Tips to Generate More Website Traffic via Social Media

Generating website traffic via social media can be tricky but it does have a lot of potential. Not only do many of the more popular platforms have a staggering number of users, but good content tends to get shared for increased exposure. In short you could generate a large amount of traffic in a short span of time.

To pull that off successfully however it is important that you have the right approach. In particular, you should take note of these four tips that should help you to generate more traffic:

Focus on Specific Social Media Platforms

When you first start out it is best to focus on specific social media platforms. While it is true that you could focus on many at the same time at no additional cost, each platform will require a time investment.

To select the social media platform that you should focus on, try to profile which one is best suited to your website’s target audience. Evaluate it in terms of its demographics, and rank it accordingly. Once you’ve established yourself on one social media platform, you can always focus on the next – and so on.

Publish Visual Content

All social media platforms nowadays prioritize visual content and both images and videos are more visible on social media feeds. Videos in particular are able to provide tons of exposure and high levels of engagement, so you should try to use them as your main form of content – or at very least intersperse them at strategic intervals.

Follow, Observe and Engage Influencers

Social media influencers are individuals who hold sway over large followings on social media. In fact people often pay or ‘sponsor’ posts by influencers in order to promote their products, services, or websites.

While you may not want to go down that route, it can help to follow, observe, and engage influencers. Not only will you learn a lot by following influencers related to your website’s niche, but if they share your content you should see a nice windfall in traffic.

Track Performance and Learn From It

As you start to generate traffic from social media, you should track it using analytics and learn from it. In particular you’ll want to identify the types of content that your target audience finds appealing, the best time to post, what helps increase engagement levels, and so on.

Because demographics differ so much there are no one-size-fits-all answers, but by tracking your performance you should be able to make incremental improvements to your traffic generation.

As you can see these tips should help you to not only improve the amount of traffic that you’re able to generate via social media – but should ensure that you continue to generate more and more traffic as time goes by. Make no mistake although it will require time and effort for you to start generating substantial traffic in this way, over time the pay of will be more than worthwhile as the traffic starts to stream in.

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