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June 25, 2020

Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Your Slow VPN Connection

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Virtual private networks are the perfect tool for keeping your internet activities private and secure. They work by using encryption protocols, location switching, IP masking, and more. Unfortunately, some less-than-perfect services may slow your overall internet speed which can be frustrating. Use these tips to fix a slow VPN connection. 

  • Change your VPN server location
  • Inspect potential connectivity issues
  • Restart your device
  • Try at a different time
  • Switch VPNs

Change Your VPN Server Location

A poor choice of server location may be the culprit of your slow internet speed. In general, the farther you are from your chosen server, the more likely you are to experience a slow VPN connection, and loss of bandwidth. One of the easiest ways of speeding up your internet speed when using a VPN is by connecting to the nearest server from your current location. 

Inspect Potential Connectivity Issues

Sometimes your speeds may slow down but have nothing to do with your VPN at all. If your own internet connection is slow or drops, it may impact the VPN as well. If this happens, you can try a few methods for improving your speeds. They include rebooting your router, using a wired connection, using a VPN for only a single device, and updating your router’s firmware. Run a speed test to check your internet speed.

Restart Your Device

If you’ve tried the tips mentioned above and are still having trouble with a slow VPN connection, then consider restarting your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, or whichever device that you are using a VPN on. Your problem may be a software issue, and rebooting your device can fix it.

Try at a Different Time

If a VPN service is especially popular, or only has a few servers, sometimes the reason for a slow connection is overwhelming levels of traffic. With such high demand for a connection, speeds may occasionally suffer as a result. If you can wait for service and try again later, you might be able to connect at a low-traffic time to enjoy faster speeds.

Switch VPNs

A slow VPN connection once or twice isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. Even the best service can experience bugs, glitches, and overwhelming traffic. However, if slow speeds are the norm with your current virtual private network, it’s possible that the service itself simply isn’t up to the task of providing a fast and reliable connection. Signing up for a new service might be the right solution for you.


A VPN allows you to browse your internet safely. If you are experiencing a significant drop in your internet speed when using a VPN, there are various ways you can troubleshoot it to boost your speed in no time. In addition, make sure you choose a reliable VPN service that provides you with good speeds along with strong encryption so you can enjoy the best user experience.

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