Shopping guide: Top 10 E-Liquid Flavors to Try

Also known as E-juice, liquid is the substance found in cartridges and tanks used by a typical vaporizer or E-cigarette. This substance carries vaporized nicotine and flavorings to the vaporizer. The heating chamber found on the device vaporizes the E-juice to make it easy for one to inhale. The device also features cotton like material, which absorbs and transports the E-juice to the heating coil for vaporization. The vapor is produced only when the optimal temperature is reached.

E-liquids consist of the following:

Propylene glycol (PG)
Vegetable glycerine (VG)

The Propylene glycol is derived from petroleum. It’s an odorless, flavorless, and colorless liquid. It’s mainly used in vaporizers because of its ability to carry all kinds of vaporings. It is not a dangerous chemical, as some may perceive it to be. It is used in breathing treatments to carry medicine.

Vegetable glycerin is a natural fluid from vegetables. It’s used as a base in making E-juices. It is popular among E-liquid brands because it creates dense vapor clouds that pack a good flavor and strong nicotine hit.

Flavorings, which are delivered through the PG, come in various varieties. They range from candies, tea, and coffee to traditional tobacco. Different flavorings can be mixed to create new flavors.

The nicotine used in E-liquids is mostly pure. Many brands have 99% pure nicotine. They have to be produced from a safe source. People choose different types of E-juices depending on the amount of nicotine contained in them.

When purchasing E-juices, you have to consider several things. This includes the throat hit. This refers to how strongly a device delivers the nicotine and flavor to the back of the throat. Sometimes you may want to consider the amount and intensity of vapor produced. Some allow a user to vaper discreetly with no visibility of vapor produced. Some might produce dense clouds and don't warrant discreet vamping especially in public places.

The following are 10 of the best flavors in the market today:


This is a creamy strawberry E-liquid with an authentic flavor of strawberry milkshake. It’s the highest rating E-juice flavor in most websites and retail shops. The producers create a good balance between the flavors, which come out strongly in the vaper. Its PG to VG ratio is 40/60 and the price range is 54 to 67 cents per Ml.


This is a praline mixture of vanilla custard and ice cream E-juices. This rich and decadent substance ranks highly in E-liquid poles. It contains a 35/65 PG/VG ratio. It is produced by the sicboy company.


The smurf cake is a blend of wild blue berries and cheesecake. It offers a light fruit taste and creaminess taste to the users. The producers Vapewild offer a wide range of PG/VG ratios, which a user can choose from.

Blue Voodoo

This sweet and tangy E-juice ranks highly in E-liquid polls. It has won the spineful choice award and has a five star rating on Mister E-liquids website. It’s very affordable and users can choose from the eight available levels of nicotine.

Mother's milk

This peculiar named E-liquid is mostly recommended for people trying to quit smoking. It uses a mix of high quality American made flavors to produce a smooth creamy custard flavor with a hint of strawberry. It’s packed in 30ml bottles and provides a user a wide range of nicotine levels to pick from. Its PG/VG ratio is 30/70.

BLACK NOTE tobacco juice

This popular E-juice features quality and richly flavored tobacco like juices. This E-liquid has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or chemical additives. The juice coil friendly, which prevents the gunk factor. They are however considered more expensive to other E-juices because of their unique flavor extraction techniques.

Soul Custardy

This type of E-juice uses vanilla custard topped with some bourbon, brown sugar, butterscotch to produce smooth creamy custard. This combination is highly ranked among vapers especially because of the bourbon. It produces a rather interesting taste of the E-juice. It has a fixed 33/67 PG/VG ratio.

Unicorn milk

This flavor is a blend of natural strawberry and four other types of different creams. It’s popular among vapers for the rich ice cream and long lasting presence of the strawberry taste on the E-juice. It produces a dense vaper which some consider a bit excessive. It has five different levels of nicotine to choose from and is more expensive than other E-juices.

XEO E-juices##

This is the types of E-liquids that blend sweet peppermint with menthol flavors to produce a wonderful chill in the vaper. With these flavors one can easily produce an authentic fruit cocktail for those who like a cold feeling in a vaper. It also gives a user 12-tobacco flavors from which to choose from.

Oh - Face

This juice is a combination of ripe and rich cream strawberries. It also allows a user to add other kinds of flavors to produce an enjoyable vaper. The strawberry taste is however higher than in the unicorn milk flavors. It comes with five different nicotine flavors. Its PG to VG ratio is similar to that of the soul custardy.

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