your computer namely; A thinner abstraction layer between operating system and hardware. This as a result boosts performance speed of your computer. The overhead is reduced substantially hence boosting efficiency of the operating system.

The hardest part of the DirectX 12, even though the gaming community is willing to ignore this setback, is memory management. This shows that software cannot have everything, does not matter how new and upgraded it is.

The other hard part is a feature known as asynchronous compute, which is introduced in this version. It proves to be a problem since this feature is only compatible with GPU latest designs.

This makes it difficult for laptops with older GPU designs to perform at optimum level with the latest version of DirectX.

All in all, the DirectX 12 is a must have for all the gamers out there, download, install and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

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