Playing Pokemon Go on a budget

If you want to know how to play Pokemon Go on a budget you must first know how to use cheats to accomplish your goal. Pokemon go cheats can help you to play this game without breaking your wallet. How is that possible? Well, Pokemon Go cheat codes allow you to use in-game features and perks that a person typically has to buy. Let’s take a closer look on how to carry out this activity.

Pokemon Go Requirements

Pokemon Go is for an advanced smartphone device. This type of game was designed exclusively for that purpose. Apple and Android devices are the two primary platforms for Pokemon Go. The specs for these devices is as follows:

• Apple – iPhone 5+ and above, a 3G or 4G WiFi connection, GPS and location services will also be necessary..
• Android – Devices will need to be at least a 4.4 smartphone (or tablet) and above. A strong internet connection and GPS and location services will be needed for this device as well.
Keep in mind that this guy needs at least 234MB of storage space to hold the game.

There are more Android based devices and a person should be able to purchase a relatively inexpensive Android device that will meet the spec requirements for this game. Those devices could be priced between $100 and $300. Samsung’s Android devices are probably the most expensive of all. While the quality of this device is good; people who are trying to play on budget will have to spend a lot of money for it. So, they should avoid getting this smartphone if they do not want to go broke.

All Apple based devices are expensive. If a person decides they want to play Pokemon Go on this device then they are going to have to pay out some major cash to get it. So, getting an Android based device is going to be the best way to play this game on a budget.

Cheat Codes for Pokemon Go

Cheat codes help a person to manipulate a game so that they can access certain in-game features such as coins, cash, gems, weapons or some other type of benefit. They also allow players to have specific special qualities such as super strength or being able to access different levels. Pokemon Go cheats are normally accessed through generators.

Users can also access cheat codes by following specific instructions that are available on the internet. Each platform has their own unique set of rules and standards for accessing or using cheat codes. Keep in mind that Niantic (the developers of Pokemon Go) frowns upon the use of cheat codes and generators.

Be warned, you might get banned from being able to play the game if they discover that you have been using these methods to play their game. So, the codes can save you money and help you to play the game for free; but they can also get you permanently removed from playing Pokemon Go. So, use at your own risk.

Play Pokemon Go over a Period of Time to Save Money

Most companies only charge players money to play their game just to make a buck. They realize that most players are going to want to access certain levels and use special abilities. They also know that players will pay money to use these perks. So, charging players money to buy gems, charms, coins, resources, weapons and other special features is what they do.

However, a player can avoid paying out money for these items by simply playing a game and slowly building up their resources. Unfortunately, most players are just not that patient and they want to defeat the game or be the strongest player as quickly as quickly as they can. If you can be patient, take your time to build up your resources and pace yourself; you can save lots of money playing Pokemon Go. These useful tips will help you to get the most out of your Pokemon Go experience while keeping cash in your pocket.

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