Understanding the Home Auction Process

If you want to try your luck you do not have to spend an excessive amount of time. Anyone can
be an auctioneer for a day. If it is the first time it is advisable to go hand in hand with an intermediation company, a lawyer or an auctioneer in the area to act as a guide. To find out about the auctioned houses there are several options.

In some countries, to participate in a bid you must have a solvent bank account. To start, you have to pay 20% of the money - it is returned that same day if you do not win. And if the house is awarded, the rest must be paid in less than 20 days. But before getting excited about the possibility of buying, you have to visit the house. This step should be essential if you do not want to click on bone, but the reality is that many times you have to buy blind. The floor can only be seen from the outside, nobody is going to let you inside. We have seen broken toilets, windows
torn off, but the worst episode was a floor where concrete was poured all over the floor and it was impossible to open the door.

If everything is in order, the next visit will be to the Property Registry to request an updated simple note and analyze if there are previous charges to which it is being executed, since these are the burdens we will have to face. To minimize the risk of facing some burdens, those living in US is suggested to hire Hudson & Marshall.

The day arrives. Sometimes you grow up and end up taking the keys to a home that is above the maximum price you intended to pay. Do not forget that this house belongs to someone who is going to be evicted and is more than likely to refuse to leave. Between some things and others the launching can take from eight to twelve months. Even if it sounds a bit weird, we recommend having the person who is executed, be part of the solution and not the problem, proposing a decent exit in exchange for money, facilitating the eviction, an economic rent.

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Whether it’s an injury to a client or customer, or damage to property, [public liability

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