Tech-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

Every family has at least one: a gadget geek who wants nothing more than the latest gizmo for Christmas. When you can’t claim this title for yourself, the task of filling their stocking with tech that meets their high standards is a challenge. But don’t worry. With a list like this one, you’ll land on a gift worthy of any geek’s stocking or Secret Santa exchange. So kick back, relax, and sip on some eggnog as you take a look at these easy, affordable stocking stuffers.

1. Chatlight

If you ask your geek, they’ll say no one can look flattering in a late-night FaceTime date. The light cast by nearby lamps or the harsh glow of overhead track lights highlights only their most prominent features, while everything else is lost to shadow.

Solve their lighting issues by getting them a Chatlight. It’s a lightweight accessory that attaches to their iPad, tablet, or computer and shines a subtle LED light. The Chatlight’s lighting is much more flattering than any other household light option, and it has a long enough battery life to withstand lengthy FaceTime sessions.

2. TrackR Bravo

Just because your loved one is on top of the latest gadgets doesn’t mean they’re on top of everything else. Even the most tech-savvy person can be a disorganized scatterbrained. Small items like keys and wallets often get misplaced, and the resulting search can take too long as they check between cushions and behind couches.

If your geek has a habit of losing important items like their keys or wallet, there’s a gadget that can help them locate these things in no time at all. The TrackR Bravo is a small, round device that connects with the items they lose the most, including their phone. A simple click will turn it on, and the tracker will beep as they get closer to their lost item. If they’re a significant distance away, it relies on GPS to point towards the absent keyring.

3. iPhone skins

You can’t punch your geek card without having the latest and greatest handset on the market, so of course they have a brand-new iPhone 8, barely a few months old. That doesn’t mean it looks as if it were straight out of the box. The 8, along with the 8 Plus and X models, was the first Apple handset to have a glass back to facilitate the generation’s wireless charging features. It’s a material that picks up every scrape, scuff, and fingerprint.

If you’ve seen them trying to buffer out damages and grime, wrap up an iPhone 8 skin this holiday. It’s a small accessory that wraps around the handset with precision — in some cases, like skins from dbrand, they match the 8 right down to the micro-millimeter — so it can cover up any existing damages. While it camouflages, its scratch- and grime-resistant material prevents any more from happening. When you shop online you can get your iPhone 8 to stand out from the crowd and can create a customized design out of dragon skin or carbon fiber and land on a unique look for their handset.

4. Roku Streaming Dongle

When Stranger Things 2 came out, they stayed home from work to binge-watch the entire season. They’ve re-watched all of Futurama three times now. At least, that’s what they’re willing to tell you. And they keep on top of the weekly episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. These are just some of the many signs that the person on your list loves TV. Being a geek often goes hand-in- hand with being a serial binge-watcher. Enable their vice by getting them the Roku Streaming Stick. It’s no larger than a regular USB stick, yet it connects to their TV’s HDMI port to deliver every streaming service your loved one has. They can pair it with their iPhone, so they can flick through subscriptions and tv shows with a swipe of their finger.

5. An iPhone stand

When they’ve used up most of their iPhone’s memory by downloading every app they could possibly need, their 8 is so much more than a simple phone or alarm clock. It’s a recipe book for when they feel inspired to cook, a book when they don’t want to lug a novel on the bus, and a gaming system without any unwieldy cords.

When they need their hands free to stir batter, they’ll need an iPhone stand to keep the screen up-right and readable. Get them a moldable stand like Stash Wedge. Its beanbag-like material props up their handset easily, and its microfiber edging moonlights as a scratch-free screen wipe when not in use. And there you have it. Five ideas for the tech geek on your list. They’re all small, simple, and affordable items that you won’t have any trouble fitting in their stocking. Best of all, the geek on your list won’t have any trouble fitting any of these gadgets into their life. So what are you waiting for — get shopping!

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